Champion 4375 Review 3500-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator

Having lived in a world that is constantly connected and powered by power-dependent devices, I was in need of a reliable backup power source and came across the Champion 4375 dual-fuel generator. In researching the topic of blackout preparedness, I felt compelled to share my personal experience with Champion power generators.

The Champion 4375 generator captured my attention as I navigated the complexities of power outage solutions. I was captivated by the Champion 4375’s dual-fuel functionality and impressive power output. (You might want to read about the Best Dual-Fuel Generators).

As an examination of how the generator performs during critical moments of blackouts, this review article will examine its capabilities in real-world scenarios. Readers will gain an in-depth understanding of the Champion 4375 generator’s specs and features based on my personal experiences as well as detailed research.

Before we move to the details of the generator, it’s extremely important for you to know that it is NOT an inverter generator which means it won’t be helpful for powering your entire house or an RV. You can power multiple small appliances but not your entire home.
Let’s get started with our article and explore this product by Champion.

How Good are Champion Generators?

It is no secret that Champion generators have established themselves as reputable and reliable power solutions on the market. The robust build quality, efficient performance, and innovative features of Champion generators make them a powerful, reliable power source for a variety of power needs.

The dual-fuel capability of some models, which allows users to switch between gasoline and propane as fuel sources, provides users with more flexibility and extended run times during power outages or outdoor activities.

One thing I would like to mention here is how helpful the manuals for Champion generators, such as the Champions 4375 manual, that guide them through setup, operation, and maintenance. Even for users with little or no experience with generators, the manual works as an easy guide.

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Furthermore, with their intuitive controls and user-friendly designs, Champion generators are appealing to a wide range of consumers. There are many models that also come equipped with safety features such as overload protection and low oil shutdown, ensuring the safety of the equipment and the users.

Even though power outputs and fuel efficiency may vary between models, Champion generators are suitable for both residential backup power and demanding commercial applications.

A good combination of features, performance, and affordability has earned Champion Generators a positive reputation in the industry, making them an excellent choice to meet your power needs. Overall, Champion generators are great. You just have to choose the right generator according to your personal needs and preferences.

Champion 4375 Generator – SPECIFICATIONS

Dimensions 23.2 inches x 19.1 inches x 20 inches
Weight 104.9 lbs
Engine Type 4 Stroke
Engine Displacement 224 CC
Noise Level 68 dbA
Tank Capacity 3.4 gallons
Power Source Type Dual Fuel
Max Runtime 10.5 hours

Champion 4375 Generator – FEATURES

Let’s now explore the remarkable features of the ultimate Champion 100307 generator.

  • Portability
  • Dual-Fuel Capability
  • Control Panel
  • Fuel Capacity and Runtime
  • Power Output
  • Engine
  • Multiple Outlets
  • Cold Start Technology
  • Volt Guard
  • Intelligence Display
  • Noise Level
  • Safety Features
  • EPA and CARB Compliant
  • Warranty


The Champion 4375 features a set of never-flat tires and a foldable handle, allowing for easy transportation and manoeuvrability, making it suitable for various outdoor activities as well.

Dual-Fuel Capability

One of the standout features of the Champion 4375 is its dual-fuel capability, allowing you to run the generator on either gasoline or propane. This versatility is especially beneficial during emergencies when one fuel source might be more readily available than the other. Read for the Generator Fuel Types.

Dual-Fuel Capability

Control Panel

The control panel of the Champion 4375 generator is a user-friendly touch panel that empowers users with intuitive and efficient management of the generator’s functions.

At the centre of the control panel, the Intelligence display stands out prominently. Adjacent to the Intelligauge, you’ll find the generator’s start feature, which provides easy and immediate control over the machine’s operation. Surrounding the switch are various outlets as well.

Furthermore, the volt guard as well as the low oil shutdown indicator is also located on the control panel. Moreover, the low oil shutdown indicator adds an additional layer of protection by automatically shutting down the generator when oil levels become critically low, preventing potential engine damage.

Overall, the control panel’s layout is designed with user convenience in mind. Essential controls are placed within easy reach and labelled clearly for straightforward identification. This ensures that even those who might not be well-versed in generator operation can navigate the panel with confidence.

Fuel Capacity and Runtime

The Champion 100307 dual-fuel generator features a practical fuel capacity. The gas tank can hold up to 3.4 gallons. It is universally agreed that generator experts do not recommend running a generator continuously for more than 8 hours, although larger tanks may extend the operational duration.

In operation, a fully fuelled gasoline tank yields approximately 9 hours of runtime at a 50% load. Conversely, using propane extends this runtime to about 10.5 hours with the same load.

Fuel Capacity and Runtime

To explain, if the generator is running on gasoline with a 1750-watt load, a complete tank will sustain it for 8 to 9 hours. Similarly, with a 20-pound propane tank, the generator can operate for 9 to 10 hours under a 1575-watt load.

However, it’s worth noting that the actual runtime might differ from the manufacturer’s estimates due to various factors. Variables such as the generator’s age, engine performance, appliance condition, wiring quality, and fuel quality can influence the runtime. As a result, a slight variance of 30 to 60 minutes from the stated runtime should be expected.

Power Output

The Champion 4375 generator boasts a utility power output, delivering 4375 peak watts (also called as surge wattage) and 3500 running watts when powered by gasoline. In the case of propane, the generator offers 3950 peak watts and 3150 running watts, showcasing its adaptability to different fuel sources. This power capacity positions the generator as an ideal solution for a diverse range of scenarios.


The generator is equipped with a reliable and efficient 224 CC 4-stroke Champion engine, engineered to provide consistent and stable power output while optimizing fuel consumption. With its 3600 RPM speed, whether you’re running propane or gasoline, you’ll never feel underpowered.

Multiple Outlets

The generator features a variety of outlets to accommodate different types of devices. These include:

Multiple Outlets

  • A 120V 30A RV outlet
  • A 120V 30A locking outlet (L5-30R)
  • And two 120V 20A household outlets.

Cold Start Technology

The Cold Start feature ensures reliable starting in cold weather conditions, ensuring that the generator can be started up even in chilly environments.

Volt Guard

The Volt Guard feature provides added protection to your sensitive electronics by preventing power surges and fluctuations, safeguarding your devices from potential damage.

Noise Level

The generator is designed with a noise-reducing frame, keeping the operational noise levels relatively low for a more comfortable user experience. You can hear about 68 dbA noise from about 23 feet.

Intelligence Display

This multifunctional digital display provides real-time updates on crucial metrics, including voltage output, frequency, and operating hours of the generator. This feature not only keeps you informed about the generator’s performance but also aids in scheduling maintenance.

Intelligence Display

Safety Features

The generator includes several safety features such as low oil shutdown, which automatically turns off the generator when oil levels are low, preventing engine damage.

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EPA and CARB Compliant

The generator complies with both EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and CARB (California Air Resources Board) standards, ensuring its environmental friendliness and adherence to emissions regulations.


Champion typically offers a limited warranty for their generators, which provides users with added peace of mind regarding the product’s durability and performance.

In summary, the Champion 4375 generator combines dual-fuel capability, a range of useful outlets, safety features, and portability, making it a reliable and versatile solution for backup power needs, outdoor events, and various other applications.

Before moving on, do give Generator Maintenance Tips a read if you haven’t yet.

  • Capable of running on both gasoline and propane.
  • The inclusion of the Intelligence display offers real-time information on voltage output, frequency, and operating hours, aiding in monitoring and maintenance scheduling.
  • Great value for the money.
  • Weight might be a challenge for some users.
  • Some users complain about having a difficult start during cold weather.



Champion 4375 Generator – FAQs

How long will the Champion 4375 generator run?
The runtime of the Champion 4375 generator depends on factors such as the load being applied, and the fuel type used. With a 50% load, the generator can run for approximately 8-9 hours on a full gasoline tank and 9-10 hours on a 20-pound propane tank. These estimates provide a general idea of the generator’s runtime, but actual time may vary based on variables such as engine condition, fuel quality, and appliance efficiency.
How much oil does a Champion 4375 generator hold?
The Champion 4375 generator typically holds around 0.6 quarts (0.57 litres) of oil when performing an oil change. However, these specifications may sometimes vary from model to model and based on manufacturer updates, so, it’s important to refer to the generator’s manual for more precise information.
How much does Champion 4375 generator weigh?
The Champion 4375 generator generally weighs around 105 pounds (47.6 kilograms). While the generator is designed with portability features like wheels and a foldable handle, the weight should be taken into consideration when transporting or manoeuvring the unit.
What can a 4375-watt generator run?
A 4375-watt generator like the Champion 4375 has the capacity to power a variety of appliances and devices. It can comfortably run essential household items during power outages, such as a refrigerator, sump pump, lights, fans, and a television. Additionally, it can power smaller appliances like laptops, smartphones, and smaller kitchen appliances. However, it might not be sufficient to power high-energy devices like air conditioners or large electric heaters simultaneously with other appliances due to the generator’s power limit. Hence, it is important for users to calculate the combined wattage of the devices they intend to power carefully to ensure they stay within the generator’s capacity.
How much can a Predator 4375 generator run?
The runtime of a Predator 4375 generator largely depends on factors like the load being applied and the type of fuel used. With a 50% load, the generator can run for approximately 16 hours on a full tank of gasoline, which is usually around 4.7 gallons.


Final Verdict

In the world of backup power, the Champion 100307 generator stands out as a trustworthy choice that combines new ideas with practicality to provide power continuity. It’s great at handling different situations and always giving steady power, which is super important for having electricity when you need it. This generator is a solid pick to keep your power running without any worries!

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