Our Detailed Review On Generac IQ2000 Generator!

In today’s world of increasing reliance on technology and a greater need for power on the go, portable generators have become essential tools for various activities. Among many options available in the market, the Generac 2000-watt generator stands out as a versatile and reliable choice for powering your devices wherever you may be.

This review article aims to provide an in-depth view of the Generac IQ2000 portable generator, exploring its key features, performance, and overall value. Designed with convenience and efficiency in mind, the IQ2000 offers a range of benefits that make it an ideal companion for outdoor adventures, emergency backup power, and recreational activities.

With its compact design and impressive power output, the IQ2000 boasts advanced inverter technology, ensuring clean and stable power for sensitive electronics. Its quiet operation and fuel efficiency further enhance its appeal, making it a favourable option for camping trips, tailgating parties, or even as a backup power source for home essentials during unexpected outages.

In our article today, you’ll be reading our complete review of this generator including its notable features, specifications, what we liked and didn’t like about it and then our answers to some of your frequently asked questions!

Is Generac IQ2000 Really Worth It?

Yes, it is. For us, Generac IQ2000 has been an amazing experience throughout its use. We’ve tested it for a couple of months, and we’ve really liked this generator.

While the Generac iQ2000 generator generally receives positive reviews for its performance and features, it’s important to consider your specific needs and compare it to other options in the market to determine if it’s the best choice for you. Reading user reviews and comparing specifications and prices with similar generators can help you make an informed decision.

Besides that, this Generac generator does provide great value for the money and is worth considering if you’re looking for a not-so-high-end yet reliable generator. Read our article further to learn more about IQ2000.

Features that IQ2000 Holds!

The following are the notable features of this generator.

  • Simple Controls
  • Lightweight Design
  • Usability and Portability
  • Super Quiet in Operation
  • Fuel Efficient
  • Digital Fuel Meter
  • Power and Engine
  • Run Time
  • Setting Modes
  • Warranty

Let’s discuss each of these features in detail.


Dimensions 20 inches x 12.6 inches x 16.9 inches
Weight 46.2 Pounds
Running Wattage 1600
Starting Wattage 2000
Power Source Gas Powered
Fuel Type Gasoline
Fuel Tank Capacity 1.06 Gallons
Voltage 120 Volts

Simple Controls

Generators must be easy to operate and control and with Generac IQ2000, you get both easy operation and easy control.

With the digital readouts, you can monitor load and runtime at a distance even in low light conditions. The controls are intuitive yet simple, and the controls are extremely easy to operate. There is a giant dial located on the side of the generator, underneath the recoil starter, with functions for starting, stopping, and running.

Furthermore, there are status lights that alert you when oil levels are low, or the machine is likely to overheat or overload.

Lightweight Design

The generator weighs around 46 Pounds, which is neither too heavy nor too light to be felt. Although it is lighter than a few of its competitors such as WEN 56200i and Champion 73536i, it still has a significant weight. Even though it isn’t very heavy, it has still got a very sturdy and ergonomic handle that contributes to IQ2000’s easy handling and operation.

Lightweight Design

Usability and Portability

Usability is a major advantage of the Generac iQ2000 portable inverter generator. Even if you have never used a portable generator, this unit has an excellent design that makes it a great option for anyone and everyone. Its use requires literally zero experience to operate it.

In terms of portability, there are two aspects to consider. Weight and dimensions are important, but handle design is also important. As a result of its weight, handle design, and positioning, the Generac IQ2000 is highly portable.

Hence there’s no doubt that the IQ2000 stands out as one of the market’s lightest 2000W inverter generators, showcasing a compact design that serves as a testament to the brilliant engineering behind this model. It’s lightweight construction and thoughtful design shows that it has been manufactured with user-friendliness in mind.

Super Quiet in Operation

The quietness of a generator is the most important factor to consider because of course, who’d want to buy a noisy generator that is too loud right?

A 25% load on the Generac iQ2000 results in 53 dB of noise. Obviously, if the load or set are high, it will be noisier. However, most people choose to place their generators about 70 feet away which is a wise thing to do. And this is what I personally do as well. In that case, you shouldn’t be bothered by the generator.

In fact, Honda’s portable generators (read: Generac Generators Vs Honda Generators) claim to be the quietest on the market, but Generac’s iQ2000 is even quieter, and third-party tests have confirmed this. In other words, when it comes to quiet generators, you really can’t go wrong with this.

Fuel Efficient

The use of a conventional generator wastes a great deal of fuel because it produces alternating current (AC) power directly. Inverter-generators, on the other hand, produce AC power, which is then converted into DC (Direct Current) power, and then converted back into AC power, which is what connects your appliances.

Even though this might seem like a lot of power, the fuel usage is very less. Additionally, this feature ensures that all your electronics and appliances are protected from power fluctuations.

Fuel Efficient

If you are powering a laptop and some portable fans or lights, this generator will provide plenty of runtime for most campers and travellers. However, you will not be able to run this generator for much longer than four or five hours if you connect a space heater or portable air conditioner to it.

Digital Fuel Meter

A highlight of the IQ2000 generator is its user-friendly digital fuel meter and runtime display. Digital readouts are becoming increasingly common on inverters these days, so you can track how long your generator would last before it runs out. Furthermore, the engine will be protected from damage if you forget to refill the oil in a timely manner due to the automatic low-oil shutdown feature.

Also, it is very helpful to have a power meter that measures the amount of power being put on the generator at any given time. In some generators with digital readouts, the LCDs are simply black and white, like those found in calculators. But when talking about this generator, the green and orange backlighting makes a big difference. With these lights, it is easier to read these displays from a distance when they are backlit, especially at night.

Power and Engine

There is a 1.06-gallon fuel tank on the Generac iQ2000. A starting wattage of 2000 is rated for this unit, followed by a running wattage of 1600. It has a rated amp rating of 13.3 amps at 120 volts, a rated AC voltage of 120VAC, and a rated frequency of 60Hz.

With an 80cc, 4-cycle engine, the IQ2000 performs at a similar level to the EU2000i even though its engine is smaller. On a 50 per cent load (800 watts continuous), Generac states that the IQ2000 can operate for around 5.7 hours. This generator also features a more advanced alternator, allowing it to perform at a similar level to the EU2000i.

However, compared to EU2000i, there are plenty of newer inverter models with more advanced electronic circuitry available on the market.

Setting Modes

There are three modes: economy mode, standard mode, and turbo mode. Economy mode is the first. For less demanding loads, this is the quietest, most efficient setting. Probably your general needs will be best served by the standard mode, which is the middle option.

Setting Modes

The loudest mode is Turbo. Power is provided, but so is noise, as well as the shortest runtime. Fuel consumption can be controlled by switching between these modes.

Run Time

According to its specifications, the Generac iQ2000 starts out with 2000 watts and then runs at 1600 watts as we’ve already mentioned it. At full capacity, the generator would generate 1600 watts of power, which would make it last for a much shorter period.

According to the manufacturer, the generator lasts 7.7 hours at 25% power, but various reviews have found it can last up to 10 hours. It would only make sense if the generator was being used for smaller uses.

It would take close to 5.7 hours to run the generator at 50%. Compared with similar generators, it falls in the middle. There are better run times out there, but it still does last longer than some. Remember, the generator should not be run at full power, as it can cause damage and shorten its lifespan.

I recently saw a post where an electrician reviewed a Generac iQ2000 that drew 12 amps of current to charge a Tesla car. Considering that it can supply 13.3 amps maximum, he was using it for about 90% of its capacity (1440 watts). It showed 8 bars out of 12 on the fuel meter, and the run-time displayed was 2 hours 35 minutes. Based on this, he would benefit from a runtime of approximately 3 hours and 52 minutes if he ran a full fuel tank at 90%. But most of the time, you won’t need to use so much power unless you’re charging a car.

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With its solid warranty, Generac iQ2000 Inverters are perfect for both residential and commercial applications. There is a 3-year warranty on both the machine and its engine.

  • Ultra quiet operation with high efficiency
  • Smart LED dashboard keeps you updated on the generator status.
  • Converts DC to AC using a built-in digital inverter.
  • Can be connected in parallel to another generator in order to double the power.
  • Multiple heavy devices cannot be handled at the same time.
  • Not entirely the best option for a home backup system.



Generac IQ2000 Generator – FAQs

What is the run time of the Generac iQ2000?
With a 25% load, Generac IQ2000 can run for about 7.7 hours while at a 50% load, it runs for around 5.7 hours. So, its run time really depends on the amount of load you have on it.
What is the noise level of the Generac iQ2000?
If you’re running iQ2000 at 25% load, its noise level would be 53 decibels from 20 feet away. 50 decibels make a normal conversation between two humans so, 53 decibels is almost the same.
Are Generac generators noisy?
Not really. But the noise level does vary from generator to generator. Although most of the Generac generators sound similar to a human conversation (around 50 to 55 decibels) some also sound more than that, you can say louder than a hairdryer.
Can I run my generator 24 hours?
Yes, if the fuel in your generator allows you to. However, if you intend to run your generator continuously, it is recommended to run it for shorter durations (6 to 18 hours), considering the model of your generator.
Should I turn off my Generac generator at night?
Yes. You should. Generac itself recommends that its units be shut off every 24 hours to check the oil level and air filter.
Does a generator need to rest?
Yes. In the context of a power generator, it is generally recommended to allow generators to rest periodically to ensure their optimal performance and longevity. Continuous operation without proper rest can lead to excessive wear and tear on the generator components and increase the risk of mechanical failures. The recommended resting period for generators can vary depending on factors such as the type of generator, its load capacity, and the manufacturer’s guidelines. It is advisable to consult the specific instructions provided by the generator manufacturer to determine the appropriate rest intervals for your particular generator model.


Final Verdict

In conclusion, the Generac IQ2000 generator proves to be a reliable and versatile power solution for a variety of applications. With a robust 1600W running power and the ability to surge up to 2000W, it can handle a range of appliances and electronic devices. The advanced PowerDial feature simplifies the startup process, while the LED display provides real-time performance monitoring.

Additionally, the generator’s fuel efficiency and low emissions contribute to its eco-friendly nature. Overall, the Generac IQ2000 generator offers a winning combination of power, portability, and convenience!

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