The Briggs & Stratton Q6500 Review – Best Portable Generator

When it comes to portable generators that are powerful, versatile, and quiet, Briggs & Stratton is hard to beat. In our Briggs and Stratton Q6500 inverter generator review, we’ll look at the characteristics that set the Q6500 different from the competition and help you determine if it’s the appropriate generator for you.

To give you an idea of why we like the 6500-watt quiet generator, it features a variety of outlets for different needs and generates very little noise while working hard to provide you with power.

Furthermore, the generator has an astonishing surge capacity of 6,500 watts and a full-day run time, allowing you to tackle any project. Finally, the Q6500 is one of the lightweight and most compact generators in its class, weighing just 128 pounds.

The Briggs & Stratton gasoline integrated engine alternator delivers unmistakably efficient performance in a compact design. We’ll go over all there is to know about this Briggs & Stratton generator in this review.

Briggs & Stratton Q6500 Quiet Power Series Inverter Generator – Best Portable

The Briggs & Stratton Q6500 Quiet Electricity Series Inverter Generator produces up to 6,500 Watts of power. Its incredible performance is due to its 306cc high-efficiency engine.

This integrated engine not only delivers sufficient power but also ensures that the electrical supply is more dependable for powering your demanding appliances without causing excessive noise from the generator.

Aside from the powerful integrated engine, this device has a 14-hour run duration due to a highly efficient engine and a huge fuel tank.

As a consequence, you may continue to power your home until the main supply power is restored. Another notable feature of this machine is the Quiet Power Series Inverter Technology.


Brand Briggs & Stratton
Output Wattage 6500 watts
Item Dimensions L x W x H 25.5 x 21.1 x 21.4 inches
Item Weight 144.7 pounds
Noise level 66 dB
Fuel Type Gasoline
Run Time 14 hrs
Tank Size 5 Gal

We’ll go through the characteristics that define the Briggs & Stratton Q6500 and how they can benefit you to help you understand what sets it apart from the competition.


The Q6500 has the added benefit of being tiny and light. This generator is up to half the size of competitors with equivalent power and run times due to the tiny fuel tank. The generator also has a telescopic, luggage-style handle and eight-inch never-flat wheels, making it simple to push or pull around the house or yard. It should be noted that because the generator base is so close to the ground, transporting it through rough terrain may be difficult.

At 128 pounds, the generator is not light, but it is lighter than most generators in this size class by 50 pounds or more. This makes it easier to hoist into and out of a car or drag around, yet the lack of adequate carry handles on the top of the generator makes lifting it tough.

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Overall performance

This generator was built for performance, with a 306cc integrated engine and alternator that delivers up to 6,500 watts of surge power and 5,000 watts of continuous power. The engine is remarkably inexpensive for its output power – its five-gallon gas tank can last up to 14 hours at 25% load, or a full working day at half-load.

The engine also performs consistently over time; while Briggs & Stratton gives a two-year guarantee for domestic use, consumers almost never report needing to utilize it. Customers in the commercial sector should be aware that the warranty has been reduced to one year.

The Q6500 is an inverter generator, which means it changes the power it outputs from alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) and back to alternating current (AC) before it reaches the outlets, which is one of the primary differences between it and its competitors. Because the electrical waveform has very little distortion or surging, you can power sensitive electronics with confidence from the generator.

The Briggs & Stratton Engine

When it comes to operating time, the Briggs & Stratton Q6500 inverter generator has good features and technical benefits, but it also has competitors. A Briggs & Stratton 306cc OHV 4-stroke portable inverter generator powers the machine. It is more efficient than traditional generators while remaining portable. To dissipate heat and a fire hazard in your garage and valuables, a circuit is put in the control unit.

Design and Construction

The Briggs & Stratton Q6500 compact inverter generator is tough. Every aspect of the integrated engine alternator’s design and construction has an impact on its performance. Continue reading to learn more about the Briggs & Stratton Q6500 features and whether it is the ideal option for your workshop, home, or other portable energy requirements.

Design and Construction

Noise level

The quietness of the Q6500 in comparison to other generators in this size class is one of its main selling features, thanks in part to the QuietPower Series Inverter Technology utilized in the engine and in part to the hard noise-canceling casing that Briggs & Stratton created around the engine.

However, when it comes to portable generators of this size, silence is relative. At 25% load, the Q6500 generates 66 dB of noise, which is about similar to the noise of a motorway or a noisy vacuum cleaner.

That may not be loud enough to wake up your neighbors, but it can be distracting if you’re trying to hold a conversation or using the generator at camping. However, keep in mind that any generator with 5,000 watts of continuous power or more will be just as, if not more, noisy.

Ease of use

Users may be disappointed at first to learn that the Q6500 lacks an electronic push-start, instead of depending on a traditional pull-cord to start the engine. However, this eliminates the need for a second battery, and the starter always activates the engine within the first few pulls. The generator also features a set of LED indicator lights that show how much power the generator is utilizing at any one time in relation to its maximum power.

An inbuilt fuel monitor also makes it simple to keep track of your remaining runtime, ensuring that you are not caught off guard in the middle of work.

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Low Oil Shutdown with LED lights

The oil switch will shut off the engine if the oil level goes below a fixed level. You’d also find LED indications on the panel that let you know if the generator is overworked or if the oil levels are low.


The Q6500 beats expectations in terms of outlet availability. The generator has four 120V/20A three-pronged outlets, similar to those found in a home, which allows you to plug in many appliances or tools. To power heavy-duty appliances and tools, there is also a lockable outlet that can switch between 120V and 240V.

Although the generator does not have an RV-ready outlet, a lockable outlet with an RV adaptor can be added for a power output of 3,250 watts surge or 2,500 watts continuous. The generator also includes two USB charging ports, allowing you to charge small electronics with clean inverted electricity.

The only outlet missing from this generator is a 12V DC connector for charging batteries.


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Fuel tank capacity and run time

The Q6500’s gasoline tank capacity is relatively small, at only five gallons. This is, however, an intentional element of the generator’s ingenious design, which allows it to be around half the size of comparable portable generators. That’s a plus for anyone who wants to throw this generator in their car for a day of fieldwork or camping, and it even allows it to be stored in an RV.

The small gasoline tank greatly limits run time – it is rated for 14 hours at 25% load, or just under a full day at half-load – but the effect is not particularly bad due to the extremely fuel-efficient engine.

Manual Transfer Switch

The fascinating thing is that with this capability, it becomes absolutely important to be able to link the generator into the household’s electrical circuit in order to avoid mucking around with feeding extension leads through windows.

This is when a Manual Transfer Switch comes in handy to switch the power from your energy provider to the Genset. Briggs & Stratton provided us with an MTS, which must be installed by an electrician.

The MTS includes a three-position switch for the meter box, a 240V 15 amp inlet, and a 32 amp inlet.

Safety features

Another useful feature of this generator is the low-oil shutdown, which automatically shuts down the generator when oil levels become too low to preserve the engine and any plugged-in electronics from significant harm. There is also a low-oil alert light on the generator’s control panel to ensure that you do not reach this point.

The engine on the Q6500 is completely concealed, which distinguishes it from other portable generators. Instead, a sturdy protective cover protects the engine from damage when pulling the generator and keeps you from burning your hands on hot engine parts.

Control Panel

The starting rope, output indication, choke, fuel gauge, and fuel on/off switch are all located on the control panel. The machine lacks a data center as well as LED warnings for low oil and overloading.

Control Panel

QuietPower Series Inverter Technology

Briggs & Stratton’s revolutionary inverter technology enables it to operate up to 60% quieter than rival inverter generators while still delivering clean and stable electricity capable of powering sensitive devices such as laptops and mobile phones.

Noise-reducing shell

The generator’s all-steel chassis is covered in a thick and strong plastic shell, which protects internal engine components and dampens engine noise during operation.

Because of the tiny fuel tank and integrated engine and alternator design, the Q6500 is up to half the overall size of rival generators, and it weighs up to 50 pounds less than equivalent generators in its size class.

Warranty and Certifications

It has a 2-year home guarantee and a 1-year commercial warranty. Please bear in mind that this machine does not comply with CARB regulations and cannot be used in California.

  • In this power range, the wheels and telescoping handle improve the portability characteristic by miles.
  • Because of the numerous outlets, it is a fantastic choice for RVs, camping, and tailgate parties.
  • It is lightweight, simple to use, and has a long runtime.
  • The noise level is 65 decibels (dBA). This machine’s metal parts are all encased in an exterior casing. As a result, it is a silent machine.
  • It lacks a data center and is not CARB compliant.
  • It is also a costly machine.



Q6500 Generator Vs Honda

If you need a larger generator for your RV, food truck, or events, two options are available: the Honda EU7000is and the Briggs & Stratton Q6500.

The Honda EU7000is is Honda’s largest EU series generator, having a whopping 7000-watt maximum output. As a result, it’s suitable for powering huge caravans, food and coffee vans, and festivals, as well as home backup power.

With a slew of outstanding features packed into a lighter, more affordable device, the Briggs & Stratton Q6500 portable generator gives Honda a run for its money.

If you’re in severe need of a 7000w generator, the Honda is the way to go. However, if you’re content with 6500w, the Briggs & Stratton offers everything you could want (and more) in a far more affordable package. We don’t like comparing products only on price, but Briggs & Stratton has the goods to back it up. It is significantly lighter, has a variety of functions, and is backed by a solid warranty.

Alternatives of Briggs and Stratton Q6500 Inverter Generator

The following are some alternatives to the Briggs and Stratton Q6500 Inverter Generator, which provides enough power to operate your needs in the event of a power outage. These generators will keep your life moving even when the rest of the world seems to be coming to a rest.

  • DuroMax XP5500EH Electric Start-Camping Generator
  • WEN 4750-Watts Portable Generator
  • Generac 5939 GP5500
  • A – ipower 5,000-watt generator

1. DuroMax XP5500EH Electric Start-Camping Generator – Best Value

DuroMax XP5500EH Electric Start-Camping Generator – Best Value

DuroMax XP5500E Gas Powered Portable Generator-5500 Watt does exactly what it says it will do. The DuroMax XP5500E generator has a powerful engine with impressive stats. This generator’s engine is an OHV engine with a displacement of 224cc. With these engine specifications, your generator can easily provide 5500W of power.

The DuroMax XP5500E generator also has MX2 technology. As a consequence, it generates sufficient power while consuming less gasoline. Furthermore, this technology ensures that the generator delivers 120V and 240V power to the connected appliances via its outlets. The provided voltage, on the other hand, is governed by the voltage needs of your appliances.

Another well-considered aspect is safety. Your gadget includes a low oil shutdown feature that guarantees it shuts down immediately if the oil level falls to a critical level. This shields the engine from damage and extends the life of your generator.



2. WEN 4750-Watts Portable Generator – Best Inverter Model

WEN 4750-Watts Portable Generator - Best Inverter Model

Power has evolved into a requirement for survival. If you live in an area prone to power outages, you must have a backup power system. The WEN 56475 Portable Generator is by far the most robust and small portable generator on the market, with enough power to keep you going even if the power goes out.

Severe weather, such as a storm, heavy rain, or a snowstorm, is the most prevalent cause of power outages. In such instances, the WEN 56475 Portable Generator keeps the lights on and the heater on to keep you warm.

The WEN 4750 Portable Generator, in addition to supplying emergency power, is tiny and takes up little storage space. You may also use it anywhere you require energy, such as when traveling, taking a road trip in an RV, hosting a wedding reception or grilling, or performing house maintenance duties.



3. Generac 5939 GP5500 – A Hit or Miss 5000W Generator

Generac 5939 GP5500 – A Hit or Miss 5000W Generator

The Generac 5939 GP5500 generator has a terrible reputation as a result of a slew of complaints concerning noise levels and damaged parts. However, because of its competitive qualities, it was included in our list of competitors.

This generator is ideal for power tools, camping, backup power, and minor construction projects. One problem is that it is neither CARB nor CSA compliant, making shipment to California unlawful Read More About Here This Generator.



4. A-iPower AP5000V 5000-Watt – Quietest Gas Powered Portable Generator

A-iPower AP5000V 5000-Watt – Quietest Gas Powered Portable Generator

After some research, I discovered that the generator had excellent build quality, with rustproof metals and powders used to provide matt finishing; he also mentioned that the crate included a wheel kit, folding handle, tool kit, engine oil, user manuals, and the generator itself.

This machine, like all other 5000w generators, is very simple to construct and use; the control panel provides access to everything, but its capabilities are restricted; it lacks USB connections, reset buttons, eco mode, and other unusual features.

In terms of performance, it is slightly underpowered owing to fewer running watts; unlike the other generators on our list, it has 5000 starting watts/4000 running watts, which is a little low for owners like me who want to operate many appliances at once. Detail Analyze Here



Briggs & Stratton Q6500 Review – FAQs

Is Briggs and Stratton Q6500 parallel capable?
No, the Briggs and Stratton Q6500 is not capable of parallel operation. This generator can’t produce any more power. To do so, get a different model from Briggs & Stratton to fulfill your increased power requirements.
Are Briggs and Stratton inverter generators any good?
Yes, the Q6500 QuietPower series inverter generator provides all of the benefits of inverter generators for protecting your delicate devices while also being more efficient. This protection, combined with the highly efficient integrated engine alternator, results in a very long operating duration.
How quiet are Briggs and Stratton generators?
The Q6500 operates at about 66dB. The steel frame-enclosed engine of the Q6500 produces nearly the average noise of conversation, at 60dB quieter than typical conversation and 70dB at the top end. The steel frame-enclosed engine appears to be a basic feature, but it is extremely beneficial.</p> <p>Because it is housed in a protective shell, the Q6500 is quieter than normal generators and can provide constant power for critical equipment while still having watts to spare. Shell noise is reduced as a result of the protective shell noise reduction, and internal components are kept from rattling about and distracting you.
Can we convert Briggs and Stratton Q6500 to an electric start?
Yes, you can do that, but you will need the assistance of a professional to complete the task. However, it is not recommended that you spend money on modifying its start system. If you require an electric start generator, you should choose a different model.


To Sum Up

The Briggs & Stratton Q6500 has more than twice the power of the most common inverter generators but in a much smaller form. It is the ideal combination of a portable inverter generator and a powerful conventional portable generator.

However, there are a few shortcomings, especially when compared to the enhanced parts in the Briggs & Stratton P4500. With a few more tweaks, the Q6500 would be unstoppable.

Thank you for taking the time to read our Briggs & Stratton Q6500 Inverter Generator review. To provide you with a real-time suggestion on the Briggs & Stratton Q6500 Inverter Generator, we use verified user reviews, expert evaluations on other websites, social signals, search engine interest, and many other factors. We examined 143 verified reviews and eliminated all the feedback that was fishy.

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