WEN 56380i Review – Best Affordable Generator for RV

Wen 56380i – An amazing generator overall, especially for the RV camper vans!

If you haven’t been lucky to hear about this generator yet, you’re at a little loss. But, just at the right place too. We’ll be writing about this generator in our article today and we’ll be reviewing things based on our personal experience with this WEN generator.

WEN 56380i inverter generator is a new release in its product line, yet it has been successful in creating a popular image on the market. Travelers and adventure enthusiasts have been loving this generator so far and that is just for the right reasons. It’s super quiet in its operation, affordable for everyone, has a digital multimeter, and a lot more that we’ll discuss further.

Let us take a closer look at this generator and explore the features it has to offer.

Overview of this Generator

Firstly, if we compare this generator with others of having the same power and functionalities, it’s quite affordable which is a huge plus point when looking for an inverter generator for your RV camping trips.

Among the best inverter generators on the market, the WEN 56380i offers great functionality and working. A portable, quiet, durable, and RV-ready product! If you are looking for an affordable and reliable portable generator for your camper van, this is the one to get. We personally love this inverter because it has over 3000 watts and is one of the best inverters on the market.

For performance, An inverter generator such as the 56380i can produce a tremendous amount of power. There is enough power in the generator to power most home appliances, RVs, tailgates, work sites, and more with its 3,800-watt surge power and 3,400-watt continuous power.

Power is provided by its four-stroke OHV engine with 212cc. Even after several years of use, we found out that the 56380i was extremely reliable and quiet. In addition, this model comes with the ability to flush the carburetor, which allows it to run like new for a very long time.

Key Features

Mentioned below are some of the key features of this. Other technical and safety features are to be discussed in the following section.

  • Display of power load and fuel gauge in the data center.
  • Has a backup recoil starter and electric start.
  • The carburetor will shut off automatically if it runs dry.
  • The generator has a surge power of 3,800 watts and a running power of 3,400 watts.
  • Running time of five hours at 50% load.
  • A 25% load will produce only 57 dBA of noise.
  • With a built-in towing handle, it is mounted on wheels.
  • It’s an RV-ready outlet and you can also charge your mobile devices with a USB port.
  • Comes with a residential warranty of two years.
Generator Type Inverter
Dimensions 23.3 inches x 18 inches x 20.1 inches
Weight Above 100 Pounds
Engine 212CC 4-stroke OHV single cylinder
Fuel Type Gasoline
Fuel Tank Capacity 2.2 gallons
Noise Level 57 decibels
Warranty 2-year limited (residential), 90-day limited (commercial)

Technical Features

Inverter generators have the advantage of portability, convenience, reliability, and, most importantly, quiet operation, which makes them perfect for power outages. Because of this, WEN 56380i is the perfect backup power source. Having said that, let’s take a closer look at what makes this generator so superior.

Highly Portable

As we’ve already mentioned, WEN 56380i is a very portable generator. Easy to fit and carry along on all your camping trips.
Wheels and a folding handle make transporting this generator a breeze, and it only weighs 111 pounds. It has a cube shape which is appreciated by most of its users while for some, it might also be a challenge in one way or the other.

I met a friend who complained about its shape, saying that the handle opening to the side isn’t very comfortable and it would have been better if it were on the top like in the case of other generators. We haven’t felt this way though. The shape seems pretty nice to me.

Highly Portable

Super Easy to Use and Start-Up

The ease of a product’s use plays a great role in the good sale of it. Because who would like to use a difficult-to-operate product right? This WEN generator has clearly been manufactured with the ease of use kept in mind and we appreciate it. There’s a digital display on it which makes its use very convenient.

The generator comes with an electric starter. On the main panel, you’ll find a push-button start and a simple mode switch that make it simple to start the generator. In case you forget to charge the onboard battery, the 56380i still comes with a recoil starter so that you can start the generator manually as well.

Less Noisy

Noisy generators are way too annoying, and you all will agree with this. But this very WEN generator is superb here. It doesn’t make a lot of noise and on 25% load, it produces just 57 decibels of sound. We won’t say that it is as quiet as its competitor Honda and Yamaha generators which are twice the price of this WEN generator, but that’s nothing at all when you consider the generator’s value and features.

Bigger Fuel Tank

A bigger fuel tank obviously means less frequent need to fill up the tank often. There is enough fuel capacity for up to 2.2 gallons of fuel in the generator, despite its small size. When operated at 50% load, the generator runs for 8.5 hours on a single tank of fuel. Impressive right? Therefore, tailgating, construction, camping, and other outdoor events are a perfect fit with this generator.

Robust Engine

The generator also comes with a heavy engine that does a great job. In addition to the 3400 watts of running power, it has a peak voltage of about 3800 watts and runs on gasoline.

Also, the WEN 56380i includes parallel connectivity, enabling users to connect another WEN 56380i together with their generator in order to increase their total output wattage. And so, it is a very good choice if you need more power than your generator can provide.

Control Panel and Eco Mode

With the WEN 56830i, you will have all the outlets and controls you can imagine. This generator’s outlet panel is a major reason why many users choose it over other competitors. Another reason for its wide range of uses is that it’s so versatile.

Starting with the basics, the generator comes with a 120-volt, 20-amp duplex outlet, a 12-volt DC outlet, and parallel output ports. You can also power small electronics using the USB charging port instead of using a 120-volt outlet.

Control Panel and Eco Mode


Its main selling point is its 120v, 30amp twist-lock outlet, which is RV-ready. When you plan to use this generator for camping and road trips, you can plug your RV’s main power grid directly into it. On each outlet panel is circuit breaker switches so that you can reset them easily if you trip a fuse.

This portable generator can also run in Eco mode, and, unlike many others, it can handle full loads. By running the engine in economy mode, the engine produces the same voltage while consuming less fuel.

Digital Multimeter

Another feature that sets the 56380i apart from the competition is the digital multimeter. You can quickly monitor the amount of power you are using and the remaining fuel level with the LED lights on the multimeter.

In addition to showing voltage and frequency, a separate LED display also displays the remaining run time of the generator. A third LED light indicates that the battery is charging, and two others indicate that the engine oil is low, or the generator is overloaded. In short, whatever status the generator is at, the multimeter shows it.


Getting the maintenance of your generator done is one thing but how about a generator doing its maintenance itself? Well, that’s possible with the “Auto shut-off” mode of this generator. This mode shuts off the generator once the carburetor is completely drained of fuel. And so, you can prevent stale fuel from accumulating in the carburetor if you store the generator for a season or use it infrequently. Find Generator Maintenance Tips here.

Safety Features

As far as safety is concerned, the WEN 56380i inverter generator is fully equipped with all the necessary safety features. The machine goes into hibernation when it runs out of fuel. Before shutting down the carburetor, it utilizes the fuel. This way it lives longer, and maintenance costs are reduced as a result.

One thing that’s important to mention here is that there is no weatherproof covering included with the generator, which is of course a minus point here. So, you’ll have to take care of this during weather changes.

  • This voltage is perfect for running larger appliances.
  • Designed to work with devices that are power-sensitive.
  • Power can be divided by parallel connectivity.
  • The outlet is RV-ready.
  • Monitor performance and runtime with LED data displays.
  • Lifting could be difficult because the carrying handles are not there.
  • Extreme weather conditions reduce endurance capacity.



What Customers Have to Say About This Generator!

There are many reasons for the popularity of this fantastic generator, including its fuel-efficient system, portability, and high running power. Customers have given it an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5.

They are pretty much satisfied with the functionality and delivery of WEN 56380i inverter generators. It was their experience that WEN’s promise of quiet operation was true, which made them appreciate it.

Overall, the product has received positive feedback. Its amazing features and affordable price make it a popular choice. WEN 56380i has been reviewed and found to be excellent value for money by many people.

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WEN 56380i Review – FAQs

How long will a WEN generator last?
With one tank filling of 2 gallons, the WEN 56380i generator lasts for about 8.5 hours with a 50% load.
How loud is the Wen 56380i?
WEN 56380i is much quieter than others of its competition and has a noise level of 57 dBA.
Is a Wen generator waterproof?
No, it’s not. This is why it’s better to store it in weatherproof coverings to protect it against extreme weather conditions.
Can I run my Wen generator in the rain?
No. It is possible to electrocute or explode them if moisture gets inside the outlets or seeps into the engine. Therefore, if it’s raining, do not operate or leave a portable generator uncovered or wet.
How many decibels is a Wen 56200i?
Compared to a window air conditioner or the average conversation, the WEN 56200i runs at 51 decibels at quarter load.



In a nutshell, this WEN generator is a great value-for-money product. It has all the features you’d want in an inverter generator and costs around $750 only, which is pretty much affordable. While keeping the prices as low as possible, WEN made the generators up to the highest standards.

And so, compared to Honda, I think WEN is one of the best alternatives if you don’t want to spend several thousand dollars.
Ending our review here, hoping that we’ve been helpful to our readers!

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