Generators are in handy when you need to power your campground, light up a work site that doesn’t have electricity, or get your house back up and running during a power outage. A dual fuel generator performs the same function as a single fuel generator.

The generator is powered by propane or gasoline, allowing you to select the fuel based on your needs, such as power requirements, noise limits, and availability in your location.

The finest dual fuel generators offer several electrical outlets, a variety of power outputs, and wheels for portability. This article will help you pick the most reliable dual fuel generator for your house by explaining some of the important qualities of excellent generators.

Is Dual Fuel Generator Worth It?

A dual fuel generator provides the assurance that you will have electricity no matter what happens outside. Natural calamities such as hurricanes and earthquakes can cause gasoline supplies to be disrupted. If you rely on that one form of fuel, you may be limited to what you have at home.

Dual Fuel Vs Single Fuel Generator

Dual fuel and single fuel generators work similarly, but they differ in the kind and number of fuels that may be used to power the machines. Natural gas, gasoline, liquid propane gas, diesel, or solar energy can all be used in these systems. A dual power generator may switch between multiple fuel kinds automatically to extend its runtime, whereas single fuel generators can only utilize one fuel type. The switchover occurs based on fuel availability and the most efficient fuel source at the moment.

What To Look For When Buying A Dual Fuel Generator?

There are several aspects to consider while shopping for a dual fuel portable generator.

You may perhaps have explored a few alternatives. However, while selecting a dual fuel generator, you must properly investigate its qualities and weigh its significance in relation to your application.

There is a good probability that some features provided in a particular product will not be required in your circumstance. This detailed shopping guidance is provided to avoid such a scenario. You may learn about each of the qualities in detail here and select which ones you require the most in your dual fuel generator. For an appropriate decision, make sure you read the buying guide carefully. There are several aspects to consider while shopping for a dual fuel portable generator.

1. Fuel Capacity

Dual fuel generators feature specialized fuel tanks to store fuel since they are fueled by gasoline and propane. Each gasoline tank has its unique capacity, thus they are not all the same. This capacity is expressed in gallons. A 10-gallon tank, for example, can only carry 10 gallons of fuel at a time.

Having a large capacity tank will benefit you in a variety of ways. You won’t have to bother about recharging the generator every now and then if you have a large fuel tank, and you’ll be able to enjoy uninterrupted power output. Remember that huge gasoline tanks are only available as a premium option.

2. Rated and Peak Output

When purchasing a generator for backup power, you must consider the power available at the generator’s output. On each dual fuel generator, there are two separate output ratings: rated and peak output. However, these figures differ for gasoline and propane. As a result, each generator will produce four distinct output values.

This can be perplexing, but don’t be concerned. When purchasing a generator, if you simply examine the peak capacity for both fuels, you will automatically receive a greater operating watts output. For example, if you select a high peak value for gasoline, you will also receive a higher peak value for propane as well as greater running watts.

3. Generator Size

This is an important consideration if you want to move the generator around for different purposes. If you are contemplating a heavy-duty generator, make sure you evaluate the size and weight of the generator.

What To Look For When Buying A Dual Fuel Generator

Heavy-duty generators are often larger and heavier than low-powered generators. As a result, transporting a heavy-duty dual fuel generator, especially while the fuel tank is full, might be difficult. On the other hand, if the generator is small in size, you will observe that the power capacity and fuel capacity are both reduced.

4. Noise Levels

Internal combustion of gasoline or propane powers dual-fuel power generators. Because this combustion is a continuous process, generators emit a large quantity of noise when they are in operation. It is impossible to locate a fuel generator that runs completely silently. You can, however, use a dual fuel generator with a reduced noise rating.

If the generator is creating too much noise, it might cause a lot of disruption, which can harm your application. As a result, you should always look for a generator with a lower noise rating. Also, bear in mind that if you use propane as your primary fuel, you won’t have to worry about noise levels as much because propane runs quietly.

5. Engine Efficiency

Each dual fuel generator contains an engine that utilizes gasoline or propane to create energy. While various power output numbers may appear identical, fuel consumption will vary due to engine efficiency. Engine efficiency essentially shows how effectively fuel may be spent to generate energy.

If the engine is inefficient, you will run out of gasoline quickly. You will also be exposed to a large number of hazardous exhaust gases as a result of faulty fuel combustion. As a result, even if you choose a low-power engine, be sure it is economical in terms of fuel consumption.

Our Top Pick

If you want a large number of outlets, the Pulsar dual fuel generator is a suitable option. It also has strong power ratings, with up to 9500W of continuous power and a peak output of 12000W. The gasoline tank is also rather huge, holding 8 gallons. However, the manufacturer’s guarantee on this generator is only one year.

Best Dual Fuel Generators – Quick Comparison

Image Product & Features Ratings Price
Best Generator For RV

Champion Power Equipment 76533 Dual Fuel Generator

Champion Power Equipment 76533 Dual Fuel Generator

  • Competitive power output
  • Intelligence display
  • Three-year warranty with lifetime technical support
Check Price On AmazonCheck Price On eBay
50 State Approved

Durostar DS10000EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator

Durostar DS10000EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator

  • Inexpensive
  • Several extras are provided
  • GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) Outlets
Check Price On AmazonCheck Price On eBay
Powerful Engine

DuroMax XP12000EH Generator

DuroMax XP12000EH Generator

  • Electric start
  • Low oil automatic shutoff
  • Idling control
Check Price On AmazonCheck Price On eBay
Most Efficient

Firman H08051 Extended Run Time Generator Electric Start

Firman H08051 Extended Run Time Generator Electric Start

  • Ergonomically designed padded handle
  • 5.5 feet propane hose
  • The 3-year limited warranty period
Check Price On AmazonCheck Price On eBay
Quietest Generator

Pulsar G12KBN

Pulsar G12KBN

  • Easy turn-on thanks to electric push start
  • Two never-flat tires
  • Automatically low oil shutoff
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CARB Compliant

WEN DF1100T Dual Fuel Portable Generator

WEN DF1100T Dual Fuel Portable Generator

  • Fuel-Efficient
  • Remote Start
  • CARB approved
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Better Efficiency

WGen9500DF Dual Fuel Portable Generator

WGen9500DF Dual Fuel Portable Generator

  • Dual Fuel
  • Durable
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1. Champion Power Equipment 76533 Dual Fuel Generator – Best Generator For RV

Champion Power Equipment 76533 Dual Fuel Generator – Best Generator For RVThis Champion dual-fuel gas and propane-powered generator is our top choice for RV lovers since it can easily power the whole RV.

This Amazon Choice for the best Champion generator has a rapid electric start, an “intelligence” that records voltage, hertz, run-time, and maintenance, and a three-year limited warranty with free lifelong tech support.

It’s a little louder than some other generators, but several customers praised how effectively it performed. Champion’s dual fuel generator was created with safety and practicality in mind.


Brand Champion Power Equipment
Wattage 3800 watts
Item Dimension 26.3 x 24.8 x 22.9 inches
Color Blue
Voltage 240 Volts

Locking Fuel Selector Switch

It has a locking fuel selector switch that prevents you from mistakenly switching fuels when plugging in appliances, as well as an electric motor start switch and an outlet surge protector built-in.

Run Time

The generator produces 3,800 W on gasoline, has a surge capacity of 4,750 W, and can run for up to 9 hours on a full tank.

Performance on propane

If you operate this generator on propane, it can produce up to 4,275 surges and 3,420 continuous watts. As a result, there isn’t much of a difference in the generator’s performance on gas and LPG.

  • Champion provides a three-year guarantee on this device, but the business also provides lifelong technical assistance.
  • On gasoline, you can get up to 9 hours of runtime and on propane, you can get up to 10.5 hours of runtime.
  • Although just having two AC outlets might be restrictive, the generator also has a 30-amp RV-ready plug.
  • Despite its open frame construction, this propane generator is relatively quiet due to its engine design.
  • This generator has only two AC outlets.



2. Durostar DS10000EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator – 50 State Approved

Durostar DS10000EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator – 50 State ApprovedIf you’re looking for a versatile generator that can power anything from your air conditioning to your lights, the Durostar DS10000EH is sure to catch your eye. It is not just dual fuel, but it also boasts an all-metal design that I am confident will endure a long time.

Durostar DS10000EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator, with a 10,000-watt output, is one of their more powerful generators. Customer reviews for this generator are positive, which is consistent with the overall approval percentage for all Durostar items and my own experience.

It appears that it is occasionally worthwhile to pay a little more for a well-known brand name, particularly when it comes to generators. Aside from the core unit, your Durostar generator includes the following accessories: a spanner wrench, a spark plug wrench, a double-sided screwdriver, an oil funnel with a hose, DC charging leads, and plug ends.

Finally, if you are searching for an exceptional portable generator that can compete with (or even outperform) the best of them, the Durostar DS10000EH should be at the top of your list.


Brand Durostar
Wattage 10000 watts
Frequency 60 Hz
Color Red / Black
Voltage 120 Volts

Provide Enough Power

It’s not flashy, but it has enough power to get you through any power loss.

OHV Engine

The DS10000E’s air-cooled, 420cc OHV engine can produce 8,000 watts.


It runs for 10 hours at 50% capacity, allowing you to go all night without recharging its 8.3-gallon petrol tank.

Three-Prong Outlets

However, it only has two 120v three-prong outlets, limiting the number of appliances that may be powered while utilizing it.

  • It is powered by a 4-stroke, 16-horsepower air-cooled engine with an idle control for fuel savings in low-load situations.
  • With the four different types of outlets, the overall maximum outlet configuration is nice.
  • This one runs on gasoline and has a tank capacity of 8.3 gallons, allowing for nearly 10 hours of use at 50% load.
  • It contains an idle control that changes the engine speed when the load is released, conserving fuel and protecting the engine, as well as low oil shut off to safeguard the engine.
  • It is not the cheapest option.
  • It has low fuel efficiency.



3. DuroMax XP12000EH Generator – Powerful Engine

DuroMax XP12000EH Generator – Powerful EngineOne of the many outstanding advantages of the DuroMax XP12000EH is its electric start technology. It also boasts a sturdy and hefty style that is ideal for a variety of outdoor jobs.

The idle control on your new generator helps you to conserve gasoline when it is idle. Furthermore, it decreases operational noise. Lowering the number of utilized RPMs makes it ideal for areas where power is used sporadically.

The DuroMax XP12000EH Dual Fuel Generator also has a keyed electric start, which is a nice feature. You will no longer have to crank the device to start it, allowing you to start it much faster.

This Duromax generator is a solid choice with lots of power and easy dual-fuel technology.


Brand Duromax
Wattage 12000 watts
Item Dimensions 30 x 29 x 26 inches
Color Black and Blue
Weight 224 pounds

MX2 Technology

One of the most intriguing characteristics of this Duromax generator is its MX2 technology. Each outlet on the unit’s outside may operate at 120V or 240V at the same time.

Dual Fuel Technology

As previously indicated, the DuroMax XP12000EH Dual Fuel Generator employs dual-fuel technology. As a result, you may operate it on either propane or gas, giving you additional fuel flexibility.

Low Oil Shutoff

If the generator gets out of fuel, it will automatically shut down. The machine will shut down to protect itself if the device detects low oil levels.

All-Terrain Tires

This generator has all-terrain durable solid-fill tires, making it ideal for outdoor applications. It will readily travel all terrains, from concrete roads to muddy settings.

  • The DuroMax Portable Dual Fuel Generator provides 9,500 watts of operating power and 12,000 watts of peak power at a noise level of 72 decibels on a full 8.3-gallon tank of gasoline.
  • The DuroMax generator is powered by an electric ignition or a backup recoil cord. It automatically turns off when the oil runs low for enhanced security.
  • It is supported by a steel frame and two heavy-duty wheels for easy transportation around the camping, job site, or house.
  • It also has copper windings, which are great for extending the generator’s lifespan over time.
  • Under pressure, wheels may flatten.
  • This generator lacks warranty.



4. Firman H08051 Extended Run Time Generator Electric Start – Most Efficient

Firman H08051 Extended Run Time Generator Electric Start – Most EfficientFirman is a well-known brand that creates reliable power generation equipment that is steady, efficient, and clean. The company works in over 100 countries and distributes its products there.

Firman’s dual fuel generator is powered by a 439CC Firman engine capable of providing 8000W of operating power and 10000W of surge power to suit your emergency power needs. The generator has a big fuel tank capacity of 8 gallons and can run various appliances for up to 14 hours on a single charge.

It has an operating power of 7250W and a peak output of 9050W when powered by propane.

For longevity, the dual fuel generator has a tubular roll cage frame construction. The generator is carried with ease thanks to an ergonomically designed cushioned handle. Furthermore, the two wheels allow for optimum portability. To power this generator with an external propane tank, you receive a 5.5-foot propane pipe.


Brand Firman
Wattage 8000 watts
Item Dimensions 32 x 29 x 28 inches
Color Yellow and Black
Weight 225 pounds

Efficient Power

This generator is powered by a 208cc engine with a starting power of 4,550 watts and a running power of 3,650 watts on gas. On the other side, gas provides 4,100 starting watts and 3,300 operating watts.

Long Run Time

The engine’s moderate power contributes to this unit’s suitability for fuel conservation. Depending on the amount of your load, the five-gallon gasoline tank can provide up to 14 hours of operating time. As is always the case, the less energy you use, the longer your gasoline will last.

Low-Oil Shutdown

With the additional low-oil shutdown, you can ensure that your generator is always safe. Instead of needing to monitor the generator, it will shut down automatically if the oil levels fall considerably.

  • This generator provides reliable power for up to 14 hours.
  • One of the most appealing aspects of the Firman H03652 Dual Fuel Portable Generator is its mobility.
  • Instead of purchasing a separate hose, this item includes a longer propane hose.
  • Firman offers a 3-year limited guarantee from the date of purchase on this dual fuel generator.
  • The handle is not durable.



5. Pulsar G12KBN – Quietest Generator

Pulsar G12KBN – Quietest Generator

This Pulsar dual fuel generator which has six outlets, four AC breakers, and two main breakers could come in handy after natural catastrophes or other emergency scenarios.

This component has 12000 starting watts and 9500 running watts when powered by gas, 10800 surge power, and 8550 running power when powered by propane.

The electric push-start makes it simple to turn on this machine, and the 10-inch wheels make it simple to move this 209-pound equipment.


Brand Pulsar
Running Wattage 9500 watts
Starting Wattage 12000 watts
Fuel Type Gas, liquefied petroleum gas
Weight 209 pounds

Control Panel

Four 120V 20A AC outlets, one dual 120V/240V 50A twist-lock outlet and one 12V DC plug are provided on the control panel for powering DC equipment, gadgets, or RVs.

Easy To Move

The gadget is lightweight and portable, with a drop-down handle and 10′ inch never-flat wheels.


The small form of the generator makes it easier to store and transport than many other generators in this price range.

  • The dual-fuel capability is ideal for emergencies where fuel options may be restricted.
  • The engine is a single-cylinder, 457cc OHV with an electric start.
  • There are numerous safeguards in place.
  • A low oil shutdown mechanism, a 3-in-1 digital meter, and an automated voltage regulator that activates anytime the generator is turned on are among the features.
  • This generator is very loud.
  • This generator is very heavy.



6. WEN DF1100T Dual Fuel Portable Generator – Best 10,000-Watt Generator CARB Compliant

WEN DF1100T Dual Fuel Portable Generator - Best 10,000-Watt Generator CARB Compliant

The WEN DF1100T is a dual fuel generator that lets you quickly switch between fuel types for longer operation and lower fuel expenses. WEN generators receive rave reviews from buyers all across the country. They provide the perfect performance and, on average, sell for less than the competitors. This one is no different.

This quantity of electricity will be more than enough for you to utilize most of your important equipment during power outages or natural catastrophes. This amount of electricity is more than adequate for a backup power supply. This equipment also has an 8-gallon gasoline tank that can run continuously for 7.5 hours at 50% load. The WEN DF1100T is the best dual fuel generator. With a 20lb propane tank, this generator can operate for 3 hours at 50% load.

There are three outlets and a twisted lock socket on the WEN DF1100T Portable Generator. The generator is covered by a two-year guarantee. As a result, the WEN DF1100T Portable Generator is an ideal power backup solution for locations that demand steady power.


Brand WEN
Running Wattage 8000 watts
Starting Wattage 10000 watts
Fuel Type Gasoline, liquefied petroleum gas
Weight 214 pounds

Easy to Carry

Another thing to keep in mind about fuel is that you should not overfill the tank, especially if you want to operate the engine on gasoline. Because it expands, you should avoid filling the tank all the way to the top.

Tank Capacity and Runtime

The tank’s total capacity is 6.6 gallons (30 liters). This is a significant amount that demonstrates the WEN DF1100capabilities T’s yet again. The tank’s size assures that the generator will be able to run for 8.5 hours at 50% load.


WEN generators are often less expensive than most of their comparable-sized competitors. The cheapest WEN generator will set you back roughly $200, while the most costly one would set you back over $1600. A WEN generator costs around $540 on average. WEN inverter generators are slightly more expensive than their open-frame equivalents, as is customary.

Power Output

The WEN DF1100T can run on both gasoline and propane. This is especially useful if you are running low on one of those fuel kinds. You may always switch them on and off to ensure that your appliances have a backup power supply. When using gasoline, the WEN DF1100T has a running wattage of 8300 and peak wattage of 11,000 In the event of running the generator on propane, the metrics are 7500 and 9500, respectively.

  • This WEN generator with the dual technology can run at maximum capacity for 11.5 hours using propane and gasoline that can be turned on and off with the click of a button.
  • The 47-inch liquid petroleum gas (LPG) line allows for simple switching between sources of power.
  • Weighing 214 pounds, this machine has an electric start, an automatic energy controller, and excess protection.
  • Breakers prohibit the use of the whole power supply.
  • This generator is difficult to learn.



7. WGen9500DF Dual Fuel Portable Generator – Better Efficiency

WGen9500DF Dual Fuel Portable Generator – Better Efficiency

Westinghouse Power Equipment has been in business for almost a century. They have a reputation for developing dependable and reasonably priced product lines. The Westinghouse WGen9500DF is a popular dual fuel generator in this power range. It is powered by a Westinghouse 457cc 4-stroke OHV engine.

This generator has an outstanding peak power of 12500 watts and an operating power of 9500 watts on gasoline. When powered by propane, it generates 11200 surge watts and 8500 rated watts. The fuel tank capacity of the Westinghouse WGen9500DF is 6.6 gallons of gasoline. On half load, it can operate for up to 12 hours on a single tank of fuel.

This generator has a wireless remote key FOB for remote operation. FOB is an abbreviation for Frequency Operated Button. VFT display, low oil level automatic shutdown, GFCI outlets, and so on are only a few examples. For additional details, please see our comprehensive Westinghouse WGen9500Df evaluation.

In addition, if you require a generator with the same characteristics but no dual-fuel capabilities, the Westinghouse WGen9500 may be the one for you. This generator is both powerful and feature-rich. It’s an excellent power source for home backup and emergencies.


Brand Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment
Wattage 9500 watts
Item Dimensions LxWxH 27.2 x 26.1 x 26.5 inches
Item Weight 244 Pounds
Voltage 12 Volts

Ease of Use

In terms of comfort and ease of use, we believe the Westinghouse WGen9500 offers the whole package. It’s simple to get started. The electric and remote start technologies make this operation easier. In the event of a battery failure, the recoil starting capability comes in handy.

Safety Features

It’s a large generator with a lot of power output, but that doesn’t mean it can’t power or charge little and delicate devices. It has an excellent harmonic rating, which means your electronics will be safer, albeit it is not as effective as an inverter-type generator.

Maintenance and Warranty:

There isn’t much to do in terms of maintenance on the generator other than replacing the fuel and maintaining the oil gauged. It’s a low-maintenance generator since a full tank of gasoline may last for 12 hours.


Westinghouse generators appear to be more powerful and long-lasting than many more costly generators.

  • A larger fuel tank provides greater runtime, but it also influences the weight and mobility of the generator.
  • The Westinghouse Wgen9500df has a gas tank capacity of 6.6 gallons and a propane tank capacity of 20 pounds.
  • At 50% load, the Westinghouse Wgen9500df can run for 12 hours on a single tank of gas. When running on propane, it can operate for up to 7 hours at 50% load.
  • The Westinghouse Wgen9500df may run on propane as an alternative fuel.
  • This generator lacks co sensor.



Best Dual Fuel Generator – FAQs

Is it cheaper to run a generator on propane or gas?
Propane generators are inefficient, generating fewer BTUs per gallon of fuel than gas generators. However, because propane burns cleaner than gasoline, it is beneficial for the environment as well as your generator.
Do dual fuel generators run quieter on propane?
Propane generators are quieter than gasoline generators. If you have a somewhat quiet generator, such as the Honda, it will be even quieter on propane.
Is it better to run a dual fuel generator on gas or propane?
Propane generators are inefficient, generating fewer BTUs per gallon of fuel than gas generators. However, because propane burns cleaner than gasoline, it is beneficial for the environment as well as your generator.


To Sum Up

If the electricity goes out unexpectedly, a dual fuel generator might come in handy. The main advantage of a dual fuel generator is the ability to utilize a secondary fuel if the primary fuel is unavailable. There are several dual fuel generators available on the market. As a result, selecting one of them might be a difficult undertaking.

As a result, we’ve compiled this list of the finest dual fuel generators for you. A buying guide is also available to assist you with your purchase.

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