Top 4 Best Firman Generator Review

There are times when most users and organizations face power outages. This type of experience can be very boring unless you have a generator like a firman generator. By purchasing a Firman generator, you won’t have to trip in the dark every time the power goes out.

Firman is a well-known and reputable manufacturer. These generators can run on natural gas such as propane or gasoline. Many people are unfamiliar with Firman’s generators as it is an emerging company that has competed with the other company in the manufacture of generators.

In this article, I have mentioned the top 4 best Firman generators that have been made well-known all over the world. Let’s have a look!

Is a Firman Generator Any Good?

Firman generators are of well-built quality and durability, and these are the characteristics that make good generators. According to several reviews of Firman generators, Firman generators are expected to be some of the best in the generator world.

As Firman generators are cheaper than most generators, there is nothing wrong with these generators which suggests they are not as good as the more expensive generator brands. In short, the firman generators are an amazingly good value for your investment.

Firman generators are also manufactured by the Firman Company, which means that the manufacturer is vertically integrated. This is an impressive way of recognizing that Firman generators are 100% Firman from conception to planning, construction, manufacturing, and finally production.

If you look at some Firman generators, you will find that they are all Firman including the Firman Fat head engine block, automatic voltage regulator, air filter, muffler guard, Firman Power Stream alternator, as well as an air filter.

Best Firman Generators

Generators are usually small motors that can produce electricity. There are also different generator models to choose from, made by different manufacturers. In my opinion, Firman is the best among them.

Below are the Top 4 Firman generators that will provide you with all necessities of electricity.

1. Firman 3650W 120/240 Performance Series – Most Durable

Firman 3650W 120240 Performance Series – Most DurableThis Firman 3650W generator starts with 4550 watts before switching to a 3650 watts operating voltage. This is possible due to the powerful 208 cc company engine, which is also equipped with a special technology that allows the engine to work efficiently without any errors, and along with that it also prevents overheating.

I bought this generator while facing a thunderstorm in my area and the power goes out for continuously 5 days. It has literally been a lifesaver for us during those dark days and nights. It ran continuously without any delay except for oil refilling purposes.

I remembered this firman 3650W powered my whole house including heavy appliances like fridge, tv, Computers and other basic lights. I would definitely recommend this brand to everyone because of its durability and affordable price while comparing it with some of the top brands.


Brand Firman
Wattage 3650 Watts
Item Dimensions 23.2 x 17.5 x 18.5 inches
Weight 101.5 Pounds

High Run Time

Although this generator includes a small tank of only 5 gallons, it can provide 14 hours of run time.

Voltage System

This generator also has a voltage system that can operate on a steam change device to maintain the voltage check and deliver an efficient performance that is stable and free of all irregularities.


This generator comes with a number of additional accessories such as plugs, manuals, and wrenches that save your money from making additional purchases and you can start your generator without any delay.

  • You just have to add oil and gas and it starts on the first pull.
  • It provides 14 hours of run time.
  • It works very efficiently without causing any errors.
  • It can easily run three refrigerators, fans, computers, printers, television, and assorted other things without an issue.
  • Many customers are disappointed with the noise level of this generator.


2. Firman W03083 Portable Generator – Best Sound Muffling

Firman W03083 Portable Generator – Best Sound MufflingNot only does this generator run on gas, but it also has various other features as well. It is portable and easy to use just because of its small but extremely durable wheels and the efficient handle on the generator.

I have an RV and often go camping to explore this world. So, I need a portable generator that fulfills my all problems without any issue. One of my friends told me about this great machine.

I found it does not create any disturbing noise it is somehow quieter. It has an electric start that makes it easier to start in the first go. It has outstanding easy-to-operate features.

It ran my RV’s A/C and a couple of lights with no problem. A little suggestion here for you from my experience is that turn the gas switch off first when you are going to shut down your generator and run it until your portable generator shuts down itself.

So, I recommend this Firman generator to anyone who nearly wants to buy for an RV, or for a home with heavy appliances. Definitely, it’s gonna be your best and most affordable choice as compared to some other brands.

Remote Start System

This generator includes a remote start system that allows you to start the generator with the push of a button on the remote control from a maximum distance of up to 168 feet.


Brand Firman Power Equipment
Wattage 3300 Watts
Item Dimensions 25 x 19 x 19 inches
Weight 90 Pounds

Total Harmonic Distortion

In addition, this generator has a THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) of less than 3%. This means that the circuit is reliable and ensures a stable power supply.

Whisper Series Muffler

This generator involves a Whisper Series muffler which allows this generator to make less noise while running.

  • This generator includes 1.8 gallon tank which provides a runtime of up to 10 hours.
  • It includes an eco-friendly mode that can save fuel and provide longer hours of operation.
  • This generator runs at a low noise level of 58 dB (A).
  • This generator also comes with 5 different types of outlets.
  • Customers complain that this generator may take time to start up in cold temperatures.


3. Firman P03603 4550/3650 Watt Portable Generator – Editor’s Choice

Firman P03603 45503650 Watt Portable Generator – Editor’s ChoiceIf you are in search of a generator that can stand with you over a longer period, you should go for this model.

This generator is the best choice for RV, Camping, job sites, and heavy home electronic devices.

This generator has advanced features to make it stand out from other competitors. The meter on the generator lets you know what’s going on with your machine and the control panel system is very advanced and easy to operate.

you will see two options to start this generator; electric start and pull start which is a lifesaver. What I like most about this Firman Po3603 generator is it’s lightweight you can easily move it around.

It runs almost 12 to 14 hours continuously so, you would need to worry about its refilling issues while you are sleeping. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants an electric start with easy-to-follow instructions to handle their RV or electronic devices.

208cc Engine

Firman also includes the coveted Max Pro Series 208cc engine in this generator due to which this generator does not heat up even after using a lot.

Massive Fuel Capacity

If you are in the search of a generator that has a massive fuel capacity, then this generator is perfect for you with 5 gallons fuel capacity.


Brand Firman Power Equipment
Wattage 3650 Watts
Item Dimensions 27 x 19 x 20 inches
Weight 125 Pounds

Whisper Series Muffler

The best feature of this generator is the Whisper Series muffler which allows this generator to make less noise while running.

  • This generator is very light in weight.
  • Firman P03603 generator will allow your machines to run for a long interval of time.
  • It comes with a variety of accessories like engine oil, funnel, and FIRMAN assembly tool kit.
  • This generator also has a multi-feature control panel along with covered outlets.
  • It can get overheated after long working hours.
  • This generator is expensive as compared to other generators.


4. Firman Hybrid Series H03651 3650/4550 Watt Dual Fuel Generator – Budget Pick

Firman Hybrid Series H03651 36504550 Watt Dual Fuel Generator – Budget PickThis generator is the heaviest option on our list because it has a dual fuel option. I was on a camping trip with my friend and we spent almost 4 days there with this machine. We had a 5 gallons tank of propane and ran this generator on it for 4 days and it performed flawlessly.

I found a little issue with it when I started it’s going to rattle, to control this we often used some piece of rubber.

Also, this generator has 119.5 pounds which makes this generator a little less suited for portable activities, like camping but not that much while I had experienced it.

It is also very easy to operate by following all the instructions carefully.

Dual Fuel Generator

The main advantage of this generator over others is that it can run on gas or propane, so it has a dual fuel carburetor.


Brand Firman
Wattage 3650 Watts
Item Dimensions 27.9 x 18.1 x 20.5 inches
Weight 119.5 Pounds

Backup Generator

As this generator runs on either gas or propane, this makes it a backup generator in an emergency.

Electric and recoil start

It has both an electric start and recoil start option, so you shouldn’t have a problem in an emergency.

  • This generator includes wheels and a handle that make it very easy to shift from one place to other.
  • It also includes an electric starter and also a recoil starter for a backup.
  • H03651 has a fuel gauge that allows you to know your fuel levels.
  • This generator also has four covered outlets which provide protection from dust and other elements.
  • The only problem that most customers face with this generator is that it takes a few minutes to get started up.
  • Don’t leave this generator out in the sun, because it can overheat.


Where Are Firman Generators Made?

Firman generator sets are among the most widely used generator sets in homes, residential areas, commercial premises, and industrial areas. Firman generators are made in China. The company is headquartered in Nanjing, China along Changjiang Road.

This brand is under a large umbrella called the SUMEC Group. The SUMEC Group is one of the most important members of SINOMACH which owns more than 500 companies. Also, learn something about this topic. This can update new users on the role of these units.

Firman generators are reliable and perform an important function for the users. They produce a stable amount of electricity for use in many modern environments. Firman generators are an efficient means of producing electricity for general use.

They also recently opened a manufacturing facility in North America for prospects.

What Are Firman Generator Problems?

Users tend to report various issues with these generator models. They may have faulty wiring or mechanical issues during use. These faults could affect the amount of electricity produced.

Common problems include a lack of sufficient electrical flow for general use. Some users report sparks and other technical problems even after prolonged use. Always use models according to factory specifications. This could avoid any problems that users might encounter.

What Are Firman Generator Problems

Additionally, these issues were reported in the past, maybe they are now because Firman, like most other good companies, continues to work to improve the quality of their products.

Plus, with a 3-year manufacturer warranty, you can buy their products with confidence as they would not back their products with this warranty if they were bad.

What to Consider When Buying Firman Generators?

Now that you have examined our favorite Firman generators, we pray you through a few points you need to consider before deciding who to buy.

How often will you need to refill the tank

Firman Generator Review – FAQs

How long is the warranty for Firman generators?
If you purchase any of Firman generators, you will get a 3-year limited warranty if you are using it for residential purposes and if you are using the Firman generator for commercial reasons, the warranty will last for 90 days only.
What is special about Firman Generator?
The special quality of Firman generators is that they have exclusive proprietary technologies which are the basis of their production, which makes them different from other models on the market. These generators will surprise you with so many features including remote start like other best remote start generator features you get with these generators without spending money from your bank account. The company is focused on creating generators powerful enough to satisfy customers.
Where is the serial on a Firman generator?
The serial number of the generator is in three places depending on the type of generator: • It is on the right of the tank on a white label in an open frame generator • It is above on a white label in an inverter generator. • It is located directly behind the battery on the side of the Engine in dual-fuel units.
How Loud Is The Firman Generator?
The generator has an easy-to-use control panel and the electric start makes it easy to operate. One thing to hate is that it is louder than most inverter generators. According to the manufacturer, the noise level is 85 dB at 25% load.
How Long Will Firman Generator Run On Propane?
For the LP, the run time at 50% load is 46 hours on a 5 LB tank. On gasoline, run time at 50% load can be up to 12 hours on an 8-gallon fuel tank.


To Sum Up

In summary, it can justifiably be pointed out that the Firman generators are perfectly suited for supplying energy in the household. You are in remote areas where electricity is not available.

After reviewing all the above generators, I personally think that Firman P03603 4550/3650 Watt generator is the best option for you. It’s high fuel capacity and efficient performance will never disappoint you in any emergency situation.

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