Westinghouse Wgen12000DF Review (Features Explain)

Camping has always been a favourite pastime of mine, as an avid outdoor enthusiast and frequent camper. Camping, however, often lacked electricity, limiting my access to modern comforts. When I was looking for a reliable power source to accompany me on my adventures, I discovered the Westinghouse WGEN 12000DF Generator.

The Westinghouse WGEN 12000DF Generator is a remarkable and versatile machine that boasts a robust and user-friendly design. Its powerful dual-fuel capability, running on both gasoline and propane, provides a sense of security, knowing that I won’t run out of fuel options, especially during extended trips. Switching between the fuel types is as simple as turning a dial, making it incredibly convenient.

One of the most appealing aspects of this generator is its impressive power output, providing a whopping 12,000 peak watts and 9,500 running watts. This sheer power ensures that I can effortlessly run multiple appliances simultaneously, from my coffee maker to portable air conditioners, making my camping experience immensely enjoyable, even in hot summer months.

My personal experience with the Westinghouse WGEN 12000DF Generator has been nothing short of exceptional. Its reliable performance, dual-fuel capability, and ease of use have revolutionized my outdoor adventures and preparedness for power emergencies.
This review article aims to explore the various features and benefits of this powerhouse generator, providing first-hand insight to help fellow nature enthusiasts and homeowners make an intelligent choice.

Are Westinghouse Generators Any Good?

Westinghouse generators are widely regarded as reliable and high-quality power solutions. With a strong reputation built on years of experience in the industry, Westinghouse offers a range of generators that excel in performance, efficiency, and durability.

Are Westinghouse Generators Any Good

Their generators are known for their ease of use, innovative features, and versatile fuel options. Whether for camping, backup power during outages, or construction sites, Westinghouse generators consistently deliver stable power output, low noise levels, and user-friendly controls.

Customers often appreciate the value they get for the price, making Westinghouse generators a popular choice among homeowners, outdoor enthusiasts, and professionals alike.

Westinghouse Wgen12000DF – SPECIFICATIONS

Dimensions 34 inches x 31 inches x 35 inches
Weight 416.7 lb. (189 kg)
Oil Capacity 51.2 oz. (1.6 qt)
Engine oil type 10W30
Engine type OHV V-Twin
Engine displacement 713 CC
Noise level 74 dBA
Fuel tank capacity 10.5 gallons
Gasoline running watts 12000
Gasoline peak watts 15000

Westinghouse Wgen12000DF – FEATURES

Here are worth considering features of this generator.

  • Solid Build and Portability
  • Dual-Fuel Capability
  • Impressive Power Output
  • Electric Start with Remote Control
  • Intuitive Control Panel
  • Low Noise Operation
  • Tank Capacity
  • Runtime
  • Outlets
  • Safety Features
  • Certifications

Solid Build and Portability

The rugged construction of the WGEN12000DF gives me confidence in its durability, whether it’s exposed to the elements during camping trips or stored in the garage for emergencies. The sturdy wheels and foldable handles add to its portability, making it surprisingly easy to move around despite its size and weight.

Dual-Fuel Capability

One of the standout features of the Westinghouse WGEN12000DF generator is its dual-fuel capability. This means it can run on both gasoline and propane, offering the flexibility to choose between two fuel options.

Personally, I find this extremely convenient during camping trips, as I can carry both fuel types, ensuring I won’t run out of power supply even in remote locations where gasoline might not be readily available.

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Impressive Power Output

The sheer power that the WGEN12000DF generates is simply remarkable. With a peak wattage of 12,000 and a running wattage of 9,500, it effortlessly handles multiple power-hungry appliances simultaneously. During power outages at home, this feature becomes extremely useful as you can keep essential appliances running, ensuring comfort and safety for your family.

Electric Start with Remote Control

As someone who values convenience, I can’t help but appreciate the electric start feature. It eliminates the hassle of pull-starting the generator, which can be tiring and difficult for some. With just a push of a button, the generator comes to life, ready to provide reliable power.

And the added bonus of a remote-control key fob makes starting the generator from a distance incredibly convenient, especially during bad weather when I’d rather stay sheltered.

Intuitive Control Panel

The control panel of the WGEN12000DF is designed with simplicity in min. Personally, I find it very easy to navigate and use. The clearly labelled buttons and switches allow me to control and monitor the generator’s performance effortlessly. It’s great to know exactly how much power is being drawn and when to make adjustments, ensuring optimal efficiency.

Intuitive Control Panel

Low Noise Operation

Compared to many other generators I’ve come across, the WGEN12000DF operates relatively quietly at a noise level of 74 dbA. This is a huge advantage, especially when camping, as it maintains the peacefulness of nature without creating disruptive noise. I know some of you might think it’s not that quiet, which is true anyway but still, it’s not that loud either.

Tank Capacity

The Westinghouse WGen12000DF generator’s tank capacity has been an absolute game-changer for me.

With an impressive 10.5-gallon fuel tank that can hold a substantial amount of gasoline, I no longer have to worry about constant refuelling interruptions during my outdoor adventures or power outages. This means I can focus on enjoying my camping trips or handling emergencies without the hassle of frequently monitoring and refilling the tank.


When it comes to runtime, the WGen12000DF has proven to be a reliable powerhouse as it is capable of running for around 11 hours on a 50% load. Its fuel-efficient engine ensures that you get an extended period of continuous power without compromising on performance.
Whether I’m running my essential household appliances during blackouts or keeping my campsite well-lit and comfortable, the generator’s impressive runtime keeps everything running smoothly and uninterrupted.


The Westinghouse WGen12000DF generator is equipped with a variety of outlets to cater to different power needs. Here are the outlets you can find on this generator:


  • Four 120V Household Outlets – These outlets provide standard 120V power, suitable for charging and running typical household appliances, electronic devices, and tools.
  • One 120/240V 30A Twist-Lock Outlet (L14-30R) – This outlet can deliver either 120V or 240V power, making it versatile for various applications. It is commonly used for connecting heavy-duty tools, transfer switches, or power distribution boxes.
  • One 120/240V 50A Heavy-Duty Outlet (14-50R) – This outlet offers both 120V and 240V power options, capable of handling higher loads. It is commonly used for larger appliances, RVs, or for connecting directly to a home’s electrical panel during power outages.
  • Two 5V USB Ports – In addition to the standard power outlets, the WGen12000DF also features two USB ports, providing a convenient way to charge your USB-powered devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Safety Features

Safety is my top priority, and the WGen12000DF generator takes it seriously too. Equipped with numerous safety features, such as automatic low-oil shutdown, circuit breakers, and voltage regulation, I feel confident knowing that my generator and connected devices are protected from potential harm. With these safety mechanisms, my mind is at ease, and I can concentrate on the task at hand without being concerned about safety.


With both EPA and CARB compliance, this generator meets the necessary emissions standards, ensuring it’s environmentally friendly and reduces its impact on the surroundings. Additionally, it’s also CSA (Canadian Standards Association) certified, which speaks volumes about its overall safety and adherence to high industry standards.

  • Capable of running on both fuel and gasoline.
  • Comes with an electric start and remote-controlled key fob.
  • An incredibly low level of THD (<5%).
  • High power output
  • Its large and heavy
  • Not ideally quiet for noise-sensitive environments



Westinghouse Wgen12000DF – FAQs

How long has Westinghouse been making generators?
Westinghouse has been manufacturing generators for over a century. The company’s expertise in the power generation industry dates back to the early 20th century when it first started producing generators.
What Westinghouse generator is recalled?
The Westinghouse WGen5300DFv Dual Fuel Portable Generator and iGen4500DF dual-fuel inverter portable generator were subjected to a recall. The recall was issued in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) due to a potential fuel leak, which poses a fire hazard. Owners of this specific model were advised to immediately stop using the generator and contact MWE Investments, the manufacturer of Westinghouse generators, for a free repair. Owners of this specific model were advised to immediately stop using the generator and contact MWE Investments, the manufacturer of Westinghouse generators, for a free repair.
How much fuel does a generator use per hour in Liters?
The fuel consumption of a generator per hour in litres can vary significantly depending on the generator’s size, power output, load, and fuel efficiency. Generally, larger and more powerful generators tend to consume more fuel than smaller ones. For example, a small portable generator with a low power output might consume around 0.5 to 1 litre of fuel per hour at 50% load, while a larger industrial generator with higher power output may consume several litres of fuel per hour at full load. To determine the exact fuel consumption of a specific generator, you’ll need to refer to the manufacturer’s specifications or user manual.
Can a Westinghouse generator run in the rain?
No, it is not safe to run a Westinghouse generator or any generator in the rain. Generators are designed to be used in dry and well-ventilated areas to prevent the risk of electric shock, damage to the generator, and potential hazards caused by water entering the electrical components.
How much fuel does a WGen12000DF use?
The fuel consumption of the Westinghouse WGen12000DF generator can vary depending on the load it is running, and the fuel type used. As a dual-fuel generator, its fuel consumption will differ when running on gasoline or propane. To give you a general idea, at 50% load, the WGen12000DF running on gasoline may consume approximately 0.79 gallons (around 2.99 litres) of fuel per hour. When running on propane at the same load, it might use about 1.51 gallons (around 5.72 litres) of propane per hour.


Final Verdict

In conclusion, the Westinghouse WGen12000DF generator has proven to be an exceptional power solution that you and I can rely on. Its ample tank capacity, extended runtime, versatile outlets, impressive safety features, and reputable certifications make it an invaluable tool for camping trips, emergency situations, and professional needs.

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