Champion Power 1500-Watt Portable Generator - Review

A generator can be your companion in hard times. It saves your money by reducing electricity bills. We have studied and obviously observed that numerous generators are available in the market nowadays. Different brands produce them and obviously, they have various features that distinguish one from the other. Our team has reviewed several generators manufactured by different brands and one of them you are going to read now is the Champion 1500 Watt generator.

This generator is best for home use and for camping. There are certain features that highlight it among others. Champion is the name of trust and reliability. Further, we will discuss the specifications, features, pros, and cons of the Generator in this article. Champion 1500 Watt Generator is one of the best generators available in the market so, without further ad let’s start:

Are ipower generators any good?

Ipower Generators are excellent for home use and also for camping. You can take it as one of the cheapest yet high-quality generators available in the market. These compact generators are very easy to handle. You can take them everywhere with you and they would not disturb anyone as they are silent inverter generators. These eco-friendly generators would definitely be your great companion.

Champion 1500 Watt Generator Review

Champion 1500-watt generator is a multi-purpose portable generator that is very compact and easy to handle. Anyone can operate this generator with a little knowledge. This brand is also known for manufacturing high-quality generators that are efficient in working and light on your pockets. I am using this generator for quite a long time it’s an amazing addition to my generator collection.

This cost-effective generator can be used for home and for camping too. They are compatible for paralleling too. Its only drawback is that it’s a bit louder than other generators. I’ll review Champion 1500 Watt Generator honestly and on merit so let’s move towards it.


Brand Champion Power Equipment
Wattage 1500 watts
Fuel Type Gasoline
Power Source Gas-powered
Weight 52.9 Pounds
Voltage 120 Volts
Output Wattage 1500 Watts
Color Yellow/Black
Material Plastic and Metal
Outlets 120V 20A Duplex (5-20R)
Run Time at 1/2 Load 10.0 H
Noise Level 65.0 dBA
Frequency 60Hz

Safety Design

With your convenience and safety in mind, the Champion 1500-Watt Multi-Purpose Portable Generator is the ideal Choice. This is a highly durable generator with the premium quality of material used for its manufacturing.


The 79cc Champion single-cylinder OHV engine will give you the power you require for a few crucial goods in an emergency, it can light up your bulbs, a microwave, a fan, TV, modem/router, cell phone charger, etc.


With Champion’s dependable recoil start and Cold Start Technology, you can start your vehicle quickly even in cold conditions. With Intelligence, Champion also makes voltage, speed, and operation hours simple to track. This product features two covered 120V 20A household plugs (5-20R).


This tough and reliable generator needs 1500 launching watts and 1200 operating watts making it ideal for RV travel, hiking, partying, sailing, hunting, weekend parties, family vacations, and modest household projects. It is so compact that you can take it anywhere.


Fuel Capacity

This device has a 0.4-quart oil capacity and is designed for safety with quick pulling electrical systems, a low oil shut-off sensor, and an integrated oil siphon for easy changes (recommended 10W-30).

When the 1.5-gallon gas tank is full, the dependable 80cc single-cylinder OHV Champion engine will run for up to 10 hours at 50% load and delivers 1500 starting and 1200 running watts.

Noise Level

This machine can manage a few fundamental necessities in an outage with a noise level of 65 dBA at a distance of 23 feet, which is slightly louder than regular speech.

Easy to Install

Setting up Champion is a breeze because of its smart packing and simple instructions.


With Champion Support’s nationwide network of service centers, you can buy this EPA-certified and CARB-compliant generator with confidence knowing that you’ll get a 3-year limited warranty and free lifelong technical support.

  • Light weight
  • Efficient
  • Compact
  • Excellent customer support service
  • Somewhat noisy
  • 2 years warranty only



How to start a champion 1500-watt generator?

It is very easy to start a champion generator, follow these easy steps:

  • Fill the gasoline tank through the outer valve
  • Turn the fuel valve on
  • Turn the battery on
  • Move the choke lever to choke
  • Turn on the ignition button
  • Start your generator
  • Plug in the desired devices

How many decibels are in Champion 1500 Watt?

There are 65 decibels in a Champion 1500 Watt generator. You can run this generator for 12 hours continuously. In short, highly efficient and durable generators.

Are champion 1500-watt generators loud?

No, the Champion 1500-watt generators are not loud, these are silent inverter generators that are most reliable for home usage. The plus point of these generators is that they would not disturb the environment and your neighbors.

Champion Power 1500-Watt Portable Generator – FAQs

Are Champion power generators any good?
Champion Power Generators are excellent for home use and also for camping. These are highly recommended generators by experts. These compact generators are very easy to handle. You can take them everywhere with you and they would not disturb anyone as they are silent inverter generators. These eco-friendly generators would definitely be your great companion.
What can a 1500 watt generator run?
A 1500-watt generator can run a TV, a refrigerator, a bulb, a fan, an oven, a lamp, and a radio.
How long do champion generators last?
A gasoline-powered generator can run up to 24 hours continuously. These champion generators have a long life span.



Even though the Champion 1500-watt generator has certain flaws, it’s still a fantastic little device for hobbyists or those with modest energy output demands. For individuals with more demanding needs, a second generator should provide them with all the power they want, even in severe weather conditions.

I will highly recommend this generator because of its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Every machine has some flaws as is the case with this generator.

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