The Pulsar G12kbn Review - Electric Start & Easy to Assemble

Quality construction, dependable power production, and quiet operation all come at a cost in the generator business. Honda is a wonderful example. However, there are a few other generator companies that strive to bridge the gap for consumers who want a generator that checks most of these boxes without being prohibitively expensive- and Pulsar is one of them.

Pulsar Products, Inc. is an American generator company based in Ontario, California. This company’s goal is to provide high-quality inventions at a reasonable price for everyone. True to their claim, Pulsar generators are frequently several hundred dollars less expensive than most of their competitors. But what about its reliability? Is pulsar a good generator? That’s what we’re about to discover in this Pulsar G12kbn review.

Are Pulsar Generators Any Good?

This inverter generator has been regarded as the greatest value in terms of price and quality. Its 1.18-gallon fuel tank allows it to run for up to 4.8 hours at half load. With its silent inverter technology, it is an excellent choice for outdoor parties.

These generators are well-known in the industry due to their high quality. These generators are more powerful due to appealing features such as their firmly made construction, mobility, and affordability.

Pulsar G12KBN – Quietest Generator

This Pulsar dual fuel generator with six outlets, four AC switches, and 2 key breakers could be useful in the aftermath of natural disasters or other extreme circumstances.

When fueled by gas, this device has 12000 beginning watts and 9500 operating watts, and when powered by propane, it has 10800 surge power and 8550 generating power.

The electrical push-start makes starting this machine straightforward, and the 10-inch tires make moving this 209-pound piece of equipment simple.

“It ran for 44 hours nonstop off a 100-pound (24-gallon) fuel tank (it ran 7.5 hours off a propane tank [that] you’d use for a BBQ,” one delighted customer said.


Brand Pulsar
Running Wattage 9500 W
Starting Wattage 12000 W
Fuel Type Gas, liquefied petroleum gas
Weight 209 pounds
Engine Type 4 Stroke
Engine Displacement 457 Cubic Centimeters
Tank Volume 8 Gallons

The Pulsar generator is a globally popular generator due to a number of essential characteristics, its design, power range, sturdy construction for mobility, minimal noise generation, and other features. Let’s go through their distinguishing characteristics:

Engine and Tank capacity

The 12000W generator from Pulsar is powered by a powerful four-stroke OHV engine. A 457cc 4-stroke OHV engine will operate well and provide more power than you think.

When it comes to generators, the runtime is a crucial issue to consider. Pulsar is unrivaled when it comes to providing a long runtime. A 6.6-gallon gasoline tank provides approximately 13 hours of operation at half load.

This excellent duration is plenty for a restful night’s sleep. The typical runtime of such inverter-type generators is just approximately eight hours. As a result, often replenishing the tank will cost you sleep. With its longest duration, Pulsar promotes sleep and serenity.

Pulsar G12kbn - Engine and Tank capacity

Safety features and Power Outlets

Aside from output wattage and duration, any generator with the highest level of safety features is the crowd’s choice. Smart eco-mode, for example, will adjust engine speed based on the loads connected to the unit.

As a result, you may use the gasoline more efficiently and enhance the runtime. Furthermore, when the oil level is low, the low oil shut-off mechanism will switch off the engine. Aside from that, a pair of circuit breakers will cut off the power supply if it becomes overloaded.

As a result, you can prevent the engine and other internal components from overheating. A digital voltmeter and Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) are advantageous. There is also a spark arrestor to keep sparks from escaping outside during the engine’s internal combustion.

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Starting mechanism and weight

Entry-level generators typically include one manual recoil mechanism. Pulsar G12KBN has two starting methods for your convenience. You may start the generator using either a manual recoil or an electronic push-button.

The electric push-button may not respond adequately in the worst-case scenario. In that situation, you can start the generator using the recoiling mechanism.

The weight of this heavy-duty generator can reach 218 pounds. Despite its size, the generator can be readily transported. Thanks to connected wheels and sturdy handlebars.


The majority of pulsar generators are constructed with a black and grey matte color scheme. It is beneficial if you do not want vivid colors on your building site. Furthermore, pulsar generators with handles are available. As a result, people may conveniently transport them wherever they go.


Certifications and warranty

The CARB-compliant Pulsar G12KBN generator has met all noise rating regulations. As a result, it is acceptable for use on construction sites or in public parks without causing any disruption. Furthermore, this generator comes with a one-year warranty.

Solidly built for portability

Although pulsar generators are inexpensive, the majority of them are well-built. You will not complain about missing pieces.

Low Noise Production

Loud noise makers should never be used when camping. Pulsar generators create less noise. Users are especially pleased with the pulsar generators’ minimal noise output.

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Handy Control Panel

Pulsar generators include highly important characteristics such as simple and easy-to-understand control panels. That implies a convenient control panel that can be used by anyone.

Dual Fuel Technology

The finest characteristic of pulsar generators is dual-fuel technology. There is also the possibility to install a dual fuel kit later on.

Pulsar G12kbn - Dual Fuel Technology


Pulsar manufactures some of the most affordable generators on the market today. The price rises as you desire more power output, but you’ll still be spending far less than you would for comparably sized competition brands. A Pulsar generator costs around $859 on average. The most basic Pulsar generator costs roughly $130, while the most expensive price is over $2700.

  • The dual-fuel capability is ideal for emergencies where fuel options may be restricted.
  • The engine is a single-cylinder, 457cc OHV with an electronic start.
  • There are numerous safeguards in place.
  • These include a low oil shutdown mechanism, a 3-in-1 digital meter, and an automatic voltage regulator that operates whenever the generator is turned on.
  • This generator is very loud.
  • This generator is very heavy.



Alternate Pulsar G12kbn

Following are the alternatives to the Pulsar G12kbn Dual Fuel Portable Generator. These generators are designed to function without a lot of bells and whistles, and they are simple to maintain.

  1. DuroMax XP10000EH
  2. WEN DF1100T
  3. Durostar DS10000E

1. DuroMax XP10000EH – Best 10,000-Watt Dual Fuel Generator

DuroMax XP10000EH - Best 10,000-Watt Generator on Amazon

This 10000-starting-watt and 8000-running-watt DuroMax gas-powered generator with an air-cooled motor is an excellent choice for medium-sized homes or businesses.

The generator features a noise-controlling muffler that emits a low rumble during operation, and with a noise level of 72 dBA, you will be able to use it without bothering your neighbors. They’ve also integrated a spark arrestor, making it suitable for use in all outdoor settings.

DuroMax has enabled idle control (autothrottle) to save gasoline, which when activated decreases the RPM and guarantees the generator does not use any power. In idle mode, the generator produces 45 dBA of noise.

This machine weighs 218 pounds and comes with wheels for enhanced portability. After a hurricane, one customer said, “It is powering my four-ton A/C (16 SEER) unit, refrigerator, different computers, [and] any and all lights.”

A control panel, RV switches, voltmeter, circuit breakers, 120V, and 240V receptacles, and an oil warning light and cut-off round out the features that make this generator efficient and user-friendly. The manufacturer has made this unit as safe as possible by ensuring that it is EPA and CARB-approved. Detail Review Here About This Generator



2. WEN DF1100T – Best 10,000-Watt Dual Fuel Generator

WEN DF1100T - Best 10,000-Watt Generator CARB Compliant

The WEN DF1100T is a dual fuel generator that lets you quickly switch between fuel types for longer operation and lower fuel expenses. WEN generators receive rave reviews from buyers all across the country. They provide the perfect performance and, on average, sell for less than the competitors. This one is no different.

This quantity of electricity will be more than enough for you to utilize most of your important equipment during power outages or natural catastrophes. This amount of electricity is more than adequate for a backup power supply.

There are three outlets and a twisted lock socket on the WEN DF1100T Portable Generator. The generator is covered by a two-year guarantee. As a result, the WEN DF1100T Portable Generator is an ideal power backup solution for locations that demand steady power.

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3. Durostar DS10000E – Best Budget

Durostar DS10000E – Best Budget

If you’re looking for a versatile generator that can power anything from your air conditioning to your lights, the Durostar DS10000E is sure to catch your eye. It is not just dual fuel, but it also boasts an all-metal design that I am confident will endure a long time. Eurostar’s DS10000E Dual Fuel Portable Generator, with a 10,000-watt output, is one of their more powerful generators.

Customer reviews for this generator are positive, which is consistent with the overall approval percentage for all Durostar items and my own experience. However, it only has two 120v three-prong outlets, limiting the number of appliances that may be powered while utilizing it.

It’s not fancy, but it has enough power to get you through any power loss. The DS10000E’s air-cooled, 420cc OHV engine can produce 8,000 watts. It runs for 10 hours at 50% capacity, allowing you to go all night without recharging its 8.3-gallon petrol tank.

Finally, if you are searching for an exceptional portable generator that can compete with (or even outperform) the best of them, the Durostar DS10000E should be at the top of your list. Detail Analyze Here About This Generator



Who Makes Pulsar Generators?

Pulsar is a brand from the United States. Pulsar goods are based in California, USA. The majority of pulsar generators are designed in the United States. In most situations, corporations established in the United States are only concerned with selling and promoting. However, they are really manufactured in another nation.

In reality, pulsar generators are manufactured in Ontario, California. However, the original production takes place in China. People are also perplexed as to where the pulsar generators are made!

Who makes pulsar generator engines?

Ducar, a Chinese company, manufactures the Pulsar generator engines. This implies that the pulsar’s generator engine is manufactured by Ducar. Pulsar manufactures both four-stroke and two-stroke engines.

Pulsar Vs Westinghouse Generator

The Westing house generator is made by a business that is well-known for producing high-quality machinery. Fortunately, this device is no exception, as it receives nearly a 5-star rating for quality.

In terms of power, the device will undoubtedly exceed your expectations. It is powered by a 457cc 4-Stroke OHV engine that delivers 9500 Watts during regular operation and 12500 Watts at its peak. The power is sufficient for any business application, making the component an excellent backup alternative.

The Pulsar generator, on the other hand, is powered by a 457cc engine that produces 12000 peak watts and 9500 operating watts on gasoline. Given that it is a dual-fuel type, it also produces 10800 peak watts and 8550 operating watts when using propane gas. The output is sufficient to power all residential and commercial appliances, making the item suitable for electric manufacturing.

With a weight of 270 pounds, portability may be a challenge for some, but the included heavy-duty wheels guarantee that transporting the item is the least of your worries. While Pulsar has an excellent grip and well-constructed wheels, it clearly passes the first criterion, portability.

These generators are best on their own; the choice is based on your requirements.

Pulsar G12kbn Review – FAQs

How much can a 12000 watt generator run?
These generators can usually keep a house operating without a hitch. Lights, fans, TVs, refrigerators, computers, space heaters, and pretty much anything else that plugs into an outlet will work.
Does Pulsar make the Ford generators?
Pulsar Inc manufactures licensed generators under the Ford trademark
How long will a Pulsar generator run on propane?
Pulsar currently has new variants that can run on propane for up to 24 hours. The old type provided electricity for around 8-12 hours each day.
Where is Pulsar generators made?
China. The majority of the design is done in the United States, however, the manufacturing is done in China.
Where to buy Pulsar generators?
Pulsar’s generators are not available for purchase on their official website. However, its generators may be purchased through Amazon, Home Depot, eBay, Overstock, and Walmart. It is worth noting that Pulsar does not list the cost of its items on its website. You must look around for the greatest prices.


To Sum Up

To summarize, pulsar generators are not only the best but also of high quality. A pulsar generator is a perfect choice if you want an energy-efficient, dependable, and cost-effective generator. I hope you thoroughly liked our guide.

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