Generac Generators VS Honda Generators - Comparing The Two Brands

A portable inverter generator may be quite valuable, acting as anything from a source of comfort to a lifesaver. Honda and Generac are both well-known inverter generator manufacturers with high-quality products.

The biggest distinction between Generac and Honda is their price. The Generac brand is recognized for producing low-cost inverters and conventional whole-house generators, whereas Honda produces premium and long-lasting strong inverters and conventional generators.

In this article, we compared top models from both companies, honda inverters generators and Generac portable generators, based on noise, runtime, fuel efficiency, weight, mobility, and pricing. This article will help you in making a decision.

Generac Vs Honda Generator – Brands Comparison

Generac was formed in Wisconsin in 1959 and has been manufacturing generators for over 60 years. All of the company’s production facilities are located in Wisconsin, ensuring the quality and performance of an American-made generator.

Honda, while being headquartered in Japan, has a lengthy history in the United States. Since its inception in 1973, the firm has gained a reputation as one of the most inventive and dependable generator companies on the market.

Both Generac and Honda have made significant advancements in inverter generator technology, so you’ll find a large number of inverter models in their respective portfolios. The businesses’ power offers are basically equivalent, while Generac’s lower wattage generators tend to focus more on the simplicity of use than Honda’s comparable products.

Generac Vs Honda Generator - Brands Comparison

The price gap between Generac and Honda versions is the most noticeable. Honda is pricey — you’re paying not only for the brand name but also for Honda’s legendary dependability and durability. Generac generators are far less expensive, but you will likely lose some years of generator life if you choose a Generac motor. Nonetheless, people back Generac’s products, so you don’t have to worry about decent durability.

The warranty policies of the two firms varied as well. Honda offers a three-year guarantee on all of its generators, regardless of whether they are used for home or commercial purposes. Generac is less liberal — depending on the model, the business gives a two- or three-year guarantee for residential customers, while commercial users are often limited to a one-year warranty.

Honda Generator

Honda Motor Company, LTD. is a Japanese automotive, power equipment, and other motored goods maker. The brand has a solid reputation in the generator sector. Honda’s contribution to bettering people’s lives extends well beyond the automobile sector.

Honda generators are developed and built to an extremely high quality. These machines are well-known for their competitive performance, durability, and dependability.

Honda’s generator lineup has features to fit every power requirement, from campers and homeowners looking for lightweight mobility to high-demand industrial customers.

Such variants that meet high standards are praiseworthy and provide the brand advantage.

Generac Generator

Generac is an American manufacturer of backup power production systems that was founded in 1959. Generac generators are offered internationally through hundreds of retail outlets due to their high standards and robust construction.

Thousands of pleased customers have rated Generac as the top inverter generator brand on the market. Generac also produces a variety of generators to meet a variety of applications. So, whether you’re looking for one for camping, powering your household appliances, or industrial use, Generac has you covered.

Generac vs Honda Generator


If you need a strong generator, the Honda is an excellent choice. They manufacture some of the most powerful generators available on the market. Generac generators are strong as well, although not as much as Honda generators.

Generac vs Honda Generator Power


Honda generators are available in a number of sizes. You can pick a little generator that meets your requirements or a huge generator if you want a lot of electricity. The Generac generators are also available in a range of sizes, albeit not as many as the Honda generators.


Honda generators are well-known for their quiet operation. This is critical if you need to utilize the generator in an area where noise is an issue. Generac generators are likewise rather quiet, albeit not as much as Honda generators.

Fuel Efficiency

Honda generators are well-known for their quiet operation. This is critical if you need to utilize the generator in an area where noise is an issue. Generac generators are likewise rather quiet, albeit not as much as Honda generators.


Generac generators are less expensive than Honda generators. If you’re on a tight budget, Generac generators are an excellent option.


Honda generators have a longer runtime than Generac generators. This is essential if you intend to use the generator for an extended period of time. The ‘HONDA EU3000is’ is a fantastic alternative if you want a long-lasting generator.

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Generac vs Honda Generator Runtime


Both companies provide a range of characteristics, so compare them before making your pick.

Generac vs Honda – Comparing popular models

With those distinctions in mind, let’s see how Generac and Honda generators compare. We’ll explore the range of offers from both firms by focusing on three widely common power classes.

Generac GP2200i vs Honda EU2200i

The wattage of the Generac GP2200i and Honda EU2200i inverter generators is nearly the same. Both generators can generate up to 2,200 watts of surge power, with the Honda generator having a tiny 100-watt advantage in operating power. The Honda engine is significantly larger than the Generac engine – 121cc vs. 81cc – but both are very efficient four-stroke OHV types.

Although these two generators are comparable in many ways, there is a lot to enjoy about Generac’s attention to usability. The Generac generator features a slightly bigger 1.2-gallon fuel tank, allowing it to run at 25% load for 10.75 hours. The Honda generator has a one-gallon fuel tank and can only run for eight hours at 25 percent load.

The difference may not be significant if you require a 50% load or higher, because you’ll still need to refill both generators if you want to operate them for a whole day. It’s important to note that the Generac model weighs no more than the Honda model, therefore the larger gasoline tank has no effect on mobility.

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Generac GP2200i vs Honda EU2200i

On its generator, Generac also integrated a USB charging connector. This is a thoughtful addition that allows you to charge a small electrical item such as your phone without utilizing one of the two 120-volt outlets. Neither generator has an hour meter, and the rest of the outlet panels seem the same.

Honda generators are well-known for their quiet operation, and the EU2200i is no exception. This generator generates just 48 dB at 25% load and maximum noise output of 57 dB. Generac does not rate its generator’s noise output. Users say it’s pretty quiet — noise isn’t an issue with this generator – but not as quiet as the Honda generator.

Given how closely these two generators are related, it’s difficult to overlook the price difference. The GP2200i from Generac costs roughly $600, whereas the EU2200i from Honda costs $1,050. The Honda guarantee is longer, especially for business customers, but it’s difficult to justify spending almost twice as much for a generator when most characteristics favor Generac in this pairing.

Generac GP3000i vs Honda EU3000IS

In terms of wattage, Generac provides the GP3000i inverter while Honda offers the EU3000iS inverter. Both generators have 3,000 watts of surge capacity, but there is a significant variation in operating power – the Generac model has just 2,300 watts, while the Honda model has 2,800 watts. Generac created a somewhat bigger version of the GP2200i, whilst Honda created a specialized 3,000-watt generator.

A little over one gallon, the gasoline tank on the GP3000i is actually smaller than the tank on the GP2200i. While this implies that the total size of the generator hasn’t changed significantly, it also means that your runtime is highly constrained. The generator can only function at full capacity for roughly an hour, which is quite limited.

The Honda generator, on the other hand, has a massive 3.4-gallon fuel tank that allows it to run at maximum power for over five hours, or 20 hours at a 25% load. When it comes to outlets, the two generators are once again fairly well matched. Both include a 30-amp twist-lock outlet, which is ideal if you need to power an RV or heavy-duty power tools.

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Generac GP3000i vs Honda EU3000IS

The Generac generator has a USB charging connection, while the Honda generator does not. However, in addition to the recoil start, the Honda generator has an electronic starter. That’s a significant boost in terms of usability. If the onboard battery runs out, you may always use the recoil starter.

Honda once again outperforms Generac in terms of noise. The Honda generator generates just 50 dB at 25% power, which is unusual for a generator of this size. Users report that the Generac GP3000i is substantially noisier than the GP2200i, with an estimated 55 dB of noise at a 25% load.

In the end, mobility is likely to be the deciding factor between these two generators. Because the GP3000i is simply a beefier version of the GP2200i, it weighs less than 60 pounds and is light enough to be carried by one person over short distances.

The Honda generator, on the other hand, weighs 130 pounds and is plainly built to be carried by at least two persons. It is not wheeled, and the cube design makes it difficult for one person to grasp both handles. Of course, the cost is an important consideration. The Honda generator costs $2,000 or more, so it’s a significant investment. The Generac GP3000i is less expensive at $900.

Commercial users should bear in mind that the Generac machine only has a one-year warranty, thus the extra money for the Honda may be worthwhile.

Generac GP6500E vs Honda EM6500SX

While Generac and Honda’s smaller generators are mostly inverter types, both firms also make powerful traditional generators. With 8,125 watts of surge power and 6,500 watts of running power, the Generac GP6500E is the more powerful of this duo. The Honda EM6500SX has a surge capacity of 6,500 watts, but it can boost to 7,000 watts for up to 10 seconds. The generator has a constant power capacity of up to 5,500 watts. Both generators use 389cc four-stroke engines.

Although the Generac generator has a somewhat bigger fuel tank, the runtimes for these two versions are about comparable. Both run for 10 hours at 50% load, which is sufficient for a full day of work without recharging.

Both generators can produce either 120/125-volt or 240/250-volt electricity, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications. The Honda generator features one extra outlet than the Generac, which is a 125-volt, 30-amp twist-lock outlet. This is useful if you need to operate multiple tools or appliances at high currents.

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Generac GP6500E vs Honda EM6500SX

In addition, each generator is outfitted with an electric starter for added convenience. However, the Generac generator has a digital hour meter to track your watts and remaining runtime, whilst the Honda does not.

The Honda generator is also more silent. This is one of the quietest generators in this power range, producing less than 66 dB. The Generac model is not rated, but users estimate that it is 5-10 times louder than the Honda.

Both generators are supported by steel frames and never-flat wheels. This considerably improves mobility, yet the Generac is still simpler to take about because it weighs 50 pounds less than the Honda generator. To assist with towing, the frames around each generator include pull-out handles.

Despite the more power provided by the Generac generator, it is substantially less expensive than the Honda unit. The Honda EM6500SX costs roughly $3,000, while the GP6500E costs approximately $1,050. Commercial customers should be aware that Generac only provides a one-year guarantee.


For Honda

Honda is unquestionably one of the world’s leading engine manufacturers. We can confidently state that Honda is a tough rival in the generator market after evaluating all of the critical elements in the honda vs generic comparison.

Honda generators come in a variety of variants. Our staff has decided to grade it 4.7/5 based on their overall performance.

For Generac

In the competition, Generac generators are second to none. Generac generators have outperformed Honda generators in terms of engine performance and fuel capacity.

We give Generac 4.8/5 after considering all of the important factors in the preceding comparison.

Buying Guide For Generators

It is difficult to know which qualities to look for and which to avoid when purchasing a sound generator. So we’ve finished them so you don’t get confused while shopping for one. Check out the tutorial below.

Engine and Wattage

The generators rely exclusively on the power of their engines. A strong engine is required for the beast to run smoothly. You can’t check a generator’s engine, but you may compare its input fuel and output wattages. Suitable generators have larger output wattages and can operate for longer periods of time without tripping.

Buying Guide For Generators


The generators can either be rectified or use inverter technology. Because of their higher interoperability with electronics, inverter technology generators are significantly preferable to traditional rectifying ones. Inverters convert alternating current into direct current, allowing them to provide more precise wattage to power-sensitive products.

Fuel Tank and Efficiency

This is one of the most significant factors to consider. The fuel tank capacity specifies the maximum fuel intake, so you know how much fuel is spent each time the generator runs.

Larger fuel tanks need less frequent refilling, but only when the generator is fuel-efficient. Check the operating hours of the generator with varied load capacities to determine efficiency. Generators with higher load capabilities and lower fuel usage are the most efficient.


It may not seem significant when purchasing, but after you start using it, you will realize how crucial it is. The generator should be both user and novice-friendly. A difficult setup method might make its use inconvenient. As a result, ensure that the generator works properly and is simple to use.

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Generac VS Honda Generators – FAQs

Is Generac quieter than Honda?
On the Econo mode, the Generac inverter generator is somewhat quieter than the Honda. Both of these types are among the quietest motor-powered generators available. Honda and Generac generators are nearly the same.
Is it worth buying a Honda generator?
When it comes to generators, Honda has a stellar reputation. And it’s no surprise: Honda generators are well regarded for their dependability, quality, and attractive appearance. Honda has also been in business since the late 1940s, making it a well-known brand across the world.
How Fuel Efficient Is The Generac Gp2200i Portable Generator?
The generator is fuel-efficient since it can run for 10.75 hours on its 1.2-gallon tank. This is when the load is at 25% capacity. As a result, you should have enough power to run your programs for hours before needing to recharge.
What Is The Economy Mode In The Generac Gp2200i Portable Generator?
This is when the generator slows down its engine to save fuel and decrease noise. The engine will do this when the load is so low that operating the generator at high RPMs makes no sense.
Is The Honda Eu7000iAT1 Generator Reliable?
Based on the number of good evaluations, this Honda generator is highly dependable. Many people would feel at ease utilizing the generator because they would be getting the greatest electricity while also being able to manage more power-hungry gadgets. It is also fuel-efficient, allowing it to run for extended periods of time.
Is It Easy To Start The Honda EU7000iAT1 Generator?
The model has an electronic start. When compared to other models on the market, this sort of mechanism will make it easier to start the generator. It retains the recoil system as a backup starting mechanism.
Can A Portable Inverter Generator Handle A Refrigerator?
It is determined by the inverter generator’s rated power. If it is greater than what the refrigerator needs to operate, it will manage it without issue. In addition, the generator must provide clean electricity for the refrigerator to operate properly.


To Sum Up

Both of these generators are good choices for dependable power backup. They are both outfitted with the greatest features and provide excellent value for money.

Because of their inverter technology, they are ideal for connecting to power-sensitive electronics. They are both top selections from a renowned online purchasing website since they are lightweight and easy to transport to a building site or even on a camping vacation.

Both have earned excellent ratings, however, if you are a potential buyer, neither of these will be an excellent investment.

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