8 Best Hurricane Generators - Review Buying Guide

In some areas of the world, there is a continuous danger of hurricanes so, everyone wants to be well prepared for the danger. The biggest issue in this situation is the Power Outage. You might not be able to keep food cold or preserve edible if your home loses power, and you might also be unable to cook or stay warm. Generators can ensure that your family has electricity in an emergency.

A weather calendar for hurricane season shows that it lasts from June to around mid-November. Usually, the middle of May through the end of November are the busiest months. Any region connecting the Atlantic, Pacific, or Gulf Coast beaches is susceptible to hurricane damage. A generator is a wise investment because it will only be a matter of time before one of these powerful storms heads in your direction.

Inland regions will also be affected by strong winds and rain, which might result in power disruptions that continue for many days. So, in this article, you will get the elaborated details of the generators best in Hurricane season. Have a look at the top 8 best Hurrican generator picks:

Best Hurricane Generators – Quick Comparison

1. Westinghouse WGen12000 Ultra Duty Portable Generator

Westinghouse WGen12000 Ultra Duty Portable Generator

A portable, heavy-duty generator designed for strength is the Westinghouse WGen12000. The WGen12000 has the power to be the preferred power source, at 12,000 rated watts and 15,000 peak watts. You will be able to run all the necessary appliances in your home, in addition to more, with the help of the four 5-20R GFCI household outlets, one L5-30R outlet, one 14-50R receptacle, and two 5V USB ports.

Simple Maintenance: The Automatic Low Oil Shutdown, Automatic Voltage Regulation, Smart Idle control, and VFT display are maintenance and protection features that will keep you at ease while ensuring the WGen12000 is properly taken care of.

Easy Electric Start: It only takes a push of a button to start the WGen12000 because it features an electric start. By effortlessly starting your generator remotely from up to 260 feet away, the WGen12000 key fob can help you avoid the hassle.

Switch ready for transfer: You may connect your WGen12000 to your home with a transfer switch to easily power your home thanks to the practical 120/240V 14-50R and twist-lock L14-30R outlets.

V-Twin Engine: A robust, powerful V-Twin engine powers the WGen12000. The WGen12000, which has an engine with a 713cc displacement, has the power to run for up to 16 hours on a 10.5-gallon tank. The WGen9500 is a powerful portable generator that can meet all of your power needs. This strong generator includes Transfer Switch Ready outlets.


Brand Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment
Wattage 12000 watts
Fuel Type Liquefied Petroleum Gas
Voltage 120/240


I have found this generator excellent in terms of providing power to your house. The only drawback that this generator includes is the lack of inverter technology.

  • V.TWIN engine work perfectly
  • It delivers an excellent performance
  • It is very easy to start with a single push button
  • It is not a quiet generator
  • It is not equipped with inverter technology


2. A-iPower SUA12000E 12000 Watt Portable Generator

A-iPower SUA12000E 12000 Watt Portable Generator

When it comes to cheap inverter generator options for camping, A-iPower is another wonderful name to look at. A-iPower is one of the distinguished names in the field of generators. They have been serving this world for more than 30 years. This generator is also the epitome of their excellence.

Lightweight: One of the most intriguing things about this inverter generator is that it weighs only 206 pounds and is a huge size generator but still you won’t ever feel uncomfortable with it. It is very easy to carry it and to take it everywhere with you because of the wheels.

Heavy engine: it’s a huge size generator having a 459cc, 4-stroke engine that generates a tremendous 9000 watts, which is rather impressive for this generator.

Run time: In fact, the vibrations and sounds are limited, so running is not at all uncomfortable. With a tank size of 7 gallons, it has an approximate runtime of 7 hours on full load.

Ports: The runtime is on the lower side when compared to other generators, but in our opinion, it is not a deal breaker. The 120VAC 20A Household outlet, 120VAC 30A L5-30R Locking outlet, 12VDC 8.3A Adapter Plug, and 5V USB port are all included as outlets with this generator. Additionally ideal for delicate electronic gadgets is this machine. You won’t harm your TV or the battery in your phone.

Recommended: this generator is surely a recommendation from my side as it works best in every prospect. This generator can run the air conditioner, refrigerators, TV, and much more.


Brand A-iPower
Wattage 9000 watts
Fuel Type Gasoline
Voltage 120 Volts


The generator is very easy and simple to operate. Runtime is 7 hours only on full load. This can be improved.

  • It accompanies a very heavy-duty engine
  • It is very easy to transport from one place to another because of the wheels
  • It is a Highly efficient generator
  • Run time should be improved


3. WEN 56475 4750-Watt Portable Generator

WEN 56475 4750-Watt Portable Generator

WEN is a well-known brand and is readily available in the market at very affordable rates. So is this model. One of the best-known models by WEN that has gained so much popularity after its launch. Almost nothing has changed since it was first released, except for a few small cosmetic changes and the bright orange color.

Upgraded model: As you can see, the WEN 56475 hasn’t changed all that much since it was first introduced many years ago. The largest new feature since then is the addition of a carbon monoxide detector.

Affordable: This model belongs to the select group of the top inexpensive portable generators since it is difficult to beat for the price. There is a distinction between being “cheap” and being “inexpensive.”

Easy to use: It is a straightforward gas generator if the 3750W of constant output is adequate for your power requirements.

Loud generator: If you intend to camp next to other people, it won’t be a good decision because it will undoubtedly be loud. I am aware that this product is advertised as an RV/Camping generator with two 30A outlets that may be used to connect to your RV or the typical TT30 Twist-Lock found on campsites. I would not suggest this for camping.


Brand WEN
Wattage 4750 watts
Fuel Type Gasoline
Voltage 120 Volts


I believe it would be more suited for use as a low-cost source of home backup power that you could connect to your transfer switch with an adaptor. Never fear; I have several reasonable substitutes available as well.

  • It accompanies a very heavy engine
  • It is very easy to understand
  • It is a very affordable generator
  • It is a very loud generator
  • Not suitable for camping and RV


4. Jackery Explorer 1000 Portable Power Station

Jackery Explorer 1000 Portable Power Station

The solar generator market was pioneered by Jackery, which was established in California in 2012 and is now the world’s top-selling solar generator brand, with over 2 million users and 100 authorized media & organizations worldwide.

They aim to provide the most cost-effective portable solar-powered goods available while advancing global sustainability.

Best for outside use: The Jackery Explorer is the only option if mobility is essential, as in readily ascending and descending stairs grade portability. It won’t be as strong as usual hurricane generators, but it will keep you alive and well by powering the necessities.

According to my analysis, I have discovered that although the Explorer’s maximum output of 1000 watts may appear quite low, as long as you just connect two small appliances at once, it’s a really capable generator. You name it, it will power your lights, computers, laptops, and mini-refrigerators.

Battery-operated generator: It is a battery generator that can be used indoors. It has a handle and weighs a little over 22 lbs, so you can carry it around your home as it powers all the essentials in the immediate area. The optimum use for it is during brief outages, which might not always be the case during storm season.

Clean and Unlimited Solar Energy: A sophisticated MPPT controller for the most effective charging efficiency. With two Jackery SolarSaga 100W solar panels (which must be purchased separately), the power station can be fully charged in 6 hours or only 5.5 hours using an AC wall outlet. Ideal for emergency storage while camping or with the family.

Simple to Use: The handle’s ergonomic design allows for a secure grasp. To enjoy exceptional charging efficiency, utilize it in one touch after a quick and easy setup of 60 seconds.


Brand Jackery
Wattage 1000 watts
Fuel Type Gasoline
Voltage 110 Volts


Overall it is one of the best generators technically but the drawback of Jackery is the average customer support services and a bit low capacity to operate all the appliances.

  • It is an excellent battery-operated generator
  • It is very simple to use
  • It is a very affordable generator
  • It’s a temporary energy fix to be long-lived.


5. Westinghouse 4500 Watt Portable Inverter Generator

Westinghouse 4500 Watt Portable Inverter Generator

Nowadays, everyone knows about the Westinghouse brand. This brand is best known for high-end manufacturing generators and this model is also one of them. Outstanding value, power, and quality for the price it has a long history of happy customers that’s why we have put it first on our top pick list.

Super quiet: amazingly, this generator has a low-tone muffler, asymmetrical cooling fans, and a double-insulated acoustic enclosure combined to create a design that is as quiet as 52dB. This super quiet feature of this generator is far better than the other Westinghouse generators having 64db of the noise level.

Best for Camping: this model is best suitable for camping or running a food truck it is strong enough to power the majority of tools and appliances and it will effortlessly keep your fridge operating during a power outage while doing several other things at once. (3700W Run / 4500W Peak)

LED Display: Monitoring for carbon monoxide can save your life as this poisonous gas is hazardous. Each year, many individuals pass away from CO poisoning brought on by using a generator in or adjacent to an enclosed environment, such as a garage. This will immediately stop working to stop such tragedies.

Ports: it accompanies a good selection of outlets One 120V Duplex 5-20R (20A) and 1x 120V TT-30R (30A). It is portable thanks to its handle and wheels that make it easy to transport from one place to another making it best for camping. However a majority of inverter generators lack wheels.


Brand Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment
Wattage 4500 watts
Fuel Type Liquefied Petroleum Gas
Voltage 120 Volts


I like the feature that monitors power usage and adjusts the output accordingly. It has all the excellent features that make it distinguished except the bit high weight that is 100 pounds. Overall, an excellent food truck generator.

  • It has a CO-Sensor technology
  • LED displays that help in proper monitoring
  • A good Low fuel consumption option
  • It comes with a 3-year limited warranty


6. Champion Power Equipment 100891 9375/7500-Watt Generator

Champion Power Equipment 100891 93757500-Watt Generator

The Champion Power Equipment 100891 7500-Watt Dual Fuel Portable generator is one of the excellent generators available in the market. A portable generator should be versatile and convenient, and Electric Start certainly is. Champion Electricity Equipment makes getting the power you need for your home or upcoming project more convenient than ever. Champion generators are made in California and distributed throughout the world.

Battery: A battery is included in the practical electric start, and cold weather starts are ensured by Cold Start Technology. A 120V 30A locking outlet (L5-30R), a 120/240V 30A locking outlet (L14-30R), and four 120V 20A GFCI-protected household outlets are among the many outlets present (5-20R).

Intelligauage: With Intelligence, you can easily manage voltage, hertz, and run-time hours while keeping track of power production and maintenance intervals.

Low oil shut-off sensor: This device has a low oil shut-off sensor and comes with 1.2 quarts of 10W-30 oil. With our innovative fuel selector switch, you can simply switch between fuel sources while still operating your Dual-Fuel generator safely right out of the box on either gasoline or propane.

Run time: When the 7.7-gallon fuel tank is full, the 439cc Champion engine will operate for 10 hours at 50% load and provide 9375 starting watts and 7500 running watts. With a 20-pound propane tank, it can run for 5.5 hours at 50% load and provides 8400 starting and 6750 operating watts. A 6-foot propane hose with an integrated regulator is also provided. It is a little louder at 23 feet with a noise level of 74 dBA.


Brand Champion Power Equipment
Wattage 7500 watts
Fuel Type Gasoline, Propane (LPG)
Voltage 240 Volts


This generator works perfectly fine having a low oil shut-off sensor option. This generator could be better in terms of the warranty provided by the company.

  • It accompanies a low oil shut-off sensor
  • It has an amazing running time
  • The noise level is a bit lower as compared to other generators
  • It has a limited warranty


7. Westinghouse 9500 Watt Home Backup Portable Generator

Westinghouse 9500 Watt Home Backup Portable Generator

This pick belongs to the Westinghouse. This brand is known for the best sturdy design and efficient performance. There is 73 dB of noise (a little louder than the sound of a vacuum cleaner). There is a remote start feature available on the machine.

Run time: With a 0.41 GPH fuel usage, the full tank contains 6.6 gallons and can run for up to 16 hours. A relatively high THD level of 23% is seen in the Westinghouse WGen7500. Use of it with delicate devices is therefore not advised.

Transfer switch ready option: You can use the device to power your home during a power outage by connecting it to a breaker box; it comes with a transfer switch ready.

Portability: Open-frame generators should be simple to lift off the ground, such as the Westinghouse WGen7500. However, you can’t do it manually unless you have the wheel kit and folding handle set.

Digital display: A meter on the WGen7500 control panel displays the voltage, frequency, and lifetime hours. You can easily keep an eye on its status and activity. The device contains an integrated fuel gauge that makes it simple to check the generator’s fuel level.

Emissions: Both the EPA and CARB have authorized the Westinghouse WGen7500. It’s legal in all 50 states, including California, to sell or buy. You may use it in wooded places because of the spark arrestor.


Brand Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment
Wattage 7500 watts
Fuel Type Gasoline
Voltage 120 Volts


You can be confident that the WGen7500 will serve as an excellent generator for all your power needs in the event of a power outage following a hurricane

  • This generator is CARB and EPA-approved
  • It has a large tank capacity of 6.6 gallons
  • It accompanies a transfer switch-ready option
  • It is a very loud generator


8. Duromax XP12000EH Dual Fuel

Duromax XP12000EH Dual Fuel

The Duromax XP12000EH, sometimes known as “The Beast,” is a dual-fuel generator that was designed with toughness in mind. It produces 9500 watts of operating power and 12000 watts of starting power, allowing for the operation of many tools or pieces of equipment at once. People who are searching for a hybrid option can choose this generator.

Multiple outlets: While there are only two 3-prong outlets, three larger outlets can accommodate RV ports and twist-lock style plugs, allowing for the connection of large appliances or equipment.

Runtime: The 8.3-gallon tank offers up to 20 hours of operation on a 20lb propane tank and 10 hours of operation at 50% load on gasoline. You can continue using that amount of fuel without having to refuel for a few days.

Low oil pressure detector: Due to dual fuel technology, users have the option and flexibility to choose their preferred fuel. immediately turn off the generator when it detects low oil pressure to protect your investment.

Powerful engine: Powerful enough to handle heavy loads, including lights, a refrigerator, a home air conditioner, and high-amperage power tools. It has a starting wattage of 12,000 and a running wattage of 9,500.

Westinghouse 9500dfc generator is almost similar to this one and has a 12-hour run time. This generator is also quieter than the Duramax 12000EH generator having 4 powerful stroke engine.

Maximum power: Utilize each 120-volt outlet to its full potential with DuroMax MX2 technology. Select whether to run the generator at 240 and 120 volts simultaneously or at 120 volts with full power.


Brand DuroMax
Wattage 12000 watts
Fuel Type Dual Fuel
Voltage 240 Volts


This generator is overall a good generator having an excellently heavy engine. The only drawback is it takes work to operate.

  • This generator is CARB and EPA-approved
  • It is Easy to move from one place to another
  • Accompanies a Heavy and durable engine
  • Owners may find it difficult to use



Things to Consider While Buying a Hurricane Generator

So before choosing the best hurricane generators, you should keep the following factors in mind in this buyer’s guide because it will help you to get the best generator that fulfills your demands.


The engine is the most important part of any generator since it determines how much power the unit can produce. The DuroMax generator, with its 457cc engine, has the biggest engine volume and, as a result, the greatest claimed power output of any model we looked at.

You should also consider whether you need a two-stroke or four-stroke engine for your generator. Generators with four-stroke engines, are often quieter and consume less gas than their two-stroke counterparts.

Fuel type

A lot of newer generators can only operate on gasoline or propane, but others, like the one made by Westinghouse, are dual-fuel, meaning they can run on either fuel. In dual-fuel generators, the fundamental benefit of gasoline is that it generates more watts than propane.

Fuel is cheap and plentiful; you can refuel your food truck and its generator simultaneously time. These considerations suggest that gasoline-powered or dual-fuel generators are preferable to propane-only models for powering mobile eateries. Propane or natural gas-powered generators are better than gasoline-powered ones if you want to run the unit continuously for long periods.

However, gasoline is more costly than propane and might be harder to keep since it emits some odors. Propane is preferable since gasoline-powered generators have a certain amount of time they can operate before they need to be shut off, cooled down, and refueled.

Fuel tank capacity

Choosing a generator with a long runtime is crucial for a food truck since you can’t afford to lose electricity or have generator interruptions when serving customers. The capacity of gasoline-powered generators’ fuel tanks is a limiting factor; the A-iPower SUA12000E 12000 Watt Portable Generator has a tank that holds 10.5 gallons, while the Champion model holds more than 7.

Don’t forget that fuel economy and power consumption also play a role in determining how long a reservoir can last. As a result of their superior fuel efficiency, Duramax can operate for very long periods on surprisingly little amounts of gasoline.


Another consideration when selecting a generator for your food truck is whether or not it has enough electrical outlets to power all of your equipment. When compared to the conventional 120V-20A residential outlets available on practically every generator, the higher amperage and higher locking voltage requirements of certain heavy-duty appliances necessitate the usage of 240V outlets. Think about if a 12V DC outlet or USB charging ports are necessities for you before purchasing a generator.



When buying a food truck generator, wattage is the most important factor. You may calculate this by adding up the wattages of all the devices you want to use with the generator to get an idea of how many watts of power you will be continuously using.

It’s important to remember that your generator’s fuel consumption will increase proportionally when your power consumption approaches its maximum operational capability. We looked at various generators with starting power ranging from 7500 watts to 9,500 watts.

It’s also crucial to account for the extra energy that motor-driven appliances like fridges, freezers, and air conditioners need when they’re initially turned on. To get motor-driven appliances going, most generators can handle a temporarily higher demand (the surge power) for some time. To avoid overloading your generator, you should only connect as many devices as can be powered by its surge power rating without exceeding the generator’s maximum power output.


Choose a generator with a heavy-duty carry frame, like those made by Honda, DuroMax, or Generac, if portability is essential. These are heavy generators so we can expect them to be heavy.

The Cost

A more powerful unit will cost more money, but it will have greater battery life and more appliances it can power before it has to be refuelled. There is a wide price range for generators, from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.


You should make sure of the longevity of your business’s generator as it represents a big investment. Commercial generators often have shorter one-year manufacturer’s warranties. The Honda generator stands out as the only model on our list that offers a commercial guarantee longer than 3 years.

Best Hurricane Generators – FAQs

How to choose a generator for hurricane season?
Find a generator that has the capacity necessary by checking the wattage of your appliances. Purchase extension cords that are the appropriate wattage and length to connect your home to the generator outdoors.
Can you run a generator during a hurricane?
CO is present in the exhaust from generators. You can’t see or smell the poison in this.” The committee advised against using generators indoors, even with windows and doors open, to avoid a sudden death during a storm.
Does a generator reduce homeowners insurance?
A whole-house generator may increase the value of your house in addition to reducing your homeowner’s insurance premium. Homeowners should expect a 3 percent to 5 percent increase in property value with the installation of a whole-house generator.
Can you get a tax deduction for a generator?
The credit is available to taxpayers who buy generators, claim them, and then don’t install or use them for any period, including when the electricity is off.
Is a whole house generator worth the expense?
It is accurate to say that installing a full-house generator requires a monetary expenditure. The long-run savings from this initial cost, nevertheless, might total thousands. Not only are the lights out when there is a power outage. Everything is out of commission, even sump pumps and refrigerators.
Where do you put a hurricane generator?
Place the exhaust of your generator facing away from your home, at least 6 feet from any door or window. The generator could be kept dry while running under an open canopy like a carport, a well-secured tarp, or a temporary tent.



To sum up, there are a lot of considerations you need to make when selecting the best Hurricane inverter generator. First, think about what you’ll use it for, such as camping excursions or emergency backup power. Consider how much energy you will require next. Consider the unit’s size and weight as well, to finish.

On our list of the top inverter generators available, Westinghouse WGen12000 Ultra Duty Portable Generator is at the top. It is a compact, portable device ideal for use in longer power outages. Additionally, it is not too noisy, so you won’t have to be concerned about its usage.

A-iPower SUA12000E 12000 Watt Portable Generator is a fantastic alternative if you need additional power output, and RV enthusiasts will find it especially appealing. It has an amazing run time and fuel capacity.
Our choice for the best value is the DuroMax XP12000EH Generator-12000 Watt Gas or Propane Powered Generator. Despite being one of our more economical alternatives, this generator still has a strong watt output. You may buy with confidence knowing that the generator is covered by a 3-year warranty.

You now know which hurricane inverter generators we think are the best on the market. We are sure that one of these units will meet your needs, whether you’re searching for a lightweight, portable choice or something with a little more power.

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