The 5 Best Generators Under $200 - Review & Buying Guide

If you can’t afford high-priced huge generators, we have devised a list of the 5 best generators that are under $200. Low-cost generators can also provide enough power to keep you going for hours without interfering with your normal life or work. There is a good selection of products that will allow you to reach into your pockets without feeling ripped off, whether you need them to protect you from the dark and dreary days of hurricanes or storms or simply help you with your electrical equipment.

In this article, you will get to know some top-notch generators and a buyer’s guide that will help you a lot.

Best Generators Under $200 – Quick Comparison

1. Westinghouse iGen160s Portable Solar Generator – Best for Camping

Westinghouse iGen160s Portable Solar Generator - best for CampingMultiple Outlets: It has three useful 5mm DC outputs in addition to four USB ports, including a USB-C port and a Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 USB outlet, two 120V outlets, and four USB ports overall.

Three Lighting Modes: The iGen160s keeps you going whether you use the dual mode front flashlight or the built-in side reading lamp to illuminate your way through the night.

Portable Ultra: The iGen160s, which weighs only 3.5 lb and is very portable, is incredibly simple to carry around and keep in a car trunk or simply attached to other equipment.

Charging Techniques: it comes with accessories for use with generators, walls, and AC outlets for vehicles. has a solar panel capability to keep the iGen160s power bank charged.

Recommended uses: The iGen160s are displayed in a home office during a power outage, powering and charging a laptop. A hunter can carry an iGen160 on their way to a tree stand to charge their electronics. At the RV park, campers may enjoy the outdoors while iGen160s power their phones and speakers.

Reliable Option: Always crucial are mental calm and preparation. It serves as a power pack for computers, phones, internet routers, and security systems while you’re working from home and require a solid backup power solution or battery generator. Ideal as a power supply or charging station.

Simple to use: It is designed to be simple to use and ready to go as a solar power bank when you’re on the go.

When camping, hunting, fishing, tailgating, at trade exhibitions, or at music festivals, a tiny, portable generator is silent. It keeps lights, heated blankets, tiny refrigerators, drones, and GoPros running all day.


Brand Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment
Wattage 155 watts
Fuel Type Gasoline
Power Source Battery-Powered
Item Weight 3.75 Pounds
Voltage 3.7 Volts


Westinghouse Portable Power Stations make excellent indoor or outdoor generators for everything from power outages to travel. It is a portable generator with an integrated carrying handle that doesn’t require any engine maintenance. Everything from a torch and backup battery supply to a power source for a picnic is present.

  • It accompanies 3 modes lighting program
  • It is simple to use
  • You can use this generator for multipurpose
  • This generator is more like a rechargeable battery that ends in just a few hours.


2. NEXPOW Portable Power Station Solar Generator – Best Solar Generator

NEXPOW Portable Power Station Solar Generator - Best Solar GeneratorThis portable power station’s 296Wh battery pack and 9 plugs make it little but mighty. It will keep your important electronics charged while you’re on the move or if there’s a power outage at home.

High capacity: the high-capacity portable power station, pumps out 296Wh(80000mAh) of power, making it the ideal travel companion to power your gadgets and small appliances.

Multiple Ports: this portable power station includes 9 ports in total, including 2 AC ports (300W, peak 500W), 2 PD-60W, 2 USB-A, 1 DC input (from 9 to 24 volts), 1 DC output (from 12 to 16.8 volts), and 1 car outlet (from 12 to 16.8 volts).

Convenient: The independent AC/DC/USB/emergency light design may make charging various devices simple to use.

Power lights: The power plant is outfitted with LEDs that serve as an emergency flashlight. White Light, SOS, and Strobe Light are three modes.

Protection against overflow: An electricity generator that works with an AC outlet, a solar panel, and a car charger offers you convenience. The portable power station offers all-around safety to keep you and your gadgets safe from overcurrent, overvoltage, and over-temperature.

Sturdy handle: It includes a sturdy handle, making it easy to store in a car or backpack and transport to wherever you need power. The LCD is designed to show you the state of the devices in a variety of circumstances, such as battery life or charging level.


Wattage 296 watt_hours
Power Source Solar Powered, Battery Powered
Item Weight 7.05 Pounds
Output Wattage 300 Watts
Voltage 110 Volts


This portable power supply accompanies an AC charging cable, a USB to Type-C charging cable, a user’s guide, a single car charger, and—most importantly—a 5-year guarantee and helpful customer care. I have found this generator an amazing piece at such a little price.

  • It accompanies a very strong and sturdy handle
  • It is very easy to carry
  • It accompanies multiple ports.
  • This generator is more like a rechargeable battery that ends in just a few hours.


3. TogoPower Portable Generator, 1000W Gasoline Powered Generator – Best Gasoline Generator

TogoPower Portable Generator, 1000W Gasoline Powered Generator - best Gasoline GeneratorThe TogoPower GG1000 gas generator is a wonderful outdoor backup generator for use at home, on construction sites, when camping, and more.

Emergency Power: This gasoline-powered generator offers an 800W running power and a 1000W starting power. Small domestic gadgets like blenders, coffee makers, blow dryers, fans, lamps, and more can be supported by it. The generator’s output voltage is 120V AC.

High Combustion Efficiency: This generator’s 50:1 mixture of 90# gasoline and oil gives you power on the go. When the 1.1-gallon tank is filled, this device can operate for six hours at 50% load.

Air Cooling Power System: The dependable 63cc two-stroke OHV air-cooled generator has enough power to run a variety of appliances. With a weight of approximately 35 lbs, this generator is portable and simple to operate. As a result, you and your family don’t need to be concerned about outside power use.

Portable and easy to use: The lightweight, small outdoor generator is portable and easy to carry outside even without the wheel kit. Your pleasure is our top priority, and we encourage exchanges and returns without justification. We also offer an additional year of after-sale warranty servicing.

Certified: The TogoPower GG1000 gasoline generator possesses the CARB certificate, proving that it complies with the Clean Air Act of the US EPA.


Brand TogoPower
Wattage 1000 watts
Fuel Type Gasoline
Power Source gas-powered
Item Weight 34.8 Pounds
Voltage 120 Volts


This is nice to have power when and where you need it. It knows what to do and works great for small jobs.

  • It has an air cooling power system
  • It is highly a portable generator
  • It is very simple to operate
  • It has Less battery timing


4. Pulsar 1,200W PG1202SA Gas-Powered Generator

Pulsar 1,200W PG1202SA Gas-Powered GeneratorThe PG1202SA Portable Generator has a 69 cc, 2.2 HP engine to provide 1200 Peak watts, giving you adequate power for your do-it-yourself projects around the house. This generator is the ideal travel companion for camping excursions and other leisure outings thanks to its small 1.1-gallon gasoline tank, which provides up to 5 hours of operation on a half load, and its compact 35-lb design with a carrying handle.

Convenient: The PG1202SA is the epitome of mobility and convenience with a recoil start, two 120V AC outlets, and one 12V DC output. 30:1 combination of 2-stroke oil and gasoline.

Small and light in weight: The PG1202SA is lightweight and portable, making it the ideal device to bring with you wherever you go.

Multiple outlets: You may charge and power many gadgets with two 120V AC outlets and one 12V DC output.

Five Hours of Service: you can enjoy continuous running for up to 5 hours at half load with just 1.1 gallons of fuel.


Brand Pulsar
Wattage 1000 watts
Fuel Type Gasoline
Power Source gas-powered
Item Weight 37.5 Pounds
Voltage 120 Volts


Overall, a very nice and handy generator but a very loud one too.

  • This generator is very convenient
  • It is simple to use
  • It accompanies multiple ports
  • It is a loud generator


5. PowerSmart PS50 1000-Watt Portable Generator

PowerSmart PS50 1000-Watt Portable GeneratorWith a large selection of lawnmowers, snow blowers, garden tools, drill drivers, and generators, POWER SMART is dedicated to providing people all over the world with multi-functional outdoor power tool series that are extremely practical, have a low failure rate, and are innovative. For more than ten years, POWER SMART has focused on creating cutting-edge household and outdoor products.

Eco-friendly: it produces clean energy for delicate electronics with high powers and cutting-edge design. For power tools, mobile devices, RV camping, and emergency power at home, our gas power generator provides green energy.

Functional Design: The 2-stroke generator has a single-cylinder forced air cooling system, a rated power of 900W, a surge power of 1000W, a 63cc engine displacement, a spark gap of 0.028 to 0.031 inches, a weight of 39lbs, and dimensions of 16*14*13.8inches. It is small and portable, light and safe, and has a powerful power that can meet any demand.

Clean Energy: The generator has a cleanable air filter, a 120V domestic power outlet, and a 12V DC output that can supply clean power for sensitive equipment like mobile phones, laptops, and other outdoor electrical items. It is also simple to use and put to use. The generator has a handle for convenient transporting and a 63cc displacement, making it suitable for camping and emergency power outages.

Multiple uses: Suitable for mobile equipment, building sites, camping grounds, and emergency power outages, it can supply secure power for various home needs.

Tank capacity: There is no need to change the oil because it employs a combination of gas and oil, which results in low volume and high fuel efficiency. It has a 1.1-gallon mailbox that can run quietly for five hours at half load, at low decibels, and with no noise.
Easy to use: oil and gas mixture fuel eliminates the need for oil changes and is simple to assemble.


Brand PowerSmart
Wattage 900 watts
Fuel Type Gasoline
Power Source gas-powered
Item Weight 26.5 Pounds
Voltage 120 Volts


overall, this generator was worth the money. A small yet amazing generator that works efficiently.

  • It is an Affordable generator
  • It is easy on gas
  • Best for small jobs
  • It is a very loud generator



Things to consider before Buying a generator under $200

It’s simple to be overwhelmed by the variety of alternatives available, which is why I want to share with you the aspects to take into account and the warning signs.


Regarding generators, costs can vary greatly. The price point will typically have an impact on how much energy the generator produces and how long it will last.

A portable generator can be purchased for about $200 or far over $1,500. If you don’t know what to search for and what will meet your needs in the face of such a large price range, you do not know which option to choose.

You don’t want to overspend for a generator that gives more power than you’ll ever need, but you also don’t want to buy a cheap generator only to discover that it can’t operate the devices you want to run. Therefore, when you consider the other crucial factors, be sure to bear in mind the cost and your financial situation.

Energy Source

There is an energy source for every generator. Regular gasoline will be used by many generators. Others might be powered by diesel and only a few by propane. Even though diesel fuel is more expensive than conventional gasoline, it frequently burns longer and provides more energy per gallon.

Of course, if you’ve ever been around diesel engines, you know they produce a particular smell. To keep it operating, it also needs more upkeep. Whatever solution you choose, it’s critical to consider how the generator produces energy.

Generation of Power

It matters how much power a portable generator generates and how long it can sustain an electrical current. For an electronic grill or television to function at a tailgate, you might need a portable generator. Alternatively, you might need it to run substantial lighting setups and construction machinery. The generator’s output power is quite important.

You ought to have a general notion of what you intend to do with the generator. It matters how much power a portable generator generates and how long it can sustain an electrical current.

Best Generators Under – FAQs

Which generator is best for home use?
It depends on the requirements of the house. Backup generators are usually very expensive and have a large power-producing capacity. Whereas for the small purpose you can choose the Westinghouse iGen 16s portable generator.
How far can the generator be from the house?
A generator should be at least 20 meters away from the house.
Are Chinese generators good?
Avoid Chinese engines and spend a little extra on a quality engine if your generator will be running continuously under heavy loads, for extended periods, or if you frequently use it to power medical equipment or something similar.
What can a 200-watt generator run?
The $200 USB outputs can support up to 25 recharges on the majority of phones.



Indeed, the top 5 generators under $200 shown above will be a great option for your on-the-go power bank needs.

It depends on what you need which one is best. One of the more compact types is probably your best option if you anticipate being on the move a lot, such as between treks when you shift from one campsite to another.

One of the bigger and more powerful types would be a better choice if you’re car camping and intend to remain stationary. A portable power generator is a must if you intend to use it to power a CPAP, a tiny TV, or any other high-draw gadget.

A larger, more powerful model with a larger main battery capacity is the way to go if you intend to use your portable power generator to power a CPAP, a small TV, or any other high-drain item. These kinds of devices demand a substantial amount of continuous AMP drain, which necessitates a steady stream of energy from the battery.

Having too much power is preferable to having less power. When in doubt, invest a little extra in a portable generator with a larger battery capacity for greater overall fueling and power output performance, as well as a longer battery life span.

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