8 Best Generator for Welding - Updated Review

A challenging job becomes a mountain of difficulty when you lose electricity. The power is in your control with welder generators. You receive all the advantages of a MIG, Stick, or TIG welder along with the assurance that comes standard with a powerful generator. With a few quick and easy clicks, you may purchase the machines on my list with the best power and performance.

Noise from a generator might be a major issue when utilizing the welding generator. It disturbs everyone else’s sleep or makes their day miserable. Fortunately, a fix for all these problems exists.

The quietest generators with a variety of features and price points are also included in this list. For every need, there is a solution.

I present to you the top eight engine-driven welders in this comprehensive evaluation. On test projects, I’ve used them to give a precise evaluation. I’ve put them through testing on dummy projects to discover their limitations and underline their glaring advantages. After reading this evaluation, you’ll be prepared to buy a tool that can power your saws, hammer drills, and grinders in addition to welding joists and linkages.

Best Generator for Welding – Quick Comparison

1. Lincoln Ranger 330MPX Engine Welder Generator – Best Welder Generator

Lincoln Ranger 330MPX Engine Welder Generator - Best Welder Generator

Lincoln Electric is an American electric company located in America. It produces welding supplies, arc welding gear, welding consumables, plasma and oxy-fuel cutting gear, and robotic welding systems.

Lightweight: As compared to other machines in its class, it has a 25% less weight and a 20% smaller footprint, making it easier to move to the field.

Cutting-edge Technology: A variety of cutting-edge technologies are available through smart digital user interfaces, improving weld performance and productivity.

XLincTM Technology: it helps in easy starting making a smooth arc, a minimal spatter, and an ideal bead appearance. This is all because of this amazing Chopper Technology.

Power: There is sufficient power at 330A/28V for 100% duty cycle welding. Electrode 7018, 1/4 in. Arc gouging capabilities are up to 3/16in. carbon electrodes for the Magnum PRO 250 LX GT Quite generator: To improve workplace comfort and safety, this machine is up to 60% quieter than others in its class. For high-capacity requirements, such as a backup generator, powering an inverter welder, and more, a 10,000-watt continuous output with six receptacles is available.

Tank Capacity: The 11-gallon gasoline capacity enables continuous operation of the generator. It is Strong, dependable welding and an AC generator.


Brand Lincoln Electric
Fuel Type Gasoline
Power Source gas-powered
Frequency 50 Hz


Overall this generator is efficient in working. It has a compact frame, perfect for welding purposes. This generator has very limited user reviews and very few people know about it. I have tested it and find it a good generator but there is space for improvement.

  • It has an Amazing performance
  • Its cutting-edge technology helps in perfect cuts
  • It has a huge 11-gallon tank capacity
  • This generator’s capacity can be improved


2. WEN DF1100T 11,000-Watt 120V/240V Dual Fuel Portable Generator – Best Engine Driven Welder

WEN DF1100T 11,000-Watt 120V240V Dual Fuel Portable Generator - Best Engine Driven Welder

Since 1951, WEN has been dependable in lighting up lives, whether we are supplying electricity to your home during a crisis or recharging your family’s cell phones while camping. With the WEN 11,000-watt Dual Fuel Electric Start Generator, you may now produce electricity from two different sources. Just use the keyless electric start to turn on the generator after choosing your desired fuel type—gasoline or LPG. 9,500 surge and 7,500 running watts are produced by propane, while 11,000 surge and 8,300 running watts are produced by gasoline in the generator.

For an 8.5-hour half-load duration, add up to 6.6 gallons of gasoline to the tank. Alternatively, connect propane tanks right away by using the provided 47-inch LPG pipe. We have four 120V GFCI outlets on our crowded panel (5-20R),. Four 120V GFCI outlets (5-20R), a 120V 30A twist lock outlet (L5-30R), a 120V/240V 50A outlet (NEMA 14-50R), and a 12V DC cigarette lighter plug.

Engine: The generator’s 457cc, 4-stroke, air-cooled, OHV engine can operate at 3600 RPM and will reliably provide all of your power requirements.

Easy to start: By just turning the engine switch, you can start your generator with our dependable electric start technology.

Easy to move: The 9.5-inch wheels make storage and movement easier, as do the fold-down handles that save room.

Multiple outlets: You can generate electricity at 120V, 240V, or 12V to power your lights, TV, refrigerator, sump pump, power tools, and other necessities.


Brand WEN
Tank Capacity 24.98 L
Power Source Dual Fuel
Type Portable


This is an excellent welding generator that helps in challenging work. The only problem is with the wheels that could be better.

  • It is Easy to move
  • It is easy to use
  • There are multiple outlets for connection
  • Its Wheels could be better


3. Westinghouse WGen12000 Ultra Duty Portable Generator – Best Portable generator for Welding

Westinghouse WGen12000 Ultra Duty Portable Generator - Best Portable generator for Welding

A portable, heavy-duty generator designed for strength is the Westinghouse WGen12000. The WGen12000 has the power to be the preferred power source, with 12,000 rated watts and 15,000 peak watts at less than 5% total harmonic distortion.

Multiple ports: You will be able to run all the necessary appliances in your home, in addition to more, with the help of the four 5-20R GFCI household outlets, one L5-30R outlet, one 14-50R receptacle, and two 5V USB ports.

Low oil shutdown: this amazing generator accompanies an Automatic Low Oil Shutdown, Automatic Voltage Regulation system, Smart Idle control, and VFT display. All these features will keep you at ease while ensuring the WGen12000 is properly taken care of.

Electric start: The WGen12000 includes an electric start, making starting it as easy as pressing a button. Anyone can start this generator without any difficulty. You can conveniently start your generator from up to 260 feet away, saving you time and hassle.

Ready for Transfer Switch: With the help of convenient 120/240V 14-50R and twist-lock L14-30R outlets, you can easily power your home by connecting your WGen12000 to it through a transfer switch.

V-Twin engine: The WGen12000’s V-Twin engine is robust. The WGen12000’s 713cc engine has the power to run for up to 16 hours on a 10.5-gallon tank.


Brand Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment
Wattage 12000 watts
Power Source Gas Powered
Fuel Type Liquefied Petroleum Gas


It’s not equipped with an Inverter. It’s quite heavy. This generator is easy to operate. Other generator features are excellent.

  • Its V-Twin engine is very strong and sturdy
  • Ready for transfer switch is an amazing feature.
  • Electric start is another benefit.
  • This generator is very heavy


4. A-iPower SUA12000E 12000 Watt Portable Generator – best welder generator for Money

A-iPower SUA12000E 12000 Watt Portable Generator - best welder generator for Money

A-iPower SUA12000E construction generator is an excellent generator. This generator is sufficient for completing construction site jobs.

Fuel tank: Similar to the Cat RP7500E, this gasoline-powered generator can generate 12,000 starting watts and 9,000 running watts, which is more powerful. so, 14 hours of operation at 25% load are possible with the help of the 7-gallon fuel tank.

Heavy duty engine: This generator will function for many years without any safety concerns because of its 459cc OHV engine, cast iron sleeve, and low oil shutdown. The device starts up quickly thanks to the electric start feature.

Sturdy frame: The unit is made of sturdy materials. To meet a variety of transportation needs, there are tough wheels and a sturdy powder-coated steel frame. The handle folds down to increase portability. The valve fasteners do have a few problems, but if that bothers you, you can replace them with better ones.

Easy to transport: Due to its capacity, the A-iPower SUA12000E can power any device you require. The carefully considered design makes transportation easier, which is crucial for on-site construction jobs.


Brand A-iPower
Wattage 9000 watts
Power Source gas-powered
Fuel Type Gasoline
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Overall, this generator is excellent but the only drawback of this generator is that it’s very loud and has fewer power outlets as compared to other generators.

  • Very beautiful design
  • Very tough tires for transportation
  • Heavy and durable engine
  • A bit loud
  • Less number of power outlets


5. Pulsar PG10000B16 Portable Dual Fuel Generator – best diesel welder generator

Pulsar PG10000B16 Portable Dual Fuel Generator - best diesel welder generator

The PG10000B16 Dual Fuel Portable Generator from Pulsar was designed to keep you illuminated throughout the next power outage. In the case of a natural disaster, the dual fuel capability gives you more options and peace of mind because it can run on either liquid propane or gasoline.

Heavy duty engine: The 420cc 15HP single cylinder, 4-stroke, OHV engine delivers 10,000 Peak Watts/8,000 Running Watts of gas and 9,000 Peak Watts/7,000 Running Watts of LPG. It is the perfect backup power for running big appliances and other electrical gadgets.

Switch & Go feature: the PG10000B16 makes it simple to switch between fuel sources while in operation without missing a beat.
Easy to transport: Storage and moving are made simpler thanks to the sturdy steel frame, never-flat tires, and easy drop-down handles.

Transitional Technology: You can effortlessly switch between gas and liquid propane fuel sources.

Extended Runtime: You can operate continuously for up to 12 total hours with a half load thanks to the big 6.6-gallon gasoline tank.

Convenience Stores: You have access to four 120V outlets, one 120V/240V Twist-Lock outlet, and one 120V/240V 50A RV port, allowing you to power numerous equipment or devices simultaneously.


Brand Pulsar
Wattage 10000 watts
Power Source propane-powered, gas-powered
Fuel Type Gasoline, Liquefied Petroleum Gas


This generator has all the outstanding features except its noisy feature. This generator is very loud when running on gasoline


6. DuroStar DS10000E Gas Powered Portable Generator – Best Welder Generator Combo

DuroStar DS10000E Gas Powered Portable Generator - Best Welder generator Combo

Durostar DS10000E gas generator is a well-known generator that has earned its name through its struggle and great manufacturing.

Powerful engine: Powerful Engine and can easily handle high power loads. It runs 10 hours or more on a full tank of gas. With this generator, you can power your home, work locations, and even an RV getaway for the weekend.

Low oil shutdown: Your unit will continue to run safely and efficiently thanks to the Low Oil Protection, AC and DC Regulators, and a Spark Arrestor that is all included. If the battery is dead, starting the generator with one pull of the recoil cord is as easy as starting your automobile.

Easy to use: Everybody should be able to start and use this device. Every model is offered with an electric and recoil start.


Brand DuroStar
Wattage 8000 watts
Power Source Gas Powered
Fuel Type Gasoline


Overall, this generator is reasonable and nice except for the noise

  • This generator is easy to use
  • This generator has a heavy-duty engine
  • It has an auto shut-off feature
  • Its fuel gauge isn’t appropriate.


7. DuroMax XP12000EH Generator – best welder generator miller

DuroMax XP12000EH Generator - best welder generator miller

The Duromax XP12000EH, sometimes known as “The Beast,” is a dual-fuel generator that was designed with toughness in mind. It produces 9500 watts of operating power and 12000 watts of starting power, allowing for the operation of many tools or pieces of equipment at once. People who are searching for a hybrid option can choose this generator.

Multiple outlets: While there are only two 3-prong outlets, three larger outlets can accommodate RV ports and twist-lock style plugs, allowing for the connection of large appliances or equipment.

Runtime: The 8.3-gallon tank offers up to 20 hours of operation on a 20lb propane tank and 10 hours of operation at 50% load on gasoline. You can continue using that amount of fuel without having to refuel for a few days.

Low oil pressure detector: Due to dual fuel technology, users have the option and flexibility to choose their preferred fuel. immediately turn off the generator when it detects low oil pressure to protect your investment.

Powerful engine: Powerful enough to handle heavy loads, including lights, a refrigerator, a home air conditioner, and high-amperage power tools. It has a starting wattage of 12,000 and a running wattage of 9,500.

Westinghouse 9500dfc generator is almost similar to this one and has a 12-hour run time. This generator is also quieter than the Duromax 12000EH generator, having 4 4-powerful stroke engines.

Maximum power: Utilize each 120-volt outlet to its full potential with DuroMax MX2 technology. Select whether to run the generator at 240 and 120 volts simultaneously or at 120 volts with full power.


Brand DuroMax
Wattage 12000 watts
Power Source Gas Powered
Fuel Type Dual Fuel


This generator is overall a good generator having an excellently heavy engine. The only drawback is it takes work to operate.

  • This generator is CARB and EPA-approved
  • It is Easy to move from one place to another
  • Accompanies a Heavy and durable engine
  • Owners may find it difficult to use


8. TOMAHAWK 15 Portable 2,000 Watt Generator – Best small engine-driven welder

TOMAHAWK 15 Portable 2,000 Watt Generator - Best small engine-driven welder

TOMAHAWK is a small business that has recently stepped into this generator manufacturing industry. But the quality they produce is amazing and reasonable. TOMAHAWK portable 2000 W generator, is the greatest generator for the money.

Steady power: It delivers the steady amperage needed for welding in a 7 HP clean, uninterrupted power source. The TOMAHAWK has a magnetic generator for a dependable power source and two outlets so you can use multiple tools at once.

Inverter engine: For steady welding, the inverter engine produces stable waves. Additionally, it has tough wheels that make welding possible wherever you are. The built-in welding equipment includes a stick welder, power leads, grounding clamps, and other items you’ll need to start welding right away.

Durable generator: The TOMAHAWK welder generator combo can weld 1-inch, 3-inch, and 8-inch simply. It is built for strength, adaptability, and durability.


Brand Tomahawk Power
Handle Length 0 inches (0 cm)
Horsepower 15.00
Included Components 15 HP Engine with Stick and TIG Welder with Kit


This generator is very portable, having wheels on the bottom. You can easily operate this generator but it comes with a limited warranty of 2 years.

  • It is a versatile, strong, and long-lasting generator
  • It is designed to meet your demands
  • It is an Easily portable generator
  • It is only for DC and 120 V



Things to Consider While Buying the Best Generator for Welding

So before choosing the Best Generator for Welding, you should keep the following factors in mind in this buyer’s guide because it will help you to get the best generator that fulfills your demands.

Power Output

A welder generator’s pricing is often determined by its power output. The price rises in direct proportion to power production. The more economical welder generators typically have a lower power output because they are designed only to power a welder. But more powerful welders can power additional tools like an angle grinder or even a plasma cutter.

A/C/DC Power

The terms AC and DC welding in the context of welding relate to the types currently employed during arc welding. For welding with less spatter, DC output produces an arc that is more stable and smooth. This is because a DC flows in one direction with a constant polarity.

Contrarily, welding with AC power produces significantly more splatter than under DC power and is slightly less smooth. However, because it cleans the oxide off the metal’s surface, it fixes arc blast problems and is much better suited for welding aluminum.

Before choosing a welder generator for your purposes, keep in mind that while the majority of them can switch from DC to AC power as necessary, some only offer one type of currency.

Duty Cycle

The period the machine can run risk-free at a particular amperage is referred to as the duty cycle. The amount is given as a %; the lower the percentage, the shorter the period the welder generator can be utilized before shutting off after its cycle is complete. This is yet another crucial aspect to take into account while evaluating engine welders.

Things to Consider While Buying the Best Generator for Welding

Ability to Weld

Given that stick welding is the most popular type of welding performed with them, most engine-driven welders will primarily serve as stick welding machines. Powerful enough to handle specialized welding procedures like TIG welding are some welder generators. Some also can support flux core welding when using a MIG welder. However, it’s crucial to use the proper welding leads and accessories when MIG or TIG welding.


A more powerful unit will cost more money, but it will have greater battery life and more appliances it can power before it has to be refueled. There is a wide price range for generators, from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.


You should make sure of the longevity of your business’s generator as it represents a big investment. Commercial generators often have shorter one-year manufacturer’s warranties. The DUROMAX generator stands out as the only model on our list that offers a commercial guarantee longer than 3 years.


Many welders require a generator to carry outdoors to power the welding machine while performing repairs on farms and other isolated locations. It should be lightweight and durable enough to resist adverse conditions for this use. The majority of generators have wheels so you can move them around with ease even though they are often quite heavy (some weigh over 500 lbs).


The last thing you need is a noisy generator that makes earplugs necessary. Most of the above generators are not particularly noisy.

Best Generator for Welding – FAQs

What size generator to run a welder?
The minimum generator size advised is not less than 7kva.
How many watts do you need to power a welder?
A 90-amp welder should produce 25 amps of current at about 120 volts of output, keeping in mind that volts are comparable to pressure and watts are equivalent to rate.
What size generator do I need to run a 225 amp welder?
You would want a minimum of a 15,000-watt AC generator to run your AC/DC 225/125 welder effectively.
How often should the generator be serviced?
The frequency of maintenance may vary depending on the brand and model of your generator, but as a general rule, it should be maintained every 6 to 12 months or after 500 hours of use, whichever comes first. Spark plugs should be changed in a portable generator every 100 to 150 hours.
How does a welder generator work?
Without relying on mains energy, a welder generator generates power for welding. Just add fuel to the tank as you normally would. The welder generator can power your welding equipment anywhere you need it by simply filling the gasoline tank, as you would for a typical generator.
Will a small generator run a welder?
Inverter welders can run on generators with low THD ratings (6% or less), which have “relatively” clean power. Inverter welders shouldn’t be powered by generators with a high THD rating (greater than 6%), as these are likely to be low-quality machines.



To sum up, there are a lot of considerations you need to make when selecting the best welding generator. First, think about what you’ll use it for, such as camping excursions or emergency backup power. Consider how much energy you will require next. Consider the unit’s size and weight as well, to finish.

On our list of the top welding generators available, the Lincoln Ranger 330MPX Engine Welder Generator is at the top. It is a compact, portable device ideal for use in longer power outages. Additionally, it is not too noisy, so you won’t have to be concerned about its usage.

A-iPower SUA12000E 12000 Watt Portable Generator is a fantastic alternative if you need additional power output, and RV enthusiasts will find it especially appealing. It has an amazing run time and fuel capacity.
Our choice for the best value is the DuroMax XP12000EH Generator-12000 Watt Gas or Propane Powered Generator. Despite being one of our more economical alternatives, this generator still has a strong watt output. You may buy with confidence knowing that the generator is covered by a 3-year warranty.

You now know which welding generators we think are the best on the market. We are sure that one of these units will meet your needs.

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