Yamaha EF2200iS - Our Personal Review On This Portable Generator!

In today’s increasingly connected and accelerated world, access to reliable and portable power is crucial. Whether you’re camping in outdoors, hosting an outdoor event, or facing an unexpected power outage, having a dependable generator can make all the difference. The Yamaha EF2200iS Generator emerges as an exceptional solution, offering a perfect balance of power, portability, and efficiency.

This review article explores the Yamaha EF2200iS, a compact and high-performance power source manufactured by Yamaha, a renowned name in the industry. With its advanced technology and innovative features, the EF2200iS Generator is designed to satisfy a wide range of energy requirements.

The Yamaha 2200 generator features advanced inverter technology that makes it stand out from the competition. Laptops, smartphones, and medical equipment can operate safely on this technology since it produces clean, stable power. Furthermore, its smart throttle feature optimizes fuel efficiency and reduces noise levels by automatically adjusting the engine speed.

This review article delves into the various aspects of the Yamaha EF2200iS Generator, including its performance, features, fuel efficiency, noise levels, and overall user experience. By assessing the generator’s strengths and identifying areas for potential improvement, readers will develop a comprehensive understanding of its capabilities.

This will enable them to determine whether the Yamaha EF2200iS Generator is suitable for meeting their specific power requirements. Let’s dive in!

First of All, Inverter Generators!

Inverter generators, such as the Yamaha EF2200iS, are a remarkable advancement in portable power generation. With the EF2200iS as an example, these generators feature innovative technology that ensures stable and clean electricity output, making them highly sought after for a variety of applications.

Moreover, the Yamaha EF2200iS inverter generator, like other models in its class, operates with reduced noise levels. This feature is achieved through sound-dampening technologies and thoughtful design, making it ideal for environments where noise reduction is a priority, such as camping grounds or residential areas.

Enhanced Yamaha Engine Performance and Power!

The EF2200iS inverter generator by Yamaha is outstanding in its own way and features the company’s MZ80 four-stroke single-cylinder engine with a displacement of 79cc. For user convenience and easiness, the engine is equipped with an on-off switch, mechanical choke, and a recoil “pull” starter. With a remarkable 1.24-gallon gas tank, a 1/4-load of Yamaha assures that the EF2200iS can operate continuously for over 10 hours.

However, the inclusion of a larger engine and fuel tank makes this generator’s weight heavier, which amounts to 55 pounds. But seeing this downfall the Yamaha has thoughtfully integrated three sizable carry handles into the design of the case, making it easier to move around and carry from one place to another.


Dimensions 21.9 inches x 11.8 inches x 18.5 inches
Weight 55.2 lbs.
Maximum AC Output 2200 watts
Fuel Tank Capacity 1.24 gallons
Engine OHV, air-cooled, single cylinder, 4-stroke 79 CC
Rated AC Output 1800 watts
Rated/Maximum AC Current 15/18.3 amps, 120V
Noise level 57 – 65 dBA

Yamaha EF2200iS Features

The EF2200iS Generator boasts a compact design, making it easily transportable to any location. Its robust 79cc OHV engine delivers an impressive 2200-watt maximum output, providing ample power to run essential appliances, electronics, and tools.

Let’s discuss the features in detail.


The EF2200iS is powered by a Yamaha 79cc MZ80 four-stroke single-cylinder engine. This engine provides reliable performance and is known for its quiet operation.


The generator features two standard 120-volt 15-amp three-prong power outlets, providing convenient power access for various devices. Additionally, it includes a 120-volt 30-amp RV outlet, making it an excellent choice for RV owners.


Output Indicator

The front control panel of the EF2200iS has an LED output indicator that displays the generator’s power output. It also includes overload and low-oil indicators, providing warnings when necessary.

Yamaha Smart Throttle

The Smart Throttle feature adjusts the generator’s idle speed based on the power load. When the power load is low, the generator lowers its idle speed, reducing noise output and conserving fuel. When more power is demanded, the generator automatically throttles up to meet the requirements.

CO Sensor and Ground Lug

For safety, the EF2200iS is equipped with a CO sensor that detects high levels of carbon monoxide buildup. If triggered, the engine shuts off, preventing potential harm. The generator also features a ground lug on the front panel, allowing it to be properly grounded for additional protection against electric shock.

Twin Tech Parallel Capability

With the use of the Yamaha Twin Tech parallel kit (sold separately), you can link two EF2200iS generators together. This feature allows for increased power output, providing up to 30 amps of power and nearly double the wattage. It is especially useful for powering high-demand devices like RV air conditioning units.

Control Panel and User Features

The generator’s control panel includes useful features such as an easy-to-read gas gauge, an easy drain function for removing fuel from the carburettor, and a single dial for run and stop functions.

Control Panel and User Features

It also has LED illumination, a digital load meter for monitoring power usage, a low oil indicator, a 30-amp RV outlet, two standard 120V household outlets with overload protection, and a 12V DC battery charging outlet. The main “Power Boost” breaker allows for resetting the generator after an overload situation without shutting it down.


The Yamaha and Honda generators provide customers with a generous 4-year limited warranty, backed by networks of spare parts and by extensive service.


When models Honda and Yamaha manufactured by top companies surely come at a higher price point. However, this price reflects the superior innovation and reliability associated with these renowned brands. The Yamaha generator has a suggested retail price (RRP) of $2299, while the Honda generator is priced at $2099 RRP.

  • Yamaha Smart Throttle feature ensures lower noise output and fuel consumption by adjusting engine speed to match the load.
  • CO sensor keeps carbon monoxide levels in check and shuts off the engine if heavy buildup is detected.
  • With two standard 120-volt 15-amp outlets, a 12-volt receptacle, and a 120-volt 30-amp RV outlet, it has a versatile array of outputs.
  • Can be linked with another EF2200iS generator using the Twin Tech parallel cable to increase power output.
  • The run time may not be as long as other generators, with up to 10.5 hours at 25% load and even less at 50% load.
  • Has a manual choke and recoil starter instead of an automatic choke and electric starter which can be an inconvenience.



Yamaha EF2200Is Review – FAQs

Where is Yamaha EF2200iS made?
As Yamaha’s headquarters is located in Japan, most of the company’s generators are still produced there. This EF2200iS, however, is one of Yamaha’s products that are assembled in China.
What will a 2200-watt generator run?
With a 2200-Watt 120V Inverter Generator, you can run a variety of different appliances with its clean, stable power. Refrigerators and freezers, microwaves, lights, portable fans, televisions and DVD players, coffee makers, garage door openers, and computers are among some of the appliances that could be listed.
Is 75 dB loud for a generator?
The sound level of a silent generator typically ranges from 75-85 decibels (A) at 1 meter. So, in our opinion, 75 dB isn’t too loud for the generator.
How difficult is Yamaha EF2200iS to start?
It’s not difficult at all. All you’ve got to do is, pull the choke out, turn the fuel knob on, and then shift the starting key from stop to on. Now that you’re all set to start the generator, you’ll turn it to the start position. Give the generator a few seconds to warm up once it turns on. When it’s done warming up, push the choke and that is it. Your generator would start running.
How noisy is Yamaha EF2200iS?
Yamaha EF2200iS is very much quiet. You are likely to get the best results with a Yamaha inverter generator like the EF2200iS if noise is of concern. According to Yamaha, this product generates between 57 and 65 decibels, depending on the load. Let us help you compare it. 60 dBA is the same level of noise as normal conversation, and 85 dBA is the level of noise generated by a standard lawnmower.



In conclusion, the Yamaha EF2200iS Generator stands out as a powerful and versatile solution for portable energy requirements. Its compact size, advanced technology, and exceptional performance make it a top choice for outdoor enthusiasts, event organizers, and homeowners alike.

Through this review article, readers must have discovered the key features and benefits that make the EF2200iS generator a reliable companion for their power needs.

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