How much does propane Use in a Portable Generator

The electricity crisis is now a significant concern for many countries where people mostly rely on portable generators. These generators are used for other purposes too. You can use these portable generators at your campsites, or as a backup electricity source. But the question here is how much propane is used by these generators so that you can calculate your total expenses and fuel consumption.

In this article, we will calculate the amount of propane used to give you an idea of the total expense. So, let’s start;

How much propane does a generator use?

In order to know about the total propane consumption by your generator, first, you will have to check the propane used per hour. After finding the amount, multiply it by the time span of hours you want to use it, and then add contingency. The formula is:

The total amount of Propane used = Propane used per hour + Contingency

How much propane does a generator use

How long will the generator run on propane?

To tell you the estimation of how long will the generator run on propane, we have put together some of the facts, so, let’s look at the statistics that are below assuming that your generator has a 100-gallon tank of propane.

According to the experiment and our keen observation, if you are operating a 7kw generator, it will work for 66 hours, mind that when the generator is fully loaded. But we have operated it continuously so propane lasted for only 2.5 days. But if the generator is producing 12 kW, that should be enough to keep you going for at minimum a day and a half (36 hours).

It is always advised to run the generator at a load of 25 and 75 per cent. You also avoid it using all the time, give it some rest after a short interval of time. If you want your generator to consume less propane, be careful in its usage.

How long will 500 gallons of propane last?

According to some records and research, a 1500 sqft house can consume 500-gallon propane. It is the most common propane tank that Americans mostly use. Now the question here is how long will 500 gallons of propane last? The answer is simple yet authentic. For a residential house, 500-galloon propane will last for 4 days dispending on its usage.

Can Generac generators run on propane?

Generac Generators are excellent to use as a standby electricity source. These generators are highly efficient. And yes, Generac generators can run on propane. There are very advantages to using propane instead of gas or other fuel in the generator. First of all, propane is consumed less as compared to other fuel sources, and secondly, it is mess-free and clean to use propane.

Thirdly, you can store propane for a long period of time.

Can Generac generators run on propane

Gas Generator VS Propane generator

The difference between Gas generators and Propane generators is as follows;

Fuel Supply

You can not operate a generator without fuel. Fuel is just like the food of the generator that gives it the energy to perform its duty. We know that it is quite an easy task to find gas regular basis. Gas is available in every gas station because of its high demand. But the drawback f gas is, that it is very difficult to store because of its combustible characteristics.

Propane, however on the other hand demands some extra preparation. First of all, you have to install pipes and tanks. After its careful installation, you can store propane for as long as you want.

Working of Gas generator VS Propane Generators

If you are using a generator in residential houses, these generators already have small built-in fuel tanks that are enough to fulfil the household requirements. These fuel tanks have space for very little gas. For this, you have to frequently look after the generator because gas diminishes after a few hours.

However, propane fuel tanks, are larger having a size of approximately one pound up to 420 pounds (120 gallons) and beyond. Depending on the required load, your generator can run continuously for days with a normal propane tank installation.

Maintenance of Gas Generator VS Propane Generators

For regular household use, people don’t prefer to use a propane generator because of its intricate design. This increases the possibility of breakdown and makes them more challenging to repair in an emergency.

However, gas generators are very easy to utilize and their maintenance is also very easy. Anyone can repair it with a little knowledge.

Effect of Climate

If you live in an area, where the temperature is cold, there are chances of propane freezing. Propane tanks easily freeze, thus creating difficulty for you in the cold weather. So, we will prefer to use gas generators in these areas. Gas is readily available and fulfils the purpose.

And if you live in an area that is prone to climate and natural disasters think about how they may influence your fuel supply. It is riskier, for instance, to store gas in a region that is prone to wildfires. The usage of a propane tank requires specific safety measures in earthquake-prone areas.

Propane generators VS Gas Generators Efficiency

The amount of BTUs that are produced per gallon of fuel usage by propane generators is lower than that of BTUs produced by gas generators. In short, gas generators are more eco-friendly compared the propane generators because it burns more cleanly.

Gas emits smoke that is very dangerous for the environment and our ecosystem because of the toxins present in the smoke. Whereas propane generators are less likely to disturb the environment.

Pros and Cons

Now we will discuss the pros and cons of Gas generators and Propane generators;

Pros and Cons of Propane Generators

  • Propane generators are very eco-friendly
  • You can easily refuel the fuel tank of propane generators
  • You can store propane for a very long time
  • It produces very less noise as compared to the gas generators
  • It is a very powerful fuel
  • It is used for commercial purposes because it is an expensive source
  • It is not easy to repair propane generators all by yourself
  • It has less efficiency as compared to gas generators


Pros and Cons of Gas Generators

  • Gas generators have a high efficiency
  • Gas is available everywhere so it is easy to operate gas generators
  • It is very easy to take care of gas generators
  • They are easy to repair
  • Gas is less expensive as compared to propane
  • The gas generators are not eco-friendly because of the emission of toxin smoke that it releases.
  • It is very dangerous to store gas
  • Gas is highly combustible so care must be needed while operating gas generators


How much does propane Use in a Portable Generator – FAQs

How long will a 100-gallon propane tank run a generator?
A 100-gallon tank will allow a 7kW generator to run for 66 hours and a 12kW generator to run for 36 hours at full load. Almost all of the time, the generator runs at 25 to 75 per cent of its capacity, which means that the fuel supply will last considerably longer.
How long will a 20-pound propane tank run a generator?
A generator can run for around five hours on a 20-pound propane tank. Typically, a gas cylinder of this size has a capacity of 4.6 gallons. Therefore, the running times may vary based on the overall weight of your propane tank.
How many gallons an hour does a propane generator use?
Another example is a propane generator, which may take up to 2-3 gallons per hour, depending on what you are powering and the size of your generator. In this case, a tank of fuel would last you roughly 6–7 days if you have a 500–gallon tank that can only hold 400–gallons of liquid.


Our Verdict

Knowing how much propane a generator uses per hour will help you choose the right generator and determine how much propane you’ll need to power a home or camp. You’ll be equipped to maintain the lights if the power goes off.

Moreover, we have also discussed the pros and cons of both gas generators and propane generators. Hopefully, all this information will be helpful for you to do the best choice.

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