Secure Your Generator from Thieves - 10 Secret Preventive Methods

Having a generator while you are camping, is a great relief. A portable generator facilitates you in every possible way. You cant use any of your appliances while camping if you don’t have a generator. Indeed they are a great blessing. But there is always the danger of generator theft. These thieves are possibly everywhere and it’s very difficult to protect your generator from these rascals.

You’d be surprised at how frequently generators are stolen. Numerous folks who are traveling or who briefly stop at the closest convenience campsite had reported about their generators being taken. It’s crucial to secure your generator while camping, both inside and outside the RV.

In this article, we will discuss 10 of the secret preventive measures that will avoid the danger of your generator being theft.

1. Lock and Chain your generator

You can secure your portable generator with a lock and chain, which is one of the easiest precautions to take. A sturdy, cut-proof chain can be used to secure the generator to your car, a nearby tree, or even your storage rack.

Using a padlock that won’t be easy to cut with a bolt cutter, you must fasten the chain. Just keep in mind that chains are best if you want to leave the area for a short while. If given enough time, most chains can be cut with a hand saw. However, they serve as a powerful barrier, especially if the burglars are hunting for something that is simpler to steal.

Lock and Chain your generator

2. Cables

Using unique cables and an anti-cut alarm is another technique to prevent burglars. When someone tries to cut the cable, the alarm on these cables will beep. However, in order for these cables to function, you must be nearby or have neighbors close to where your RV may be parked. Similar to the chains, these deter thieves from trying to take generators in order to make quick money.

3. Put Safety Bracket

In order to reduce the likelihood that your generator will be stolen, security brackets are put alongside chains and cables. These are put over the plastic generator handles so that you have something solid to feed the cables and chain through.

These require only a few bolts and come with a few. These are quick and easy to install over the portable generator because they only require a few fasteners. Verify that the security bracket will properly fit your generator by checking it out.

4. Put a safety fence around the generator

For improved house security, install a high fence and secured gates. However, if you have a pricey generator or other gear around the house, they become even more valuable.

Even if someone scales the fence and takes the generator, they still need to carry it beyond the gate or the fence. Most thieves don’t have the capability to do that! To make this work, the barrier must be high enough to make it unsafe or impractical to toss the generator to a coworker on the other side.

Put a safety fence around the generator

The kind of fence material matters, although not nearly as much. A thicker, metal-backed stone wall is undoubtedly the best option. Obviously, a stone wall is an ideal option, but metal, a thicker wooden fence, or a lot of bushes can also help. Additionally, you can add mass-loaded vinyl to your fence to make it thicker and more difficult to breach.

Because mass-loaded vinyl is a superior soundproofing material, it will not only increase security but also lessen traffic noise. Additionally, it will give your yard more privacy so no one can see all the delights you have inside.

5. CCTV Camera

Because you can get notifications when someone is relatively close to the camera, WiFi-enabled home security cameras are beneficial.

By installing one or more cameras around your property, you can catch any would-be thief in the act. By installing one or more cameras around your house, you can prevent most burglars and be alerted right away if one of the brave ones decides to try to enter.

You will at least have a valuable film that can be very useful for identifying the intruder if for some chance the camera doesn’t immediately transmit an alarm to your phone/laptop, or you just miss the alert.

For suggestions on cameras and installation advice, see my article on garage door security. Of course, you may utilize the same method to keep an eye on any area around your house.

6. Use A Storage Box

To offer sufficient protection, a storage box works nicely. These uniquely constructed boxes are provided by a number of businesses to aid in defending the generator against frequent hazards like theft. Vandalism, destruction, and theft can all be prevented with storage containers. Frequently, these attractive boxes might help you cut your insurance prices.

Use A Storage Box

7. Stay off of social media

Criminals peruse social media in search of posts about persons who are not at home. Even while you might want to tell others about your adventures, hold back because doing so invites generator thieves to wait until you are not home to break into your house.

Save any stories about your trips to the supermarket, restaurant, day excursion, or vacation for when you get home.

8. Prevent delivery pickups

Do not place orders for products that could be delivered while you are away if you will be gone for a long time. Instead, ask the post office to hold your mail. Burglars search for inactivity around a house, check mailboxes for mail and keep an eye out for packages that have been left.

9. Alarms

It might be a significant expense to install any kind of alarm system. From a CCTV system to a comprehensive alarm system with remote monitoring, there are many alternatives available. If you currently have a security system in place, think about connecting your generator area to it. From a standalone standpoint, it can be an expensive alternative.


10. Hitch or Bumper Mount

You can place your RV’s generator outdoors if you’d rather not take any chances with it inside. One of the simplest solutions is to spend money on a rack that can be mounted to the rear bumper, but keep in mind that these may also be hazardous if not put correctly and can support the weight of the generator.

Another choice is to choose a frame-mounted hitch, which gives you a platform to attach the generator on the RV’s back. However, this generator is significantly safer because it is attached to the frame rather than the bumper.

Racks are available for A-frame trailers that can be mounted on top of the front propane tank.

How to hide an Outdoor Generator?

The following suggestions should serve as some inspiration for you to use while trying to conceal or hide your outdoor generator.

1. House it or enclose it

Building a fence around your generator is a wonderful way to conceal it. A lattice enclosure fence is an option, and you could even add creepers to it to give it color and foliage.

Growing creeper veggies like beans and peas are another choice if you want to add more functionality. In this way, the grid can serve as both a cover for a generator and a framework for supporting vegetables.

Another choice is to paint a wooden fence to either blend in with the surroundings or add color and serve as a point of focus in your landscape plan. Bright enamel paint, pastels, or earthy tones will all work fantastically.

Utilizing a generator housing unit or dog house is a simple way to protect a small or portable generator. You may put a dog home on wheels to make moving the entire structure around easier, and it can appear natural and inviting.

According to your personal preferences for style, you might even be able to employ a wendy home or a wooden garden shed.

How to hide an Outdoor Generator

2. Put vegetation and shrubs on top of it.

You can conceal your generator behind or in between bushes and vegetation in a quite simple and effective manner. It can even be used as a cover for your generator fence.

A generator hidden from view is much less appealing than a lovely wire fence with a bench in front of it and greenery all around.

You must take the soil type and condition, as well as the quantity of sunlight the region receives, into consideration when selecting the plants and shrubs to utilize. These have a significant impact on how well the plants grow.

Remember that you will still require access to the generator and cannot allow it to become overgrown or infested with root systems.

3. Flower Beds and a Rock Garden

Hide your generator in an existing flower bed or a rock garden for one of the easiest solutions. By extending your bed, you can also expand your current landscaping. By expanding your existing rock garden or bed or by creating new ones, you can further your landscaping.

Any bed can be finished off with edging, which also detracts from the garden’s interior. Making a fake rock cover for your generator can help you conceal it effectively.

How to secure a generator in a pickup?

You can fasten your truck-mounted generator using eye bolts, ratchet straps, and bungee cords. Before installing the eye bolts, drill a hole through your truck bed. After completing that, fasten the bolts with your ratchet straps.

How to secure a generator in a pickup

Alternatively, you can secure your generator using bungee ropes with eye bolts. The generator can also be locked to your truck using a chain in place of those items. Alternately, you might secure the 5th wheel hitch with a steel cable that has been wrapped around it.

When performing this activity, there is a tone of space for useful innovation. You can pick one that suits you from a variety of possibilities.

Secure Your Generator from Thieves – FAQs

Can a generator be stolen?
Yes, the generator can be stolen.
How do you secure a generator to concrete?
You can secure a generator by making a concrete wall around the generator. This is one of the safest methods to prevent your generator from stealing.
Where is the safest place to put a generator?
The safest place to put a generator is inside your home or your truck. You can now purchase a silent inverter portable generator that wouldn’t be noisy.


Our Verdict

Mixed emotions can surface after being robbed. You might feel upset over the material loss, but you might also feel bad about it since you could have prevented it. To lower the chances of generator theft, design a special security system for your portable generator.

It might require some work, but the ultimate result would be worthwhile. The generator must be protected in such a way that others can see that it will be difficult to steal.

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