Honda EU3000is Review - The Best 3000 Watt Generator

Honda – Without a doubt, it’s one of the top generator manufacturers in the world, and by reading our review about this particular Honda generator, you’ll know why. We’ll be talking about Honda EU3000iS’s engine, fuel efficiency, and everything you really need to know!

Honda is known for its highest-quality automobiles and power equipment and when it comes to Honda generators, the brand is a winner here too.

It can be extremely difficult to understand generators and their capabilities when you are just beginning with the subject. This means you’ll have to look for many options and then shortlist the ones that seem most suitable for you and then choose one out of them. To help our readers out with the process, we’ll be reviewing an amazing Honda generator today.

Honda generators, especially the Honda EU3000iS Inverter generator, have a reputation that you are probably already familiar with. We’ve used and tested out this product for a couple of years now and we’re here today to share our personal experience and reviews with this one.

Let’s dive in!

Is Honda EU3000iS Worth It?

Honda is a name whose each and every product is worth it. You just have to look for what suits you best.

Talking about this Honda EU3000iS is one of the quietest generators in their product line of generators which is a huge factor to consider when finding a worthy generator. Also, it has a good runtime and can support the use of freezers, and many other appliances as well, even air conditioning systems.

However, with all these great things, comes a high cost as well. But in our opinion, if you have to spend on a product once and rely on it for the longest, it’s far better than spending less on products again and again. So, this Honda EU3000iS is worth investing your money in.

Overview of This Generator!

Japanese companies are always the top competitors to whatever products you talk about. And Honda, being a Japanese company has earned a great reputation and popularity over the years and the generator that we’re talking about today, the EU3000iS, quickly got people’s attention when it came out and since then, it has earned positive reviews, and a lot of demand.

Inverter generator with 3000 watts power and excellent performance! This generator runs very quietly and is extremely well-built. Considering all the features that make it stand out from its competitors, it is definitely worth the price. And so, in our opinion, Honda is the best choice for those with a budget.

A 196cc Honda GX200 commercial engine powers the Honda EU3000iS inverter generator. It is way too powerful when compared to its competitor’s portable generator engines.

Honda portable generators produce clean, stable power through their inverter technology. Compared to conventional power, Clean Power has fewer voltage spikes, hence making it ideal for electronics that are sensitive.


Dimensions 24 inches x 13.25 inches x 21 inches
Weight 130 lbs
Generator Type Portable
Fuel Type Gasoline
Fuel Capacity 3.4 Gallons
Power Output 2800 Watts
Starting Watts 3100
Running Watts 2800

About Its Engine

With a powerful 4-stroke engine, the Honda EU3000iS produces 2800 watts of power. In addition, since it has an electric start, this model starts up quickly and easily and even has an emergency manual recoil.

This power source has the ability to power any appliance you want, including your AC, microwave, washing machine, or refrigerator. With the right devices plugged in, you can run the generator for up to 13 hours straight.

This generator can be used for tailgating, traveling, or even at home as a backup power source. You can even connect two generators in parallel to get double power if you need some additional power.


Let’s discuss some of the most noticeable features of the Honda EU3000iS in detail that have left us super impressed.

  • Easy to Use
  • Durable and Portable
  • Highly Fuel Efficient
  • Large Fuel Tank
  • Noise Level
  • Power Output
  • Digital Control Panel
  • Supports Parallel Connection
  • Eco Mode
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Safety Features

Easy to Use

Ease of use for any power tool is the first thing that defines its user-friendliness. This Honda generator is pretty easy and simple to use even though it’s bulky in design due to its big engine embedded within it.

Its handles on both sides and wheels on the bottom make it even easier to lift and move around respectively. Both the two-wheel and four-wheel kits are available for this Honda model. Moreover, with its perfectly suitable weight, comes the ease of use again. It weighs around 131 lbs. when fuel isn’t filled in. In our opinion it’s a nice weight for a portable generator; neither too light nor too heavy!

Easy to Use

Durable and Portable

When a generator is durable, it can perform in extreme conditions, which means it will last longer. And all this is true in case of this particular generator. Honda EU3000iS generators use GX200 commercial engines. Fuel-efficient and highly durable, these 196cc engines deliver excellent performance and go a long way.

What further contributes to its durability is that the engine will shut down automatically if the oil level drops below a certain level to prevent any damage. When a low oil level is detected, this feature shuts down the engine. Also, because it has a circuit-operated design, this generator prevents overloading the engine.

Despite its compact size and lightweight, the Honda EU3000iS generators are powerful. The wheel kits are also available to support them if they need to be moved. With wheels, this generator is easily portable, making it ideal for trips and stays away from home.

Highly Fuel Efficient

A healthy and reliable power appliance is one that’s fuel efficient. If your appliance is taking too much excess of fuel or gasoline, there must be a problem with it.

With the Honda EU3000iS, comes the efficiency of its fuel consumption. If you compare this generator to its competitors, you’ll see that it’s one of the most efficient ones out there. It takes up just the right amount of fuel and provides maximum energy. Moreover, it’s Eco throttle

the system enables it to adjust its energy consumption to meet current energy needs and conserves more energy.

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Large Fuel Tank

This Honda generator comes with a nicely sized large fuel tank because of course, who would want to keep filling up the tank every now and then? But at the same time, it isn’t too big because such tanks decrease the portability of a machine, due to the increased weight and size. Honda EU3000iS has a 3.4 gallons fuel tank which is just the right fuel tank size for a portable generator.

Large Fuel Tank

Noise Level

There is no doubt that loud generators can be intrusive and will certainly steal your peace of mind and it is definitely not a good idea to have a noisy generator in your neighborhood. The Honda EU3000iS, however, certainly outperforms several competitors in terms of noise level. When running at 25% load, it produces 49 decibels and at 100% load, it produces 58 decibels.

Power Output

The output power of portable generators varies widely. When you are looking for a portable generator, it is important to first determine how much power you will need and then look for a suitable generator. The long list of portable generators will be narrowed down to a convenient selection once you know what power you need. As a result, you won’t be left with an underpowered or overpowered generator.

With a starting power of 3000 watts and a rated power of 2800 watts, the Honda EU3000iS is ideal for households as this is plenty of power for home appliances. Travel trailers, camping, tailgating, and tailgating can all benefit from using this generator.

Supports Parallel Connection

Even if your generator is a strong one, you still might need an additional connection if you require more power someday. And this is again where this generator comes to the rescue. All that you’ll require would be a parallel connection kit and you’ll be able to connect two Honda 3000iS generators in parallel and the result would be double power output.

Digital Control Panel

Digital control panels are the best addition to the generators in my opinion. This Honda generator comes with a digital control panel for easy operation. There are LED lights that indicate overload, oil alert, and output readiness on this Honda inverter generator.

Furthermore, it has an eco-throttle switch, a fuel gauge, and a fuel valve. 125-Volt 30-Amp locking plugs and two 20A 125-Volt household outlets are included with the Honda EU3000iS.

Digital Control Panel

Eco Mode

As we’ve mentioned already, this generator comes with an Eco throttle mode which ensures reduced fuel consumption, making it a fuel-efficient generator. With this feature, energy consumption can be adjusted to meet current energy needs, thus conserving more energy.

3-Year Warranty

Known for its good warranties and high-quality products across a wide variety of industries, Honda is a leader in many fields. The 3-year warranty on Honda generators shows that Honda stands behind their workmanship. Unlike many generators, this 3-year warranty covers both commercial and residential use.

We recommend you should follow the maintenance schedule in your manual in order to keep your generator operating efficiently and ensure you are covered by your warranty.

Safety Features

CARB and EPA-compliant, this Honda generator produce 3000 watts of power. Furthermore, it features an advanced CO Minder system as well.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulate portable generator emissions. EPA and CARB compliance is a requirement for portable generators to be sold in all 50 states.

In the vicinity of the generator, the CO Minder detects harmful levels of CO. The engine is shut off immediately if levels exceed standard limits.

Honda EU3000iS generators also come with USDA-qualified spark arrestors and mufflers. It increases safety when a generator is used in a park or a forest.

  • Highly durable and portable
  • Powerful engine capable of running most of your home appliances.
  • Fuel-efficient generator with a maximum power output
  • Completely reliable
  • No accessories come along with the generator. They have to be bought separately.
  • A bit heavy for this sized generator



A Few Things We Didn’t Like About Honda EU3000iS

Like every other generator, Honda EU3000iS also has a few drawbacks or downsides in addition to so many of its benefits and good things. Here are a few things we consider drawbacks of this generator that we’ve noticed over time with our personal experience.

  • First of all, it is a bit weird to come across the fact that this generator would come alone. No accessories included. You’ll have to buy all the accessories and stuff separately such as charger cable, hour meter, fuel filter (which has to be a very important component of a generator), etc. Even the dust cover too.
  • Secondly, it might be difficult to find Honda spare parts easily because the accessories that you’ll use with this generator aren’t all even manufactured by Honda.
  • Lastly, considering the price, the unincluded accessories feel like a pain. At such a price, at least some of the additional accessories could have been included.

Alternate Options for Honda EU300iS

Following are our shortlisted competitions or you can say alternates to this Honda eu3000iS generator.


There are the same household outlets and RV outlets on the Champion generator as on the Honda, but it comes with an additional 12V DC automotive outlet, which makes it worth considering if you need something of this kind. In terms of its power output, the Champion generator produces 3150 starting watts and 2850 running watts. For a generator of this size, Champion’s 100477 generates 58 dBs, which is a very quiet rating.

Read in Detail: Champion vs Honda Generators.

WEN 56380I

This portable inverter generator WEN 56380i is RV-ready. Engine capacity is 212cc, and it is an air-cooled, four-stroke OHV engine. It generates 3800 surge watts and 3400 rated watts on gasoline. There are many appliances that can be powered by this power. In addition to running a freezer, refrigerator, sump pump, coffee maker, electric stove, and small air conditioners, you can run other such essentials as well.

WEN 56380I

There is a 2.2-gallon fuel tank on this WEN backup generator. A single tank of gasoline can run the machine for 8.5 hours at half load, producing 57 DB of noise only. Comparatively, this generator produces higher noise levels than the Honda EU3000iS but still, it isn’t a lot.


Generac generators will also feature three outlets like Honda generators. Two USB outlets are the only addition you’ll get with the GP3000i. Small appliances, such as cell phones and cameras, can benefit from this new feature.

It is fairly safe to assume that Generac generators are louder than Honda generators. Honda is simply unbeatable when it comes to the noise level. Generac doesn’t provide noise ratings on their generators and so, if I try to guess, it would probably be around 65 dBs.

Honda EU3000is Review – FAQs

What can a Honda EU3000iS run?
There is a wide range of appliances that can be operated by this popular model, including a furnace, refrigerator, microwave, most 13,500 BTU RV air conditioners, TV, etc. The EU3000iS offers high fuel efficiency due to its exclusive Eco Throttle System., which lets the generator run for a long time without inconveniences caused.
What year did the Honda EU3000iS come out?
It’s a very old product though. It came out on April 20, 2009. Honda Power Equipment introduced this generator as an addition to their popular series of “Honda Super Quiet” portable generators.
What is the life expectancy of a Honda 3000 generator?
Honda Generators go a long way if taken care of. Generators from reputable brands, such as Honda, tend to last longer and are backed by a four-year warranty. Generally speaking, your generator should last you 20 years or 3000 hours.
How long will a Honda EU3000iS last?
Due to Honda EU3000iS’s high fuel efficiency and Eco Throttle system, it can run for between 6.9 and 19.6 hours on a single tank. But this largely depends on the load as well as how long will a generator last.
Where is the Honda EU3000iS made?
Honda EU3000iS is made in Japan as Honda is a Japanese company and manufactures most of its products there.
How loud is a Honda eu3000iS?
Honda EU3000i is super quiet. Not loud at all. We’d say it’s the best quiet portable generator. You’ll be surprised to hear that there is less noise than in a normal conversation with the EU3000iS, which operates at 50 to 57 dB(A).



Honda EU3000iS, in our personal point of view, has been an amazing dude over the years. We’d highly recommend it to people looking for a quiet, reliable, easily portable, and energy-efficient generator that could be used both for homes and for outing trips.

Its capabilities and performance continue to impress customers, as does its ability to maintain a high level of productivity in the future as well.

We hope our review would be helpful for our readers who were looking for a guide to buying a generator. We’d suggest you explore some of the best options available to you and affordable for you, and then take a decision on which one to purchase!

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