Honda EU2200i Review - Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator

Honda! Is there any need to tell you anything about Honda? Everyone knows that Honda is the name of excellence. The company is known for manufacturing top-notch spare parts and other light to heavy machines including generators. This article will review one of the top and highly-rated generators Honda EU2200i.

We have tested this generator, and according to our experience, I will tell you its features, specifications, pros, cons, and more. So, keep up with us, and let’s get started;

Honda EU2200i – A highly Efficient Generator

Honda eu2200i is the name of excellence. It has passed all the tests and we are ready to declare it a smart, innovative, and efficient generator. This generator is affordable and compact. You can take it anywhere because of its lightweight and durable frame. The engine is potent and you can also increase its capacity by paralleling it with the high-capacity generator.

This generator is excellent in almost every aspect but there are a few drawbacks of it too. Nothing is perfect! You will get all the details right here.


Brand Honda Power Equipment
Total Wattage 2200 watts
Uses For Product Camping
Item Weight 46.5 Pounds
Voltage 120 Volts
Output Wattage 2200 Watts
Colour available Red
Product Dimensions 20″L x 16″W x 11″H
Engine Type 4 Stroke
Low Oil Shut Down Sensor Yes
Noise level 48db

Technical Features

  • Lightweight, smart and Handy
  • Auto fuel shutdown option
  • Low oil fuel sensor
  • Advanced inverter technology to save your appliances
  • CO alert technology to save you from the poisonous gas
  • Capacity of paralleling
  • Eco throttle switch to reduce vibration and noise
  • Bluetooth

Light Weight and Smart

Honda EU2200i is a very compact and lightweight generator. This generator is considered best for camping. You can take it with you anywhere you want. You can place it in your vehicle without any worry. It weighs only 47lbs and without any double a versatile portable generator. You can also use it at a poolside party, small events, small houses, and RV camping.


Honda EU2200i has a very powerful and upgraded engine that has the capability of providing higher power than other models of Honda.

It has a 4-stroke, 121cc Honda GXR120 engine which is significant. The engine is extremely reliable and durable and made to provide high power. These engines have a long life span and if used properly and cautiously you can run them for quite a long long time. I have used this generator for almost 2 years and I haven’t faced any issues mechanically.

It has the capacity to generate 1800 operating watts and 2200 starting watts of power. As we have discussed earlier that this generator is best for camping and small parties as you can generate high power from this small magic box.


The Honda EU2200i employs a manual recoil start. You just have to pull the coil once and the generator starts. The electric start convenience provided by other generators like the WEN 56200i and the remote start function provided by the Champion 75537i is something we really appreciate. We truly miss that in the Honda EU2200i, to be honest.

The EU2200i has the typical range of outlets and you would anticipate a machine suited for a number of uses. For the majority of electric equipment, it has duplex 120V/125V AC outlets.


But unfortunately, it won’t have an RV connection outlet that must be there. A Honda EU2200i Companion variant with a 30 Amp RV outlet is available.

To make it compatible with your travel trailer, all you would need to do is purchase a cheap adaptor).

Fuel Efficiency

Honda EU2200i has a unique Eco-Throttle mechanism. This generator is highly efficient in using fuel. It automatically adjusts its fuel system and takes fuel from the oil tank as required. It itself adjusts the load of the appliances running on it and in this way it saves a lot of your fuel and money.

It also implies that you can keep your generator running for a long time without laying heavy on your pockets. You can run Honda EU2200i, for about 8 hours at a 25% load as the engine is not made to run heavy appliances so avoid it, otherwise, it will damage your appliances.

But while camping, when you are only using small appliances, the generator can run up to 3 to 4 hours on its 0.95-gallon tank. Consequently, you can’t actually use it to run the RV air conditioner all night.

On the other hand, a 0.95-gallon fuel tank is so small that you wouldn’t anticipate it to have a long lifespan. For hours of continuous power, slightly larger generators must be used.


If we compare it with its twin model Honda EU2000i model, I will honestly say that Honda EU2200i has less power. But some features are much better in it. For work outside the home, job sites, outdoor enjoyment, and camping, the Honda EU2200i Inverter Generator delivers stable electricity. Use it to power a range of devices, such as mini air conditioners, microwaves, refrigerators, and televisions.


The generator is incredibly portable and compact. It is quite simple to move about because it just weighs 49 lbs. It is made further simpler by the cosy single-moulded plastic handle. Obviously, you don’t want to carry it for miles on end during the day. However, it is undoubtedly light enough to be carried over short distances without becoming fatigued.


Noise Output

The Honda EU2200i is remarkably quiet and can be used in almost any place, making it ideal for tailgating, backyard parties, and other situations where you need dependable power with little noise. It has Honda’s unique Eco-ThrottleTM system, which lowers noise levels by preventing the engine from running continuously at maximum power.

Advanced Inverter Technology

What everyone wants is clean, consistent electricity and this is what you can expect from the Honda EU2200i Inverter Generator. This is just as dependable as electricity from residential outlets. Without worrying about a disruption or equipment damage, feel secure and safe operating your appliances.
Integrated Security and Convenience

You can use your inverter generator with greater assurance and peace of mind thanks to the brand-new EU2200i’s CO-Alert system, which instantly shuts down if there is carbon oxide in the surroundings. This can save you and your family from huge trouble.

It also has Bluetooth® connectivity which is its most advanced feature, allowing you to use your smartphone to check on the performance of the generator. The Honda My Generator smartphone app uses Bluetooth® connectivity to offer to start and shut down the generator through a wireless connection. Covered outlets offer more defence against the elements.

Simple to Use

The EU2200i has characteristics that make it simple to use, maintain and operate in an easy manner. It produces more power and maximum output through technical advancements, it also provides quiet, effective portable power for use at home, at work, or for leisure.

The EU2200i also has a number of significant user-friendly features. Colour-coded startup parts make starting the generator easier. The EU2200i inverter generator is easy to use and maintain thanks to the larger oil fill and drain ports and fuel shut-off valve.

  • Very Efficient
  • Durable body
  • Easy to Transport
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Co Alert Technology
  • Auto-shutdown System
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Less power as compared to EU200i
  • Expensive
  • Only recoil start



Customer’s Review

We have collected these reviews from different selling sites.

  1. “A pricey item but compared to others on the market it is very quiet for the campground, lightweight and easy to handle and easy to start. It runs the air conditioner and the convection microwave.” (Amazon Customer)
  2. “With gas and oil in the generator, it weighs around 54 pounds. I think that much weight moves it out of the “portable” category. Please put it on a diet. It needs to lose about ten pounds to be portable. Please do not send any sort of advertising literature to my email address. I do not need, or want any of it. Thank you” (Northerntool customer)

Honda EU2200i Review – FAQs

Is the Honda EU2200i worth the money?
Yes, Honda EU2200i is worth the money. It has the specifications that one wants. Best for camping and small parties. Very efficient and durable generator.
How long does Honda EU2200i last?
The Honda EU2200i generator lasts as long as you can maintain it properly and on time. You can run it continuously for 3 to 4 hours.
What is the difference between Honda EU2000i and EU2200i?
There is no major difference between them. One of the significant features is that Honda EU200i is 10% more powerful than the latter. And it is also less expensive than the Honda EU2200i generator.
Are Honda generators made in China?
These generators have been outsourced in Japan whereas they are made in Japan. This brand is well-known for its quality and durability.


Our Verdict

One of the greatest portable inverter generators available is the Honda EU2200i. Honda has done an excellent job of enhancing the product, which already ranked at the top of the list of the finest portable generators available.

However, despite the fact that we sincerely appreciate the improved engine and the resulting increase in performance, we must admit that we are rather unhappy that Honda did not include some of the amenities we also found lacking in the EU2000i. These are the specialised RV outlets and the recoil start.

It is the ideal inverter generator for individuals who require a professional machine from a reliable brand that might potentially serve them for years, despite the fact that it is not inexpensive.

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