Generac gp3250 Review - Gas Powered Portable Generator

The various features and specifications of the Generac 5982 GP3250 portable generator will be explained in this review. I have experienced many advantages of this generator and these things make it a worthy machine to be used in homes. This device is very remarkable and efficient. When electricity is not available, it will function to power appliances or power tools. It is ideal for usage around the house, on a job site, or for engaging in various outdoor activities.

This dependable equipment is so easy to carry and transfer from one place to another. You can also easily install it by just reading the user manual. It’s a very great idea to own a generator especially if you reside in a region of the country that has frequent storms. Knowing some of the important characteristics of several portable generators will be useful while shopping for one. Here you will find the pros and cons, specifications, and features of this amazing machine;

Does Generac make an inverter generator?

Yes, Generac makes inverter portable generators that are compact and easy to carry. These inverter generators are as efficient and smart as the other ones are. These generators are highly efficient and you can easily take them wherever you want to go, they will not disappoint you in lighting up your home appliances.

Generac gp3250 Review

Generators can be used for many purposes at home, business, and traveling. Anyone can benefit from having portable generators. Portable generators can deliver vital backup power in an emergency whether you are at your home or at your campsite. They increase the comfort of camping and watching football. The freedom that portable power gives to the Jobsite is also valued by contractors.


Brand Generac
Wattage 3750 watts
Generator Power Source Gas-powered
product Weight 115 Pounds
Voltage 120 Volts
Color Red
Generator Model Name GP3250
Tank capacity 3.5 Gallons
Engine Displacement 208 Cubic Centimeters
Total Runtime 9 hours

Generator Energy Consumption

We have studied Generac gp3250 in detail, but we will first take about the energy consumption by the generator. The energy consumption of a device indicates how much power it can deliver at once. The appliances or instruments that will be utilized simultaneously must be determined in order to determine how many operating watts are required.

A specific amount of power will be required for each item. The generator can provide 3200 watts of continuous energy to the appliances. This is more than enough electricity for a small refrigerator, a home safety system, and other devices. Various tools for landscaping or building will also be supported by it. Grills, lighting, and entertainment gear may all be powered while camping.

Starting Watts

The starting power requirements for each item are slightly higher. Due to this, beginning wattage is slightly higher than operating wattage. For overload protection, this device offers 3,750 surge watts.
Motor Horsepower (in horses)

The number of horsepowers that a generator can produce is a crucial component. The OHV four-cycle engine in this Generac portable generator produces 6.5 horsepower. Considering how small the device is, it is a decent amount of power.

Size of the Fuel Tank

A 4-gallon gasoline tank powers this generator. Additionally, a user can see how much fuel is in the device thanks to the handy and simple-to-read fuel gauge. The need for a refill can be determined with the help of this.

Size of the Fuel Tank

Lubricated OHV engine

By using this, you can be sure that the parts of your generator engine are always being lubricated to prevent deterioration and wear. It has a long-lasting generator effect as a result. For you, if you value sturdy products, it is therefore the perfect option.

Low oil level shutdown

To protect the engine of your generator from damage, this exceptional function closes down the generator automatically when the lubricant level is low. If you don’t particularly like the concept of regularly checking the oil level, this option will save you a lot of effort.

Circuit breaker

This crucial component allows the generator to stop the flow of current in the event of excessive power to stop your equipment and appliances from overheating. This puts an end to any concerns you could have about your devices’ Integrated Circuit overheating. As a result, it is secure. Additionally, its outlets are shielded so that if you come into contact with them, you won’t get shocked by electricity.

This generator is more robust and lasting thanks to its hardened steel tube cradle. As a result, it is less likely to experience physical harm and is better able to withstand harsh settings like bustling construction sites.

  • Its engine has quite a good lifespan
  • It shuts down automatically
  • It is very easy to operate
  • It has a strong and durable body structure
  • A bit heavy
  • Less wattage as compared to other generators



Generac gp3250 – FAQs

Is a Generac portable generator any good?
Generac Portable Generators are excellent for home use and also for camping. These are highly recommended generators by experts. These compact generators are very easy to handle. You can take them everywhere with you and they would not disturb anyone as they are silent inverter generators. These eco-friendly generators would definitely be your great companion.
What can a 3250-watt generator run?
A 3250 Watt generator can run a TV, a refrigerator, a bulb, a fan, an oven, a lamp, and a radio.
Are Generac engines reliable?
According to independent research, the typical standby generator system on the market has a reliability rate of about 98%. This level of generator dependability, in the opinion of Generac Power Systems, is unacceptable. Generac has made it a goal to build standby generators that are more reliable than the industry average.



It is important to think about Generac gp3250 due to its relatively modest wattage, it may not be the best option for everyone, but it should work just fine in a house or RV environment. Particularly considering that it is one of the most reasonably priced generators now on the market and that its price is also fairly enticing.

Generators have certain flaws, it’s still a fantastic little device for hobbyists or those with modest energy output demands. For individuals with more demanding needs, a second generator should provide them with all the power they want, even in severe weather conditions.

I will highly recommend this generator because of its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Every machine has some flaws as is the case with this generator.

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