Durostar vs Duromax Generators Detailed Comparison

The Two popular generator brands produced by the DuroMax Power Equipment brand are Durostar and Duromax. These generators are well renowned for supplying dependable power and are available at a reasonable price. They have a standing for excellence. Nonetheless, while deciding between the two, most generator buyers are perplexed. Selecting the best generator for your needs might be made easier if you are aware of the differences between Durostar and Duromax. History of Generators

Here there is a thorough analysis of the two brands to assist you in making a choice. I have written detailed features of these two generators.

Duramax vs Durostar

Leading dual-fuel generator producer DuroMax Power Equipment has its corporate headquarters in Ontario, California. The business provides a comprehensive selection of portable engines, water pumps, and generators.

The company provides a full variety of portable engines, water pumps, and generators in addition to a wide range of accessories.

The business is renowned for producing high-quality goods that are dependable and robust. As they are constantly accessible to answer inquiries and assist their customers in any way they can, their customer support has been recognized as being of the highest caliber. DuroMax has the tools and customer support to do the job properly while lighting your home or place of business.

DuroStar Generator Review

Here is the review of Durostar generators with their features, pros, and Cons.

Powerhouse Generators

One of the most well-liked and reviewed generator lines on the market is the DuroStar line. Generators are developed for people who require a dependable source of power for their residences or power on the go. They are all compact models with a range of characteristics that make them perfect for different applications. They are ideal for RVs, camping trips, tailgating events, and more thanks to their low-noise engines.

DuroStar Generator Review


They are made for a wide range of uses, such as home backup, construction site electricity, or leisure. There are several portable dual-fuel generators: While some models have regular gasoline engines, others can run on either gasoline or propane thanks to dual-fuel capacity.
A device called CO Alert, which is available on some DuroStar Generators, keeps track of carbon monoxide levels and turns the generator off if they rise too high.

For improved conductivity and longevity, the motor’s copper windings are built entirely of pure copper.


For optimal durability, the generators are constructed entirely of metal.
DuroStar generators are covered by a 3-year warranty for your peace of mind.

  • sturdy and dependable build.
  • There are numerous applications for generators.
  • There is a 3-year warranty offered.
  • The generator is a little noisy because of the exposed frame.
  • Some types are bulky and challenging to maneuver.


DuroMax Generator Review

A range of premium models known as DuroMax generators is created to generate power consistently and dependably. They come in a variety of forms, such as portable for on-the-go power, inverters for backup power, gas for recreation, and dual-fuel generators for the greatest fuel flexibility.

To increase power output, 100% copper windings and DuroMax’s renowned heavy-duty construction are used in the building of every model. To make it simple to identify the proper generator for your needs, the generators are grouped into series. For home backup, you can choose the HX Series and the HXT.

The HX Series is available for home backup power, the HXT Series is available for worksite power, the iH Series is available for RV and recreational vehicle power, the X/DX Series is available for emergency power, and the E/EH Series is offered for portable power.

DuroMax Generator Review

Key Features

DuroMax generators have a heavy-duty design that includes all-metal frames and 100% copper windings. As a result, they are stronger and have a higher power handling capacity. DuroMax generators have a CO Warning sensor that turns the generator off if it detects unsafe levels of carbon monoxide.


DuroMax generators have a wide range of uses, including emergency power, job site power, backup power, and RV power. DuroMax inverter generators utilize cutting-edge technology to deliver safe, dependable electricity.

Tri-Fuel Technology

DuroMax tri-fuel generators offer the greatest fuel flexibility and convenience by running on propane, gasoline, and natural gas.

  • CO protection measures.
  • technology for clean energy inverters.
  • Maximum fuel flexibility with tri-fuel technology.
  • On the pricey end of the scale.
  • Unlike some other models, is not as portable.


We have two models of DuroStar and Duromax, let’s compare them.

DuroStar DS4000S Portable Generator

The DuroStar DS4000S generator is notable for being user-friendly and effective for the cost. Several people frequently use it to power their RVs and for light-duty emergency backup purposes. The objective is to offer you sufficient power at a fair price. Here are the features of the DuroStar DS4000S model.

Power and Runtime

You must always take into account the power and corresponding run time you receive from the generator, just like with any other generator. A 208cc engine powers this generator, producing a peak output of 4000W and a running output of 3300W.

The power rating data make it clear why someone could choose this generator. This is due to the fact that you will have sufficient electricity to operate multiple electronics and appliances at once.

When the load is 50%, the generator may run for 12 hours. When the load is lighter, it can go even longer thanks to its 4-gallon gasoline tank. We discover that it is 12% when we look at its THD value. Due to this factor, the generator is not recommended for use with delicate devices.


  • The model’s noise level, which is 69 dBA, is not excessive for a generator.
  • We anticipate a generator to create noise, but this one is generally very.

DuroStar DS4000S Portable Generator

Even while the generator is running, many people find it simple to engage in discussion there. It can therefore be excellent for camping as well. Your electronics should have enough juice when you’re outside. When we look at the outlets, the model is nice overall because it has a number of outlets that you can use.

Three AC outlets are provided for connecting various items to the generator. The generator is not RV-ready, it must be said. But, an L5-30P to TT-30R adaptor makes it simple to connect it to an RV. This guarantees that you can easily power your RV.


Its 23 x 18 x 17.5-inch size qualifies it as a portable generator for the majority of individuals. The open frame design of the generator makes it simple to lift it off the ground. The design is favored by many individuals as being perfect for demanding outdoor use.

Another benefit of purchasing the generator is its 94-pound dry weight. The generator can be carried to the desired position with ease because of its weight.


The usability aspects of a generator are one factor that may influence a person’s decision. The control panel for this generator is thoughtfully designed. A voltmeter is included in the panel to help you understand the power output. A voltmeter is included on the panel to assist you to understand the generator’s power output.

You can tell if the oil levels are sufficient or not by looking at the light indicators. Using a generator with low oil levels is the last thing you should do. Moreover, there’s a built-in fuel gauge. This is essential so that you can determine when to replenish the generator.

In order to prevent the generator from harming itself when its lubrication is low, it’s crucial to include a low oil shutdown mechanism. To stop any additional harm in the event of an overload, there is also overload circuit protection.

DuroMax XP4400E Portable Generator

For the most part, individuals will find the DuroMax XP4400E to be a worthwhile investment because of its features. They will discover it to be the best solution for managing many applications, whether it be at home as a backup power source or out in nature.

The Output of Power

This generator’s power ought to be one feature that excites people about it. The model’s 208cc engine produces 3500 rated watts and 4400 starting watts. Most people can manage their power backup applications with this level of power. This generator is powerful enough to power a refrigerator. The generator can be started by just pressing a button.

  • The generator can be started by just pressing a button, and it will turn on. The generator does indeed have an electric start.
  • The recoil start mechanism is still available if the electric start fails. One or two chord pulls will be sufficient to start it.

DuroMax XP4400E Portable Generator


There are 3 AC outlets and 1 DC outlet on the generator. A generator is a great option for folks who wish to power multiple items at once because it has so many outlets.

The model is also prepared for a transfer transition. In order to power your gadgets, this makes it simpler to connect the generator to the house breaker box. It stands out as a generator that is generally simple to use.

Noise Level

Some people have issues with the noise level. The noise level is 69 dBA. It is the perfect option for overnight use due to its low noise level. Even your neighbors won’t make many noise complaints about the generator. The same holds true for people who might desire to utilize it while camping.


This generator is 24 x 17 x 17 inches and has an open frame construction. The open frame design makes it simple for most individuals to lift it off the ground and move it around to different locations. Its form also makes it a great option for outdoor use in challenging conditions.

Its 125 lb weight makes transporting it around a little difficult for one person. We advise you to enlist assistance when relocating the generator. The generator fortunately still includes a wheel kit and a folding handle. The generator is more portable thanks to the wheels.

Durostar vs Duromax Generators – FAQs

Which generator is best for home use?
There are many generators available that are best for home usage but if you want a whole-house generator we have a Duromax XP12000EH generator.
Are Chinese generators any good?
Avoid China engines and spend a little extra on a quality engine if your generator will be running continuously under heavy loads, for extended periods of time, or if you frequently use it to power medical equipment or something similar.
What company makes DuroStar generators?
Durostar generators are manufactured by Duromax Power Equipment.
Does a Duromax generator charge its own battery?
The onboard battery will be automatically recharged while the generator is running on all of our electrical start generator models.
What is the difference between DuroMax EH and DX?
The EH series has an inbuilt battery charger but is otherwise identical to the DX and HX. You can use your generator in this way to charge your car battery at home or while you’re on the go. On the right side of the machine is a control panel with circuit breakers for the DX series. Other than that, it is the same as HX models.
How long do DuroMax generators last?
Additionally, it has a short shelf life and typically has a runtime of 6 to 16 hours, depending on the size of the generator’s tank and how much energy it uses.



To understand how the generator is operating, there are many light indications. You may not always be aware when the oil level is low. You know it’s time to add more oil to the generator when you receive the low oil level signal. The XP4400E and DS4000S generators mentioned above both produce good amounts of power. They produce enough electricity to run your appliances and electronics in your home or RV.

They are also excellent in terms of connectivity simplicity. The variety of outlets available will make it simple for you to connect them to your RV or home.

We advise the XP4400E since it has foldable handles and wheels for rough outdoor terrain. It is clear that moving the generator around is simple.

The DS4000S’s size makes it useful for supplying power to your RV. While not taking up much room, it nonetheless produces an adequate amount of power.

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