Duromax XP12000HX Review CO Alert Electric Start Generator

The reviews for all DuroMax generators aren’t the same. We have witnessed a wide range of goods with the DuroMax name ever since this US generator company entered the home portable generator industry in 2003. Light-duty generators with incredibly low prices and machines with superior build quality that are more reasonably priced have both been available. In our DuroMax XP12000HX review, you’ll learn that it belongs to the latter group and is an obscenely potent home and worksite generator with lots of heavy-duty features.

The XP12000HX portable generator from DuroMax is known as the “beast” in their line-up. This is an excellent substitute for more costly home standby generators, with a peak power output of 12,000W and 10,000W running power. It is relatively reasonably priced, has the advantage of being portable, and has enough power to run a typical-sized home. Because of this, it excels in a variety of applications.

Duromax XP12000HX Overview

The DuroMax XP12000HX performs as a worksite generator exceptionally well. The DuroMax XP12000HX is a pretty economical jobsite generator with a tonne of power, while it doesn’t quite fit into the same heavy-duty category as well-known industrial generator manufacturers. In comparison to other mid-priced, standard-size generators with the same power output, I’d rate this one higher. Fundamentally, the XP12000HX represents incredible value given its capabilities.

The DuroMax XP12000HX includes a number of additional features in addition to a fairly powerful engine and an excellent alternator with all-copper windings. This generator uses two fuel types. It can be powered by gas or propane. It also offers a long list of updated and new features. The safety feature of CO monitoring is one of importance. The amount of carbon monoxide (CO) in the air is determined by a sensor. The generator will turn off if the CO level rises to a dangerous level.


Brand DuroMax
Wattage 12000 watts
Power Source Gas
Item Weight 222 Pounds
Voltage 240 Volts
Output Wattage 12000 Watts
Product Dimensions 30″L x 29″W x 26″H

Key Features

This generator is fantastic because it has many additional unique features. Not simply because of its cost, but also because it is a worthy rival to many others in its class. The detailed DuroMax XP12000HX review that follows should be read in order to get the whole picture.


The DuroMax XP12000HX is not your typical inexpensive portable generator with an above-average power output, as I alluded to at the start of this review. The larger DuroMax generators, in my experience, are of a far higher caliber than their smaller counterparts. The pricing point makes this clear. The less powerful DuroMax generators (5,000W or less) are typically some of the least expensive options available.

The DuroMax models start to exhibit more heavy-duty characteristics as we move up the range, notably from 7,500W and upwards. The DuroMax XP12000HX is at the top of the heap and has everything. While having pretty typical pricing, this generator is more expensive than other 12,000W/10,000W dual-fuel generators.


Certified Generator

The DuroMax XP12000HX engine is 50-state legal, and the muffler has a spark arrestor (EPA and CARB certified).

Run Time

The DuroMax XP12000HX is another instance where I’m not overly impressed by DuroMax’s fuel economy. In its class, it is not the most or the least thirsty generator, but it is also not the greatest. With a runtime of 8.83 hours at 50% load or a little over 1 GPH, the 8.3-gallon petrol tank is a highly practical size. A 40-pound propane tank results in a runtime of 7.2 hours at 50% load, which isn’t quite as impressive. You also don’t have as much power while using propane, of course, as with any dual-fuel generator.

With gas, you can produce 12,000 W of peak power and 10,000 W of continuous power, which is undoubtedly impressive. Wattage is lowered to 9,025W of running power and 11,400W of surge power while utilizing propane.


It’s never a good idea to take the word “portable” when referring to a generator this size. A total of 230 pounds go into the DuroMax XP12000HX. A serious matter that should not be ignored. Its generator is mounted to a sturdy frame with a lot of metal protecting panels in addition to the massive engine and reliable alternator. Even while everything is fantastic, there is a noticeable weight to everything. Despite these obstacles, the DuroMax engineers did an excellent job of making this weight as manageable as feasible. The commercial-grade rubber really impresses me.

The rubber mountings made of industrial grade that hold the engine and alternator to the frame are a huge plus. They do a lot to reduce vibration in addition to being quite durable and perfectly securing the generator. One of the greatest wheel kits for a portable generator makes it easier to move about. The DuroMax XP12000HX can be moved across any terrain with reasonable ease because of its huge sturdy wheels with metal rims. The heavy-duty, dual fold-down handles are equally noteworthy.


Control features

Heavy-duty aluminum panels attached to the generator’s side house all of your control features. It doesn’t get much more practical than this. The functions for the fuel type choice and propane intake are easily accessible. Lighting, outlets, caution lights, and circuit breakers are all housed in a panel nearby.

A sizable starting (on/off) button is surrounded on either side by switches to disconnect the battery when storing the generator and an idle control switch. When there is no load being supplied by the generator, the engine speed is decreased when the idle control is turned to the on position. so that fuel is saved and noise is decreased. Accessibility to the air filter, oil filler, and drain plug facilitates routine maintenance.

Multiple outlets

This generator is highly useful in any situation due to the number of AC outlets. With the help of two 20A circuit breakers, it has 4 X 120V 20A outlets. The dual breaker is appealing.

This twin-breaker configuration is nice. Meaning that electricity will still be available on the other circuit even if an overload on one circuit trips all the outlets. On a construction site, this is really useful.

The GFCI protection on the 20A outlets, which satisfies OSHA requirements, is another feature that makes the DuroMax XP12000HX an excellent job site generator. Two 30A twist lock outlets, one delivering 120V and the other 120V/240V, are present. I’m happy to note that a 50A 120V/240V outlet was added because this generator has a peak output of 50A. (supplied directly from the main 50A two-pole circuit breaker). This is perfect for using a transfer switch to increase the amount of power that is accessible to your home electric panel.

Unique Design

You can keep an eye on the fundamental operating parameters with a digital multimeter. You can choose to display voltage, frequency (Hz), or operating hours using a simple selector switch. When the oil level is low, an indicator light will let you know, and the engine will switch off. You can see that the inbuilt battery is charging thanks to another light. This generator has an electric starter, as you would have predicted. It also features a manual recoil starting as a backup.

Unique Design

Although the DuroMax XP12000HX is reasonably priced, this generator is everything but average. It is a very powerful dual-fuel generator with a sturdy design that rivals the best industrial machinery.

Safety Features

It is a remarkably powerful dual-fuel generator that, in terms of tough design and dependability, is competitive with the best industrial machinery. Several safety elements, such as CO monitoring, are present. With a sturdy frame and great wheels, this heavy generator is as portable as they come for such a powerful machine.

Only in terms of fuel efficiency does the DuroMax XP12000HX fall just a touch short of perfection. I believe this is a purchase you can make with complete confidence because it comes with a 3-year warranty and is from a company that has built a solid reputation over many years.


Duromax XP12000HX and its Alternatives

Product Name Duromax XP12000HX Pulsar G12KBN Westinghouse 12000W
Brand Duromax Pulsar Westinghouse
Dimensions 30″L x 29″W x 26″H 28.5″L x 26″W x 25.5″H 34″L x 31″W x 35″ H
Output Wattage 12000 watts 12000 watts 12000 watts
Fuel Type Gasoline, Propane Gasoline, Liquified Petroleum Gas Liquified Petroleum Gas
Voltage 240 volts 240 volts 240 volts
Engine Type 4 stroke 4 stroke 4 stroke
Weight 222 pounds 209 pounds 352 pounds

Duromax XP12000HX Review – FAQs

What engine is in a DuroMax generator?
The 500cc OHV engine in the brand-new DuroMax Generator XP13000EH is a dual-fuel workhorse that can burn either gasoline or propane.
What is the difference between DuroMax DX and HX?
No cords or switches are included with the DuroMax. The only visual distinction exists between the two. Both the HX and the DX now have a 5-year warranty, which was previously 3 years for the HX and 5 years for the DX.
How many hours can a generator run on a full tank?
Portable generators powered by gasoline have a runtime of between 6 to 16 hours. Portable generators powered by propane that is properly maintained can run for 150 to 200 hours straight.
Which fuel type generator is best?
The most environmentally friendly generator fuel is propane. Propane burns cleanly burn for a long time and is easily stored in cylinders of different sizes. Storage is simple and hassle-free when it is supplied to your home. Faster burning is propane.
Is dual fuel better for the generator?
Conventional dual-fuel generators typically burn roughly 25% diesel and 75% natural gas. In comparison to a single-fuel diesel generator, natural gas increases efficiency because it burns for longer and provides more power per unit. 29-Sept-2022



To sum up, I can surely say that Duramax XP12000HX dual fuel generator is an excellent one as compared to other generators of the same wattage. It has the Latest Technology with a low oil shut-off option. This generator is equally portable and efficient. Although it is not easy to move the generator due to its heavy weight but still due to its 2 bottom wheels you can move this generator from one place to another.

On the other hand, we have alternatives; Pulsar G12KBN and Westinghouse 12000-watt portable generator. Both these generators also have 12000 output wattage whereas Pulsar G12KBN is the lightest of the 2 generators and Westinghouse 12000 watt generator is the heaviest one. When we consider portability an important factor weight consideration is a must.

You can check these products to get the best one for your needs.

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