The Champion 100573 Inverter Generator – Detail Review

Champion is one of the market’s leading generator brands due to its years of expertise in making trustworthy, robust, and dependable power equipment.

One of the most modern devices on the market is the Champion Power Equipment 100573 4000-Watts RV Ready Open Frame Inverter Generator. With our feature-rich, revolutionary technology and design, powering your life takes on a whole new meaning.

In a small design, the Champion Power Equipment 100573 provides indisputably efficient performance. In this review, we’ll go over all there is to know about the Champion Power Equipment 100573 generator. Let’s have a look!

Champion 100573 – Best Value Generator

One of the most modern items on the market is the Champion Power Equipment 100573 4000-Watt RV Ready Digital Hybrid Open Frame Inverter Generator. With our feature-rich, revolutionary technology and design, powering your life takes on a whole new meaning.

This Digital Hybrid inverter is a smaller, quieter, lighter…BETTER!

Our 4000-watt generator comes with a wireless remote key fob that allows you to start and stop it from up to 80 feet away. Enjoy on/off push-button power with electric start, battery included, as well as Cold Start Technology, which assures a swift start in cold weather, and Quiet Technology, which reduces noise by half.

Champion backs up this generator with a three-year limited guarantee as well as free lifelong technical assistance from committed professionals. Because of its excellent features, adaptability, and use, this is one of the greatest generators you can buy.


Brand Champion Power Equipment
Wattage 4000 watts
Item Dimensions LxWxH 23.5 x 24.8 x 20.5 inches
Item Weight 96.8 Pounds
Voltage 120 Volts

Following are the features of Champion 100573

Wireless Remote Start

You can start and stop your inverter using the wireless remote key fob from up to 80 feet away, and the electric push-button start contains a battery.

Quiet Technology and Extended Run Time

With 4000 beginning watts and 3500 running watts for up to 17 hours of run duration on fuel, the 64 dBA is ideal for RVs, tailgating, your next project, or home backup.

Quiet Technology and Extended Run Time

Parallel Ready

The optional Parallel Kit ( allows you to raise your power output even further by connecting up to two inverters or digital hybrids rated at 2800 watts or higher.

Eco Mode

If you aren’t powering large loads, the Eco mode on this generator will reduce fuel consumption and noise levels. And its remote start feature is something that all generators at this price point should have because it is simply the most convenient method to start a generator.


This generator comes with a three-year manufacturing guarantee. This is significant to me because, unlike many generator users who use their only for their RV or as a backup, I use mine almost every day, all day to power tools on building sites. I can’t afford to be disappointed by poor quality.

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Starting and Operating Watts

This Champion 100573 inverter generator has a starting wattage of 4000 and a running wattage of 3500, which is more than enough wattage to power your vital devices for an entire day. Furthermore, it can run for up to 17 hours at a 25% load.

Starting and Operating Watts

Customer Reviews and Scores

At the time of writing, there are a little more than 2,159 reviews on for this product, with a 4.6 out of 5 rating on average. Overall, these evaluations are favorable.

Covered Outlets

The covered outlets on this generator are a sight to behold, and it is just one more feature that sets it apart from the competition.

Protective Covers

The protective covers will protect a 120V 30A (TT-30R) outlet, a 120V 20A Duplex (5-20R) outlet, and a 12V DC Automotive outlet, giving you a variety of options for powering your appliances.

Clean Energy

It also generates exclusively clean energy. You may also use economy fuel to conserve gasoline.

Clean Energy

Note: The Champion 100302 is essentially a 100573 with the exception of the wheel kit and electronic starter generator. So you just get a recoil start and must lift the generator to transfer it. It isn’t very heavy, as the elimination of the wheel kit, battery, and electric starter reduces the weight from 97 to 81 pounds.

Lifting this, however, is not something I would advocate for older persons or ladies. Furthermore, the 100302 lacks flip-up covers for its outlets.

Champion 100573 Propane Conversion Kit

These kits are compatible with most Champion Power Equipment that can run on gasoline, natural gas, or propane. Champion Power Equipment specializes in the design, production, and maintenance of dependable, robust, and economical portable generators, inverters, pressure washers, and transfer pumps.

Champion Power Equipment is a firm based in the United States with production plants in China. Our dedication to quality across the engineering, quality assurance, production, and customer service processes sets us apart from the competition.

These kits include all of the components needed to convert the generator you’ve chosen. The generator images and information on our conversion kit pages are strictly for identifying purposes. The generators themselves are not included.

  • It comes with a wireless remote key fob that allows you to start and stop your inverter from up to 80 feet away, and it’s also incredibly quiet at 64 decibels.
  • It is very quiet as well at only 64 dB.
  • It’s ideal for RVs, tailgating, and other such occasions.
  • It can also run on gasoline for up to 17 hours.
  • This generator has flaws in some conditions.
  • After 12 hours of inactivity, the relay for the remote start will exit standby mode, requiring you to walk up to the device and revive it.



Champion 100573 Alternatives

Champion 100573 is the generator that can fulfill all your power requirements. This generator is very helpful in emergency situations. Following are the alternatives of Champion 100573.

  • Westinghouse Wgen7500 Review
  • Champion 4500-Watt Generator
  • Duromax Xp13000eh Review
  • Wgen9500df Review

1. Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment WGen7500 Portable Generator with Remote Electric Start – Best Dual Fuel

Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment WGen7500 Portable Generator with Remote Electric Start - Best Dual Fuel

This generator has a peak power of 9500 watts and an operating power of 7500 watts. Because it comes with an electric push-button start and a backup recoil cord starter with remote control, you have the freedom to select how you want to start the generator.

This finest portable generator brand has a 6.6-gallon fuel tank that can power the generator for 6.6 hours when fully charged. In the event of a ground fault, there are two Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters that can safeguard your equipment.

You will also receive a 12V battery charger, which will allow you to plug in your empty batteries and charge them while the generator is operating.

To guarantee optimal safety, all covered outlets shield the user from any injury caused by 120-volt or 240-volt outlets. There is a digital hour meter that displays the amount of run time so you know when to maintain the generator. When the oil levels fall below normal, the engine is automatically shut down to safeguard the engine and basic equipment. Read More About This Generator



2. Champion Power Equipment 200987 4500-Watt RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator – Best RV-ready Generator

Champion Power Equipment 200987 4500-Watt RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator - Best RV-ready Generator

If you live or work in a location with inconsistent or no power supply, having a Champion inverter generator at home might be quite beneficial. The Champion 200987 generator set is the best model for powering all of your electronics at home, in the RV, at the office, or outside. This is an inverter-type generator with an exterior plastic closed frame.

It generates 4500 watts of peak power and 3,500 watts of rated power. It is powered by a 4-stroke OHV 212cc engine with variable speed. The generator has a 2.3-gallon fuel tank and runs only on gasoline. At 1/4 of the generator’s entire load capacity, a full tank can provide 14 hours of operation time.

The generator may be started in three ways: with the electronic key starts technology, with the recoil start technology, or wirelessly with remote control. It also emits little noise and includes motor wheels to let it move around.



3. DuroMax XP13000EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator – Impressive Generator

DuroMax XP13000EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator – Impressive Generator

DuroMax XP13000E and XP13000EH (Dual-Fuel) are great VALUE generators (cheap) and hence incredibly popular with portable generator consumers. Everyone wants to stretch their money, especially in the event of a global epidemic in 2022.

The XP13000E has a peak capacity of 13,000 watts, making it an excellent generator for home backup power and job sites. It’s a sturdy unit that can power refrigerators, air conditioners, and most other domestic appliances without the risk of generator overload.

The DuroMax XP13000E is a tough-looking, high-output gas generator. According to user reviews, it is one of the top generators in its class. The extremely low price for this small portable generator is a significant element of its success. When it comes to low-cost, high-quality generators, the DuroMax XP13000E is not alone.



4. Westinghouse WGen9500DF – Better Efficiency

Westinghouse WGen9500DF – Better Efficiency

Westinghouse Power Equipment has been in business for almost a century. They have a reputation for developing dependable and reasonably priced product lines. The Westinghouse WGen9500DF is a popular dual fuel generator in this power range. It is powered by a Westinghouse 457cc 4-stroke OHV engine.

This generator has a wireless remote key FOB for remote operation. FOB is an abbreviation for Frequency Operated Button. VFT display, low oil level automatic shutdown, GFCI outlets, and so on are only a few examples. For additional details, please see our comprehensive Westinghouse WGen9500Df evaluation.

In addition, if you require a generator with the same characteristics but no dual-fuel capabilities, the Westinghouse WGen9500 may be the one for you. This generator is both powerful and feature-rich. It’s an excellent power source for home backup and emergencies.



Champion 100573 Inverter Generator Review – FAQs

Is Champion a reliable brand?
Champion is a pioneer in dual-fuel technology. This brand’s pricing range is $500-$1,400. We propose the Champion power equipment 76533 4750/3,800 fuel portable generators if you wish to purchase a dependable device under this brand. The company has been in business since 2003.
How many hours will a Champion generator last?
A portable generator should last between 1000 and 2000 hours, depending on the condition of the engine. That indicates that if you use your portable generator 100 hours per year on average, it will survive between 10 and 20 years.
Where are Champion Power Products made?
Champion Power Equipment is a corporation established in the United States that was created in 2003. So, where do Champion portable generators come from? The corporation is headquartered in the United States, while its manufacturing facilities are located in Zhejiang, China. As a result, champion portable generator equipment is designed in California and manufactured in China.
Are champion engines any good?
Four of Champion Power Equipment’s five-star ratings are good. Five-star evaluations imply that the majority of consumers are pleased with their purchases. Most Champion Power Equipment customers describe them as having wood splitters, dual fuel ovens, and a home depot as their favorite pick.
Where are champion generators built?
Champion has grown its North American presence from its initial headquarters in Santa Fe Springs, California, to include operations in Jackson, Tennessee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Toronto, Canada.


To Sum Up

The Champion 100573 combines functionality and convenience in a small, compact form that everyone can use. It has adequate power to start and run a 15,000 BTU RV air conditioner while remaining quiet when necessary.

There are various aspects of this generator that I adore. Its affordability, remote start, and the fact that it is an open-frame type with inverter technology enable Champion to sell it at extremely competitive costs. Most inverter generators don’t even reach 4000 watts, and the ones that do are far more expensive than the Champion 100573.

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