6 Best Generators under $300 - Updated Review

Generators are regarded as one of the most crucial elements of life and undoubtedly help people live peacefully and without difficulty, especially in emergencies. In addition to their significance and availability, they come in a wide range of designs, powers, and voltages.

Customers prefer budget-friendly investments for such things now that there is more rivalry among all the brands, and they base their purchasing decisions on the range of affordability that the businesses are providing their products.

The generators on the list are the best ones under $300 that have all the necessary features and reliable engines. We will review them according to their specifications, reliability, features, pros, and cons. Let’s go towards the review:

Best Generators under $300 – Quick Comparison

1. Westinghouse iGen160s Generator

Westinghouse iGen160s Generator

Westinghouse is one of the renowned generator manufacturing brands that has become a brand in a very short duration. All the Westinghouse generators are reliable and efficient. This Westinghouse iGen160s generator is also one of them that I am going to review. This affordable generator is beyond exceptional for your small household and camping needs.

Best for This device is a great companion for backup plans, outdoor camping, and emergencies. It provides 1000 watts of continuous power and undoubtedly created a name for itself in terms of instant energy provision.

Portability: This portable generator mod 1`el can provide emergency power in practically any place because it is small and lightweight. It has an air conditioning system that maintains the generator’s temperature, making it safe in any conditions.

Warranty: The unit’s maker guarantees a 2-year warranty even for less than $300, making it a reasonable buy. The product comes with a variety of characteristics that can please any potential buyer. Its portability is made simple by its modest weight.

Multiple outlets: It includes a circuit breaker, a 120V 7AV outlet for simple appliance charging, and a spark arrestor for further safety. Moreover, it complies with EPA II and CARB. The starting power is 1000 watts, and a further 900 watts are available for running power. I have found these outlets to be very useful for connecting other small devices like mobile phones and laptops.

Running Capacity: Only at 50% load can the one-gallon tank’s battery life last for 5 hours straight. Another plus is that there is a customer service helpline.


Brand Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment
Wattage 155 watts
Fuel Type Gasoline
Power Source Battery-Powered
Item Weight 3.75 Pounds
Voltage 3.7 Volts
  • This generator has multiple ports for the connection of different devices.
  • Its running capacity is much more than other small generators
  • It is a very lightweight generator.
  • It has a limited-time warranty


2. Jackery 167Wh Lithium Battery Solar Generator

Jackery 167Wh Lithium Battery Solar Generator

Jackery, a solar generator pioneer and top-selling brand with over 2 million users and 150 accredited media & organizations globally, was established in California in 2012 with the mission of providing green energy to everyone and everywhere.

Compact AC Outlet: This portable power station weighs the same as a typical Apple bag and is the lightest while still being the most compact member of the Explorer family. You gain flexibility for your brief road excursions, virtual organizations, or outdoor camping necessities by being able to carry an AC Outlet.

Multiple Ports: The Explorer 160 power station has 1 AC outlet (110V 100W 150W Peak), 1 USB-C port, 2 USB-A ports, and 1 normal DC 12V port that supports charging phones, tablets, laptops, GoPro, and other devices.

Solar recharging: In approximately 4.5 hours, the Jackery SolarSaga 60 (available separately) will be entirely recharged. Both the household outlet and the automobile charger require five hours to recharge. You can rest assured to bring it along for outdoor activities like off-grid wild camping or a weekend road trip since it has an SOS mode (long press to activate it).


Brand Jackery
Wattage 100 watts
Fuel Type Non-gasoline
Power Source Solar-Powered
Item Weight 3.84 Pounds
Voltage 110 Volts
  • This is a compact generator
  • Its solar charging saves a lot of energy
  • It has multiple ports
  • It provides a low wattage


3. LIPOWER 296Wh Solar Powered Generator

LIPOWER 296Wh Solar Powered Generator

Lipower generators are making marks in the field of the generator industry. This Lipower 296Wh solar power generator is also one of them that is well-known among people.

Continuous Power Supply: Compared to the majority of 300W power stations, which typically have a 60000mAh capacity, the LIPOWER PA300 Portable Power Station has a capacity of up to 80,000mAh, making it simple to solve the issue of electric equipment’s power supply.

Multiple Ports: Two 110V/60Hz/300W/Surge 500W Pure Sine Wave AC outlets, two 12V/6A DC ports, two 5V/3.1A USB ports, one QC3.0 quick charge port, and one USB Type-C PD port are also included (45W max) are also included in this generator. I have found these ports exceptionally useful.

Safety features: To provide short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, overpower protection, over-discharge protection, and overcharge protection, the LIPOWER PA300 Battery Management System (BMS) enables voltage management, temperature control, and built-in multiple safe-charging designs.

Portable: Portable camping power supply LIPOWER 300w: Because of its lighter overall net weight—only 7.1 pounds, it is easier to tote when camping. There is a 5W high-bright emergency LED intended for emergency Lighting on the rear for use in outdoor or indoor emergency scenarios. This generator proves to be a lifesaver at times of snowfall.


Wattage 300 watts
Fuel Type Electric
Power Source Solar-Powered
Item Weight 7.1 Pounds
Voltage 110 Volts
  • This is a reliable generator
  • It is best for camping purposes
  • Its safety fears are amazing
  • Its run time should be improved


4. Westinghouse iGen200s Solar Generator

Westinghouse iGen200s Solar Generator

Westinghouse Portable Power Stations make excellent indoor or outdoor generators for everything from power outages to travel. It is a portable generator with an integrated carrying handle that doesn’t require any engine maintenance. Everything from a torch and backup battery supply to a power source for a picnic is present.

Multiple Outlets: Westinghouse iGen200s has three convenient 5mm DC outputs in addition to two 120V AC outlets, three USB connections, including a USB-C port, and a Qualcomm Fast Charge 3.0 USB outlet. Lighting Modes: The tri-mode front flashlight on the iGen200s keeps you moving when you need it most, illuminating your path through the night in 100%, 50%, and SOS modes.

Digital Display: The electric LED Data Center is easily accessible and offers information such as wattages utilized, battery life, and diagnostic alerts that are simple to comprehend.

Charging options: it comes with accessories for the AC and cigarette lighter outlets that can be used with generators, walls, and cars. includes the possibility of using a solar panel to power the iGen200s power bank.

Reliable Option: Always crucial are mental calm and preparation. It serves as a power pack for computers, phones, internet routers, and security systems while you’re working from home and require a solid backup power solution or battery generator. Ideal as a power supply or charging station.

Best for: It is designed to be simple to use and ready to go as a solar power bank when you’re on the go. While camping, hunting, fishing, tailgating, at trade exhibitions, or music festivals, a tiny, portable generator is silent. It keeps lights, heated blankets, tiny refrigerators, drones, and GoPros running all day.


Brand Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment
Wattage 150 watts
Fuel Type Liquefied Petroleum Gas
Power Source Solar-Powered
Item Weight 4.03 Pounds
Voltage 120 Volts
  • It has three light modes
  • It is a solar-operated generator
  • It is a reliable option
  • It is a noisy gasoline generator


5. FlashFish 60000mAh Camping Portable Generator

FlashFish 60000mAh Camping Portable Generator

Flatfish has committed to providing travelers and outdoor enthusiasts with green power options since 2010.

The designers of Flashfish Solar Generators had outdoor enthusiasts in mind. You, the explorer, can take advantage of an unending source of electricity on your outdoor explorations with the help of our clean, quiet, and practical solar generators. They serve as a dependable home backup power source as well. Everyone should enjoy being outside.

Portable: It is the perfect addition to your camping or fishing equipment because Flashfish 300 is compact and only weighs 5.73 lbs. It has a variety of output connections and can simultaneously charge up to 9 devices.

Adventure Partner: Flahfish 300 can enhance your weekend excursion, whether you want to go camping beneath the stars, trekking in the hills, or taking landscape photos.

Nevertheless, if a sudden power outage occurs, the Flashfish 300 will be your dependable friend, illuminating your night and powering your vital appliances.

Battery: Low voltage protection, over-voltage protection, over-current protection, over-charging protection, and short-circuit protection.

Recharging Options: A/C, Solar, AND CAR 6-7 hours from a 12V/24V car port, or 5-6 hours from an AC wall outlet (60W AC converter supplied).

Run time: Flashfish 50W or 60W solar panel runtime is 6-7 hours. The time to recharge varies depending on location, temperature, weather, etc. The precise time could differ.


Wattage 300 watts
Fuel Type Solar Powered
Power Source Solar Powered, Battery Powered
Item Weight 5.6 Pounds
Voltage 110 Volts, 12 Volts
  • It is easy to carry
  • It has a unique design
  • It is very lightweight and uniquely designed generator
  • It has a limited warranty


6. Jackery 240Wh Backup Lithium Battery Generator

Jackery 240Wh Backup Lithium Battery Generator

Jackery, a solar generator pioneer and top-selling brand with over 2 million users and 150 accredited media & organizations globally, was established in California in 2012 with the mission of providing green energy to everyone and everywhere.

Portable Generator: Digital Trends named the Jackery Explorer 240 portable power station as the Best Portable Power Station for Use in Outdoor. A traditional option for your choice.

Easy to carry: Weighing only 6.6 pounds, this entry-level portable power station is fitted with a 240Wh lithium-ion battery pack. For outdoor excursions like tent camping, road trips, backyard camping, etc., the sturdy handle makes it simple to transport.

Multiple Outlets: 1* Pure Sine Wave AC outlet (110V 200W 400W Peak), 2* USB-A ports (5V, 2.4A), and 1* 12V DC car connector to power your essentials for the road trip, including phones, laptops, cameras, fans, lights, and so on. There is support for pass-through charging.

Solar Power Supply: The Jackery SolarSaga 60 or SolarSaga 100 solar panel can be used to replenish the power station. The power station can be recharged most effectively when the solar panel is operating at its maximum power point thanks to the integrated MPPT controller. There are TWO more options to recharge: using a home outlet or a car outlet.


Brand Jackery
Wattage 200.00 watts
Fuel Type Non-gasoline
Power Source Solar-Powered
Item Weight 6.82 Pounds
Voltage 110 Volts (AC)
  • It supplies solar power
  • It has multiple outlet options
  • It has a handle that makes it easy to carry
  • AC outlet doesn’t work properly



Best Generators under $300 – Buyers Guide

Regardless of the pricing range you’re dealing with, it’s crucial to decide what tasks you’ll use your generators for and how portable they must be.

Continue reading to learn more about how to choose the finest portable inverter generator for you, as well as our top picks for every price range. We’ll also help you decide which device is the most suitable for you to bring home.

Low O2 Defense System

A minimal eye protection system consists of exactly what it sounds like. It is a system with safety features to safeguard the generator in the event of low oil. If the oil levels in your generator are low, you run the risk of permanently damaging the generator’s components. Numerous technologies could shield your generator against damage in the event of low oil.

The most popular and affordable system is a very basic warning light that alerts you when you’re low on fuel. Mоrе complex ѕуѕtеmѕ contain generator сutоffѕ thаt wіll nоt let it run іf уоu are low оn оіl, рrеvеntіng thе gеnеrаtоr frоm injury.

Run Time

Your generator’s running capacity is another crucial feature to take into account. You might discover that you need to use your generator for a predetermined period in the event of an emergency. It is preferable to have a generator that operates longer than you require rather than shorter; after all, it is better to be safe than to worry.

Fuel Capacity

Some generators also can use a variety of fuels, which is known as an alternative fuel capacity. If you intend to use your potential generator in emergencies, this feature is essential. A multi-fuel generator is an exceptional solution to ensure that you maintain power during a power outage or a natural disaster because you never know what kind of fuel you will be able to get your hands on.

Fuel Tуре

Whether you’re looking for the best portable generator for travel or the best affordable portable generator, many different types of fuel can be used with the finest portable generators. We’ll list a few of the most popular fuel types that are readily available for usage in the best generators possible in this area.

One of the more popular fuel types that are used with potential generators is diesel. Because of its dependability, affordability, and effectiveness in many climates, it is well-liked. Moreover, it is less combustible than many options.

Noise Level

How much noise your generator produces is one more crucial factor to consider. Low noise level is an important factor to take into consideration if you don’t use your generator to be extremely distracting while it’s running. Yet, this aspect becomes less significant if you want to work at a construction site while using a generator or another loud environment. Generally speaking, propane generators are the best portable generators for sound levels.

Noise Level


The best portable generator illustrates how important it is to ensure that your generator is properly portable. Smaller generators will be much easier to move around even if they have less capacity and produce less electricity. Remember that weight and potential are not necessarily the same thing.

Fuel Gauge

If you want to keep your generator running smoothly, a fuel gauge is an essential addition. It gives you a good idea of when your generator will stop working in addition to just keeping it functional. This is exceptional for demanding tasks like powering large machinery and other tools in a building facility.

Electric Start

Electric start is a feature that significantly increases the simplicity of use of your generator. Typically, generators without an electric start have a manual starter program. Among other types of manual starter methods, these include a kick starter or a pull starter.

Tank Capability

A bigger tank capacity directly correlates with how long your generator runs, but it also relies on the kind of fuel your generator consumes. A propane generator, for example, won’t run as long as a diesel generator of a similar size. Beyond this, your generator’s capacity shouldn’t be excessively large if you don’t use it frequently.

If you rarely use your generator, a generator with a huge capacity will provide problems for you because the gasoline may leak inside of it. Although gasoline has a shelf life of roughly a year, if you don’t use all of it by the end of the year, it will either go to waste or lose its effectiveness.


The addition of wheels to the bottom of your generator is one feature that can significantly increase its portability. You can see why wheels are a crucial consideration when ensuring the stability of your generator when you take into account that mobile generators can easily weigh more than 100 pounds.

Best Generators under $300 – FAQs

Which generator is best for home use?
There are many generators available that are best for home usage but if you want a whole-house generator we have a Duromax XP12000EH generator. You can study the detailed review.
Are Chinese generators any good?
Avoid China engines and spend a little extra on a quality engine if your generator will be running continuously under heavy loads, for extended periods, or if you frequently use it to power medical equipment or something similar.
What is the cheapest home generator?
The cheapest home generator is the Westinghouse iGen 160s portable generator. We have a list of the best generators that are below $200. You can check them also.
Can a small generator power a house?
A small generator can’t power a whole house but you can run many small appliances on the generator depending on its wattage. You can read the article on the best portable inverter generator to get an idea.



To sum up, portable generators are trustworthy devices to power your portable tools. There are several options available on the market when looking for a portable generator. So, it’s crucial to understand everything there is to know about buying a generator so that you can choose the one that will work best for your needs before working with your hard-earned money.

If you want something extraordinary yet affordable Westinghouse iGen 160s is the best option. We also have a Jackery Portable power station that is very efficient, durable, and easy to carry.

All these generators are amazing and very affordable. You can buy them for less than $300.

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