Top 4 Best 4000 Watt Generators - Reviews & Buyers Guide

When the power is cut out or when you’re going on an outdoor adventure like a road trip or camping vacation, having a generator may be helpful. The top 4000-watt generator provides sufficient electricity to keep your vital devices, such as your fridge, refrigerator, water heaters, and lights, working during a power failure. The ideal power output for a standard-size RV is 4,000 watts, which may be used for both purposes simultaneously.

My team and I looked at various criteria to identify the top 4000-watt generator and what it would run. Firstly, we determined if the 4000-watt rating refers to standby power, the most wattage the generator can consistently generate, which the generators can only sustain for a brief period while motorized equipment boots up.

Given the size and effectiveness of each generator’s fuel tank, we also considered the runtime each generator provides. When evaluating the best 4000-watt RV generators, noise levels were crucial. Finally, we compared the generator warranties. I poured over technical details with my team and read dozens of user reviews as we investigated the most popular 4000-watt generators.

Consequently, the table below features our selection of the best 4000-watt portable generators. The benefits and downsides of each generator are covered in depth in the following paragraphs. All the information you need to select the generator most suited to your needs is provided in our buying guide. Our top three 4000-watt generators are given here.

What Can A 4000W Generator Run?

A running power of 4000 watts is sufficient to run a typical freezer, an oven, a small air conditioner, and home or RV lighting. When you have too many appliances that you want to operate on your generator, ensure the sum of their operating wattages is less than 4000 watts.

Our Top Pick

To help you choose the best 4000-watt portable generators for your particular requirements, I have carefully analyzed the following 4 options in terms of flexibility, ease of use, and price.

We assure you that these are the most enticing options you should consider. The devices are arranged in order of popularity to make it easier for you to select the best option.
Let’s go on:

Best 4000 Watt Generators – Quick Comparison

  1. Champion Power Equipment 100302 4000-Watt RV Ready Open Frame Inverter
  2. DuroStar DS4000S Portable Generator
  3. WEN GN400i RV-Ready 4000-Watt Open Frame Inverter Generator
  4. A-iPower AP4000 4,000-Watt Gasoline Powered Manual Start Generator

1. Champion Power Equipment 100302 – Best Overall

Champion Power Equipment 100302 - Best Overall

This Champion generator is reasonably priced and a solid worker that can be used in your RV or residence to provide electricity during a power failure.

If you operate this generator nearly to its maximum capacity, you can have trouble starting motor-driven appliances because it is only rated for 3500 watts of continuous power production and 4000 watts of surge power.

However, consumers were pleased with the generator’s clean electrical waveform, which made it secure for charging and powering delicate equipment.


Brand Champion Power Equipment
Weight 81.6 ponds
Running Time 17 hours
Wattage 4000 Watts
Color Yellow
Voltage 120 Volts


RV customers enjoyed the RV-ready twist-lock plug and the 12V DC battery charging outlet.
At half-load, the generator is incredibly fuel-efficient, consuming below 3 gallons of gas to run for up to 17 hours. Users report that, at 64 dB, the generator might be a little noisy for usage at night or waking up particularly camping.

In addition, even though they felt the recoil start was rapid and trustworthy, several consumers yearned for an electrical start capability. Even though Champion offers a limited three-year guarantee on the generator, no problems have been reported by consumers throughout that period.

  • Fuel efficient
  • Hybrid engine
  • RV outlets
  • reliable
  • Heavy
  • Expensive


2. DuroMax DS4000S Portable Generator – Editor Choice

DuroStar DS4000S Portable Generator - Editor Choice

For people on a low income or who want a generator for any crisis but don’t have to invest a lot on a gear they won’t use regularly, this affordable and small generator from DuroStar is an excellent option.

The steady power output of the four-stroke engine is only about 3300 watts, but it has a surge power capacity of up to 4000 watts.

This generator consumes gasoline even though four-stroke motors are typically more fuel-efficient and can exhaust its whole four-gallon tank in only eight hours while operating at half capacity.


Brand DuroMax
Weight 94 ponds
Running Time 8 hours
Wattage 3300 Watts
Color Yellow / Black
Voltage 120 Volts


Although it is a little challenging to see, the panel also contains an analog display that indicates the number of watts being used.

The generator is certified for 69 dB of noise; however, users caution that it may be rather loud. Most consumers were content with the recoil start, though, and were not shocked by the absence of an electric push start considering the low cost of the product.

Given the price, it is not unexpected that the guarantee, which is only one year, is relatively short for this generator. According to my experience, it still functioned properly after using it occasionally over several years.

  • Having all tools included
  • Not expensive
  • Voltmeter included
  • Weighty
  • Misses fuel efficiency


3. WEN GN400i RV – Best Budget

WEN GN400i RV- Best Budget

If you want to go beyond what a generator of this model range can provide, this heavy-duty model from Wen is ideal for home usage.

The generator’s continuous power rating is 3750 watts, but it has the highest surge power of any 4000-watt generator we tested: 4750 watts. However, this power has a price: the generator’s low fuel efficiency means it can burn up its four-gallon fuel system in 10 hours while operating at half-load.

The ease with which this generator may be started, even from a cold start, is much praised by users. Although the frame of the generator might be advantageous or disadvantageous for an RV determined by the size of your vehicle, the face of the generator has a 120V RV-ready twist-lock outlet.


Brand WEN
Weight 66.1 ponds
Running Time 7 hours
Wattage 4000 Watts
Color Black and Orange
Fuel Type Gasoline


The generator’s integrated wheels make it more accessible for moving around camps, but they also add to the mass and size of the device. The generator does not include a 12V DC outlet for battery charging; it only has two normal 120V outlets.

When in operation, it makes 68 dB of noise, which is loud enough to draw objections if you use it near camping at night. For this generator, Wen gives a two-year warranty.

  • Fuel efficient
  • Lightweight
  • Quiet
  • Informative display
  • Small fuel tank
  • No wheel


4. A-iPower AP4000 – Best Lightest

A-iPower AP4000 - Best Lightest

With only 65 pounds, the A-iPower AP4000 Manual Start Generator is very lightweight among all the portable generators I examined.

The major benefit of this generator is that wheels are also present. It starts manually and does so relatively quickly.

12 hours of operation are possible from the engine at 50% load. 68 dB is the measured noise level. 23.20″ L x 16.9″ W x 18.5″ H are the item’s dimensions.


Brand A-iPower
Weight 82 ponds
Running Time 8 hours
Wattage 4000 Watts
Color Red
Fuel Type Gasoline


One 120-volt 20-amp,120-volt 30-amp, and one TT-30R receptacle for RVs are the only outlets on the generator. For people who don’t camp, however, it is less valuable.

It’s not suitable for camping. Also, the item does not adhere to CARB regulations. Quality control problems do arise occasionally. On the plus side, there is a voltmeter on the control panel, the one main benefit of this generator.

  • Wheels are include,
  • Lightweight
  • Low-quality
  • Have only 3 outlets
  • Not CARB compliment



What To Look For In 4000 Watt Generator

You can pick the finest 4,000-watt generator using the features mentioned below. Knowing what you are purchasing is essential if you don’t want to be left out in the dark after a power loss. Here are 8 characteristics you must consider before buying any generator, even one with 4,000 watts:

1. Running time

For you to peacefully sleep throughout the night without needing to get up to refuel, a suitable generator needs to have a runtime of a minimum of 10 hours giving a 50% load. With 14 and 15 hours of runtime, respectively, the

Westinghouse iPro4200 is an excellent alternative. Moreover, consider that the Briggs & Stratton 30676 would be classed as one of the top Briggs & Stratton generators as an affordable option. The 17-hour runtime at 25% load of the Champion Power Equipment 100302 is suitable for use in a Camper.

2. Fuel type

The most critical choice you must make before diving into the details is between a conventional and an inverter generator. Modern technology, clean energy production, small size, and portability characterize inverter generators. They are ideal for RVs since they typically operate at 3,600 rpm.

There is no better option than a traditional generator if you have young children at home due to its incredibly quiet function. The Westinghouse iPro4200 generates just 52 to 59 dB(A) of noise throughout its 15 hours of operation at 50% load. The iGen4500 model is also another top pick from the same manufacturer.

3. Maximum or Rated output power

The rated power and the maximum output of any contemporary generator are two separate power outputs. When all of your appliances are operating, you cannot go above the generator’s rated power, which is the number of watts n reliably produce as much as it has fuel.

The only wattage that matters for non-motorized appliances, such as fluorescent lamps, washers, and even ovens, is the running wattage. You can calculate how much devices require by simply summing up their different watts.

Maximum or Rated output power

It is essential to use the maximum power output when powering motorized products like freezers, coolers, air conditioners, and some kind of pump. The motor draws significantly more electricity to start up whenever these devices are hooked into the generator than it does after g.

Your generator’s maximum power output will be able to support this additional wattage required for a brief time, sufficient to start these devices. Your generator should be able to supply adequate surge power to your equipment if you give yourself enough wiggle room when estimating your operational power needs.

4. Weight

To transport them on road trips or ng, 4,000-watt generators should preferably be small. So that you can move them about, they should weigh between 85 and 100 pounds. Never-flat wheels and a handle are two features that increase the portability of a generator.

The most portable and lightweight generator is the A-iPower AP4000-watt generator. It can run for 15 hours at 50% load and generates 63 dB(A) noise. DuroMax XP4400EH is a superb option if you do not intend to transfer the generator. Although the loudest on our list, it is quite pretty.

5. Warranty

The most crucial aspect of the entire buyer’s guide. The warranty that a generator gives is the best indicator of its quality. A reputable generator brand will provide free lifelong technical assistance in addition to a three-year home guarantee and a one-year commercial warranty.

The Champion Power Equipment 100302 has a three-year guarantee and free lifetime support. The Pulsar PG4000iSR is a decent option if runtime is much more essential to you than a warranty, but it only offers two years of guarantee and no cost for technical assistance.

6. Noise level

Even though you might just be considering power when searching for generators, it’s crucial also to think about how noisy a generator can be when it starts up. If you intend to be using your generator for camping, noise is a crucial issue.

A noisy generator may awaken an entire campsite, and its noise may also keep you from getting any sleep. A noisy generator, even for household usage, might disturb you or your neighbors and lead to accusations.

Though the degree of noise reduction a generator’s manufacturer has placed may also significantly impact noise, larger engines often make more noise than smaller ones.

Noise level

7. Type on engine

The generator’s engine transforms fuel (either propane or gasoline) into electrical energy, which is the device’s main focus. Most 4000-watt generators we studied have had 212cc or 224cc engines since. Generally, a much stronger engine will create more current. Therefore generators that deliver nearly identical output wattages have comparably sized engines.

8. Fuel tank capacity

The 4000-watt generators we evaluated are all gasoline-only devices, so each one has an inbuilt fuel tank to store the fuel. These generators’ fuel tanks are typically 3.4 to 4 gallons in size, with just minor variations.

The Westinghouse iPro4200, on the other hand, has a tiny 2.6-gallon fuel tank, which minimizes the generator’s total size, shortens its runtime, and necessitates more regular fueling. Though fuel economy also plays a role in runtime, a bigger fuel tank will often result in a more significant generator and longer duration.

These are the most essential points that you must keep in mind when you are going to purchase your 4000-watt generator. We hope this buyer guide helps you find the best 4000-watt generator.

How Much Gas Does A 4000-Watt Generator Use?

We can provide an approximate estimate of how much gas a 4000-watt generator needs. To power a 4000-watt generator, you will typically require 14 gallons of gasoline. This fuel may last up to an entire day or 24 hours, making it quite valuable for an accident.

The type of generator, the sort of fuel required by that generator, and the amount of load we place on a generator when it is in operation are just a few of the variables that influence a generator’s fuel consumption.

You can quickly calculate the quantity of gas needed to power a 4000-watt  generator by considering all these variables and performing a few calculations.

How Much Does A 4000W Generator Cost?

What can you anticipate paying for a 4000-watt generator? Although the price of these devices varies greatly, you should plan to spend at least multiple hundred dollars for a dependable unit. The Westinghouse iGen4500 and  Pulsar models are $850 and $950 more expensive than our pick for the lowest price, the DuroStar generator, which costs just over $250.

When shopping for a generator, choose the most dependable model with the rise power and functions you require – it is better to spend a small amount more now rather than needing to purchase a new generator after some time

How Many Amps Does A 4000-Watt Generator Produce?

It’s also essential to know about the amps the 4000-watt generator provides. Different brands of generators produce different numbers of amps. But usually, if your 4000-watt generator consumes 120 volts, it has 33.3 amps, just like this 240-volt generator creates 16.6 amps.

The more voltage your generator consumes, the amp that is produced by it will be below.

Best 4000 Watt Generator – FAQs

Let’s find the answers to these questions:

How long will a 4000-watt generator run?
According to my experience, the running time of a 4000-watt generator depends on the fuel you are using in your generator. For example, if your 4kW generator runs on propane, it will run for about 9 hours on 50% load, but if it works on gas, it will run for 10.2 hours.
Will a 4000-watt generator be enough to run your whole house?
Yes! It will work to run your whole house. But I think it only depends on the size of your home, and my team experienced that a 4000-watt Generator can run a freezer, washers, and also electric water motors as well as heaters. But keep in mind that you never run all these things at the same time. Also, the 4000-watt generator can’t run the big appliances, like 6000-watt electric cloth dryers, oversized air conditioners, etc.
Will a 4000-watt generator run the freezer?
When there is a power failure, your primary concern is your freezer because it contains all your food. I have tested the 400-watt generator, whether it runs the freezer or not, and happily, it works. Your 4000w generator will not only run your freeze, but it can also run all your appliances( less than 4000 watts) at your home.


Our Verdict

We hope this article helps you find the best 4000-watt generator. The top 3 are our favorite products, but Durostar Champion Power Equipment 100302 and WEN  are our top three picks among the 4000-watt generators available.

These three generators are all very fuel-efficient, have extended runtime, and generate just a moderate amount of noise.

These generators come equipped with RV-ready twist-lock outlets, which makes them the ideal alternative for supplying electricity during a long journey. Additionally, they have a long-term warranty, and you can run your whole house on the  4000-watt generator, but not all appliances simultaneously.

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