6 Best 12000 Watt Generators Reviews - New Top Rated Models

A 12,000-watt generator is a fantastic choice for anyone searching for a device that can comfortably handle several bulky chores. They are powerful and have a long operating lifespan.  These quiet 12kw generators work great to power your house and construction site.

It might be challenging to get the best 12,000-watt portable generator for your particular requirements, but we’ve made an effort to make it simpler for you. When examining the generators, we took a few crucial factors into account.  Generators may either operate on fuel or gasoline.

Check out each model’s peak and rated wattage and weight as well. The effectiveness and endurance of the generator will be determined by the engine’s power and dependability.

All the highest-wattage portable generator on the list deserves your attention since it offers unique benefits for particular functions. This article gives a table detailing everything, in-depth evaluations, a buying guide, and many more.  So, if you’re ready, let’s get begun!

How Long Will A 12000-Watt Generator Run On Propane?

On a 100-gallon tank at full load, a 12kW generator can operate for 36 hours. The generator typically runs at 25 to 75 per cent of its capacity, meaning the fuel supply would last a long time.

Top 6 12000 Watt Generators

We’ve thoroughly examined the following 6 choices in terms of flexibility, convenience of use, effectiveness, and affordability to assist you in selecting the top 6, 12000 Watt portable generators for your unique needs.

We can guarantee you they are the most pleasing possibilities you should consider. To make it simple for you to choose the finest alternative, the gadgets are sorted according to popularity.

Let‘s go ahead:

  1. Westinghouse WGen12000 – Best Overall
  2. Pulsar G12KBN – Incredible Portability
  3. DuroMax Dual Fuel Portable Generator – Heavy-Duty Engine
  4. DuroMax Gas Powered Portable 12000-Watt – Electric Start
  5. APGG12000 All Power America – Best for Household Usage
  6. A-iPower SUA12000ED – Exceptional Hybrid Jobsite & Emergency Generator

Best 12000 Watt Generators – Reviewed

1. Westinghouse WGen12000 – Best Overall

Westinghouse WGen12000 – Best OverallThis 12000 Watt Westinghouse WGen9500 is made by a brand with a solid reputation for producing high-quality equipment. Fortunately, this particular item is not an outlier; in terms of quality, it has a 5-star rating virtually. Even though the piece weighs 270 pounds, some individuals may find mobility a problem.

However, the heavy-duty wheels built into the piece make moving it the least of your worries. The gadget will indeed outperform your requirements in terms of performance.

Given that it has sufficient power for any business use, the item is a great backup choice. However, you can be uncertain about the oil’s 17.5-hour durability. Therefore, even in the worst power outages, the machine will perfectly meet your demands, so you don’t need to be concerned.


Brand Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment
Weight 220 pond
Tank Capacity 6.6 gallon
Running time Above 17 hours
Wattage 12500 Starting / 9500 Running Watts (Gas)
11200 Starting / 8500 Running Watts (Propane)
Level of Noise 173 dBA
Fuel Type Gas and Propane


So, the 12000-watt generator is programmed to switch off when the oil level is low. Six outlets make up the generator, ensuring you can power as many gadgets as feasible. It features a remote powering capability, and when you buy the item, you get the start key.

A generator’s flawless cover protects the engine from harm. The piece’s assembly is of the utmost concern, to be honest. An assembly manual is supplied by the seller when you buy the generator. Additionally, you receive a 3-year limited lifetime guarantee, and many versions are accessible, particularly if you want a minimal power generator.

  • Duration: 17.5 hours
  • The device’s 457cc 4-Stroke OHV engine powers it.
  • Three-year limited contract.
  • If the oil level is low, the machine shuts down.
  • Despite being acceptable, it is a little loud.
  • Heavy at 270 lbs,


2. Pulsar G12KBN – Incredible Portability

Pulsar G12KBN - Incredible PortabilityThe Pulsar G12KBN passes the first test, which concerns portability, thanks to its proper grip and flawlessly designed wheels.

Second, does it provide the most incredible portable 12000-watt generators? Reviews for the Pulsar 12000-watt generator will reveal whether or not this product falls into this category based on its attributes, particularly its power output.


Brand Pulsar
Wattage 9500 running watt
Tank Capacity 8-gallon
Level of noise 77dBA
Weight 209 ponds
Fuel Type Propane or Gasoline


A 457cc engine, which can generate 12000 peak watts and 9500 operating watts on gasoline, powers the generator. Given that it is a dual-fuel type, it also produces 10800 peak watts and 8550 active watts while using propane gas. The item is excellent in terms of electricity supply since it has enough electricity to power all domestic and business equipment.

Last but not least, can the generator run continuously for a long time? There is an 8-gallon gasoline tank on the machine. When the generator operates at half-load, it offers more than 12 hours of duration. Seems brief? That’s greater than most of the computers being evaluated. Thus, the running time is excellent.

  • Dual fuel generator
  • Long-running time
  • Large fuel capacity
  • Having a perfectly shielded electric star
  • Short warranty


3. DuroMax Dual Fuel Portable Generator – Heavy-Duty Engine

DuroMax Dual Fuel Portable Generator - Heavy Duty EngineDS12000Hx DuroMax is a heavy-duty generator that may run on gas and liquid propane. The engine’s lower cost can be pretty beneficial. The starter is exceptionally dependable and doesn’t malfunction, according to my and other customers’ evaluations.

The starting power of 12,000 watts and operating power of 9,500 watts are two more practical features.

Although the tool is inexpensive, it has adequate power to run AC 120V AC 120V, and 240V concurrently. Impressive features include the assortment of outlets and the existence of an electric key starter.


Brand DuroMax
wattage 9500 running watts and 125000 starting
Level of noise 74dBA
Fuel Type Propane or Gasoline
Capacity of Tank 8.3-gallon
Weight 228 ponds


The construction-grade endurance of this instrument, however, is its finest quality. The wheels and the complete rack are constructed of a durable metal alloy. For myself, it’s an immense comfort to realize that the wheels won’t suddenly break when they come across a bit of dirt.

  • Work on gasoline and liquid propane
  • Lengthy running time
  • 8.3-gallon tank capacity
  • For gas and propane, it has 95000 running watts
  • Unprotected sockets


4. DuroMax Gas Powered Portable 12000-Watt – Electric Start

DuroMax Gas Powered Portable 12000-Watt - Electric StartWith more than 8 DuroMax generator types available, finding a machine that satisfies your needs and falls within your budget is simple.

The device under evaluation, however, is propelled by an 18 HP, 457 cc engine, so the output power is sufficient and, in most circumstances, exceeds your needs.

Overall, the device is appropriate for use in both domestic and professional settings and makes a great backup. The item gives you incredible fuel usage versatility because you may use either gas or fuel, depending on your budget.


Brand DuroMax
wattage 9500 watts
Output Wattage 12000 Watts
Fuel Type Gasoline
Capacity of Tank 8.3-gallon
Weight 217 Pounds


It boasts a fantastic 12000 beginning watts and delivers over 9500 running watts. One of the 120V outlets must be used simultaneously to obtain full power. It is possible to utilize the outlets concurrently, specifically if you don’t require the maximum amount of electricity to operate your machines. Aside from that, the supplied heavy-duty wheels will adequately address your worries about portability.

It features an 8.3-gallon gasoline tank, enough to provide service for a whole day without refueling. To guarantee that it lasts a long time without breaking, it is also built of high-quality metal. When utilizing the gadget, you may power many devices with the help of the 5 outlets. Furthermore, the fused electric start feature enables operating the machine stress-free. A 3-year warranty is also offered.

  • Length warranty
  • Dual fuel technology
  • Heavy duty material
  • 8.3-gallon tank capacity
  • Unprotected sockets
  • Unable to direct USB charging


5. APGG12000 All Power America – Best for Household Usage

APGG12000 All Power America - Best for Household UsageFinding the perfect fit for your requirements is simple, with three different sizes and kinds to choose from. The 12,000-watt All Power generator is strong and ideal for all household uses. Moreover, with a running power of 9000 watts and a peak output of 12000 watts, it may be used for commercial supply.

The 9000 running watts are a little less powerful than the things we’ve already tested, but given the price variation, it could be a good deal.

You have a stress-free starting process because the gadget offers an electric start option. Given that it has an 18HP, 459cc OHV air-cooled engine, it is slightly more potent than the above generators.


Brand All Power America
Level of Noise 78dBA
Fuel Type Gasoline
Capacity of Tank 10.9-gallon
Running Time 50% load for 10hrs
Weight 377 ponds


The device produces a moderate amount of noise and has an 8-gallon gasoline capacity. The machine’s 10-hour runtime is a little short. To assist you know the readings for the oil and gasoline, it contains an hour meter reader. When an item is purchased, all necessary accessories are included, including two special ones. Ideal discounts include a maintenance-free battery.

As a result, operating the unit and transporting it will be utterly worry-free for you. Seven outlets in total—four 120V outlets and one 12V DC outlet—are available. Lastly, even though it weighs roughly 240 pounds, the tires are appropriately designed for the easiest carting.

  • It comes with a complimentary battery
  • Have a flat free wheel
  • The fuel tank of 8 gallons
  • Features an electric start
  • Has a 495cc air-cooled engine
  • Very loud
  • Short running time


6. A-iPower SUA12000ED – Exceptional Hybrid Jobsite & Emergency Generator

A-iPower SUA12000ED - Exceptional Hybrid Jobsite & Emergency GeneratorWith more than 30 years’ worth of industry expertise, the A-iPower has consistently ranked among the top generator brands. With a powerful 4-stroke hybrid engine and a 7-gallon fuel tank, the SUA12000ED is a high-end power tool.

In addition to a single USB-ready 12V8.3A Multifunction Port that enables you to connect delicate equipment without damaging the batteries, the set of outlets, which is ideal for business usage, also contains a set of 6 outlets with varying voltage and amperage.

For increased safety, all of the ports are secured.


Brand A-iPower
Level of Noise 72dBA
Fuel Type Gasoline/Propane
Capacity of Tank 7-gallon
Running Time 100% load for 6-7 hrs
Wattage Running watts 9500
Starting watts 12500
Weight 377 ponds


It can operate for up to 9 hours at 50% load and around 6-7 hours at 100% with 459cc “under the hood.” You don’t always need to utilize the pull-start, even though the engine is cold, thanks to the electronic start option. Automatic vehicles check the liquid level and shut off the engine if more oil is required.

Despite the tool’s weight (214 lbs), you may move it about with relative ease because of its handle. Because of the soft foam covering, there won’t be any blisters from moving the generator about the job site.

  • Hybrid engine
  • Lengthy running time
  • Featuring a USB port and socket set
  • Having a reliable electric start
  • Hidden convenient handle
  • Starting and running watts are very low



What To Look For In a 12000W Generator?

After reading the best top 6- 12000-watt generator review, you may have realized how difficult it may be to choose among the hundreds of available options. Yet, if you know the key characteristics of the product you want to buy, market saturation shouldn’t be an issue for you while making a purchase.

For that reason, I have created this part to reduce your buying difficulty. The section includes a quick examination of the best qualities to take into account when buying a 12000-watt generator:

1. Starting watt and running watt.

You must consider two crucial elements, starting watts and running watts when evaluating a generator and comprehending the amount of electricity it can provide. Because each one has a particular function in deciding the generator’s output, you shouldn’t assume they are the same. Operating watts are the amount of electricity needed by the generator to keep all of the machines running continuously.

For motor-driven items like refrigerators, however, beginning watts refer to the additional watts that the equipment needs for 2 to 3 seconds while starting. A generator’s starting watts are an indication of its maximum output. As an illustration, the Champion Power Equipment 100111 generates 12,000 operating and 15,000 peak watts.

2. Fuel type

Choosing a 12,000-watt generator requires careful thought about the fuel. To avoid difficulties filling up the gasoline tank when it runs out, use a simple power to get to. Although many heavy-duty generators use gasoline, specific models offer the dual-fuel option. In other words, both gas and propane may be used to power them.

The DuroMax XP12000EH is a dual-fuel type that performs as well on both fuels if you are concerned that your supply of gasoline may not be reliable. You can alternate between the two fuels as it suits you. For example, the CAT RP12000E generator can only be powered by gasoline.

3. Weight and size

You must take the generator’s size and weight into account if mobility is your top priority. Massive generators are difficult to transport, especially if they lack any characteristics that make them portable. Thankfully, most manufacturers add mobility capabilities to their 12,000-watt generators to offset their enormous bulk.

Large 9.5-inch never-flat wheels included with the A-iPower SUA12000E may be utilized to move the unit across unpaved surfaces. Additionally, generators have soft handles that make manual carrying them simple. Its drop-down grips are comfy on the Pulsar PG12000B. Ensure that your residence has sufficient space for the generator because how you store it will depend on the generator’s size and weight.

Weight and size

4. Fuel tank capacity

Size of the fuel tank The length of the generator’s run is determined by its fuel capacity. A large fuel tank is necessary for a generator if you anticipate operating it continuously for extended periods. This allows the generator to store sufficient fuel to run consistently.

But if you believe you won’t run the generator, you might choose a model with a small tank. The fuel tank size of the Westinghouse WGen9500 is only 6.6 gallons, compared to the Champion Power Equipment 100111’s enormous 10.9-gallon capacity.

5. Noise level

Your 12,000-watt generator must be equipped with noise-reduction technology if you don’t want to be disturbed by it. Due to their larger size and harder-working engines, heavy-duty generators are more likely to make a lot of noise. Most 12 kW generators generate noise between 75 and 80 dB.

Even while that is not particularly quiet, it will prevent you from being annoyed by the sound. It is unreasonable to expect these generators to produce any less noise. Noise-cancelling technology has already greatly reduced the noise. For instance, the Champion Power Equipment 100111 generates 78 dBA since it has an inbuilt muffler. The DuroMax XP12000EH, however, produces a noise of 74dB

6. Warranty

How long a generator’s warranty lasts reveals how much the manufacturer believes in its goods. Because you never know when a problem can arise, you shouldn’t accept a generator that offers a subpar warranty. The DuroMax XP12000EH has a 3-year limited guarantee, whereas the All Power America APGG12000 has a 2-year limited warranty.

7. Price

When you consider the enormous amount of electricity they offer, it is not unexpected that 12,000-watt generators are more expensive than average. The pricing range is open-ended and can range from $1,000 to $3,000. The Westinghouse WGen9500 is less expensive at about 2,800 dollars, while the CAT RP12000E is available for $2,800.

8. Outlets and sockets

You shouldn’t skimp because modern generators are packed with functionality. So that no one has difficulty using the generator, they should be effective and simple. A user-friendly and clear control panel is ideal. Ideally, it should be put in a simple spot to get to. Many 12,000-watt generators include the electric start option, allowing you to turn them on with the push of a single button.

The simple-to-use electric start option includes all the generators on our list, including the Champion Power Equipment 100111 and the CAT RP12000E. The remote control is one feature that makes starting the engine even simpler on some generators, like the Westinghouse WGen9500.

To be adaptable, the generator should have a range of outputs and rubber coverings that make them safe to use; having Interact outlets is helpful.

Best 12000 Watt Generators Reviews – FAQs

Here you’ll find the answers to a few critical questions:

Will a 12kw generator run a house?
No! This generator can’t supply power to your whole house. But you can run a few machines on it, such as electric motors, air conditioning, etc. More importantly, it depends on your house size.
What will a 12kw generator run?
If you have a 12kw generator and you’re thinking about which appliance you can run on your generator, then here is the answer; heavy-duty industrial machines, which typically have the same starting and operating wattages, may be started and performed with such a massive quantity of electricity. Without needing to shut down any equipment to create another one, 12,000 watts is sufficient to operate three to four power tools concurrently. Such a generator is ideal for a range of functions on distant construction sites with an average operating time of 5 to 10 hours.
What size breaker for a 12kw generator?
For running a 12000-watt generator, you need a 50 amp breaker size. Otherwise, your generator does not supply the power adequately.
How much does it cost to run a 12kw generator?
That is dependent upon the load and the capacity of the engine. The electrical motor has a resistance that increases with bag height, so more power is needed to operate the electric motor. Consequently, more gasoline is consumed, and hence it will cost you more.



Last but not least, we have reviewed the best 12000W generator. We hope that this article helps you to find the best generator that fits your needs.

We love all these generators, but the top 3 are the best among them. Whenever you buy a 12KW generator, always keep the points that are discussed above in your mind.

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